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Chapter 418 - The Moth to the Flame

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Wang Pengfei is a genuine businessman. Everything is profit-oriented, as for the face, that is worth a few dollars? Wang Ming and Chen Hongming went back to say things, Wang Pengfei did not hesitate at all, told his secretary on the spot, apologize in the newspaper! Li Dong does not want to save face? Shen Xi does not want to face? Okay, then give them face! One newspaper is not enough, then two, two is not enough, then three …… Wang Pengfei in one breath in seven or eight newspapers on the pages of the apology statement, the blink of an eye, Wang Pengfei's name on fire. Apology in the newspaper is not a rare thing, everyone is rare is finally found the main! The photos of Li Dong being beaten up were blown up by the newspaper, and everyone was wondering who was so capable of beating up Li Dong, the little bully? Now well, the guy who beat people up finally showed up. As for Wang Pengfei's expected scolding, despising sound, almost nothing! The public opinion is almost all down, Wang Pengfei this guy is a man, even Li Dong was beaten up by him, able to be a man ah! In the hospital, Wang Pengfei heard his subordinates to report the situation, not only did not happy, but some want to vomit blood. This thing really can not blame him, he is really intention to resolve the grudge, but the hell knows why Li Dong this guy is so hated? In fact, it's not that Li Dong is hated, the general public are eating the crowd, watching the majority of the hilarity. Always Li Dong beat others, there is nothing to see, now Li Dong was beaten, this is hilarious, this is the news. …… Wang Pengfei wants to vomit blood, Li Dong also wants to vomit blood. Hearing Chen Ke carefully report to him the rumors of the outside world, Li Dong full of bitter smile said, "I am so unpopular?" Next to Shen Xi is like a little daughter-in-law who did something wrong, a face of aggravation said: "I did not know it would be like this, Li Dong, or I again ……" Li Dong waved his hand and said: "Forget it, I said there is no need to pursue it. The heat is down, naturally no one cares anymore, now instead of provoking everyone's interest, this time don't add to the chaos, wait for the wind to pass." Shen Xi nodded. Li Dong saw her mood is not high, smiled and said: "Do not think about these, face is not face are earned. We did not lose this time, but took advantage of a small advantage. Wang Pengfei they are willing to 3.2 billion to take over, then give them, moving their lips, earned 150 million. What's wrong with taking a punch, if I had known that a punch is worth so much, I would have been beaten up every day. When I was in middle school and high school, I was beaten up at least a dozen times, and I remember once I was beaten up and swollen, and in the end they only paid for ten eggs." "Pfft!" Shen Xi and Chen Ke could not help but laugh out. Shen Xi said while laughing: "You said before that you have never suffered a loss? How come you've been beaten up a dozen times again?" Li Dong coughed dryly, blowing a hole in the cowl, which can damage his own image of greatness. Seeing Shen Xi staring at himself, Li Dong said sarcastically: "Which has a hundred battles undefeated general, I fought in junior high and high school not a hundred times there are eighty times, eat a few losses is not normal." Shen Xi gave him a blank look, and did not poke him again. Then turned his head and asked Chen Ke: "Are the tickets set?" Chen Ke hurriedly said: "Booked, the 7th afternoon tickets, three first class, six economy class." As soon as Chen Ke's voice fell, Li Dong was surprised and said, "Nine tickets? Why are there so many people?" Chen Ke glanced at Shen Xi, who smiled lightly and said, "Old Zhou and the others are four, plus you three, that's seven people. I arranged another interpreter for you, and Chen Ke also had to go with, so there are nine people." "Chen Ke also go?" Li Dong surprised: "Chen Ke or stay in the company to help you, I left, the company is only one person, you can not be busy, with Chen Ke help, you can also be easier." "No need. You go abroad, there is someone to follow you around to take care of you, I can also rest easier. I expect Qin Yuhan and Hu Xiaorui, they can take care of themselves is good, Chen Ke with you for a period of time, also understand your habits, she followed not only me, the company are at ease. Li Dong, remember, you are now not just you alone. There are more than 6,000 employees under Yuanfang, and these 6,000 people all regard you as the helmsman, your safety and security represents not yourself, but more than 6,000 families, do you understand what I mean?" Li Dong laughed bitterly, "You say I'm under a lot of pressure. I just go out for a turn, a few days to come back, you make such a big show, do not know that I think I have to go abroad to fight a war. Old Zhou and the four of them do not need to go, right, the security department always have to leave a person." "No, all four go, foreign countries are not like domestic, everything is careful." Li Dong nodded, then shook his head and said, "Come on, I'd better go early and return early, so you guys don't have to chatter all day." Shen Xi said softly: "Then go early and return early, more than a year, the first time you go so far, I really do not worry ……" Li Dong looked at her, see her eyes red, heart also some vibration. Waved his hand and sent away the surprised Chen Ke.