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Chapter 419: First Arrival in Berlin

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Going abroad, for Li Dong, in his past life and present life is the first time. Before leaving the country, Li Dong was full of expectations. But when Shen Xi arranged a circle of people for him to follow, this sense of anticipation was infinitely weakened. The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market. From Pingchuan to the capital, and from the capital to Germany. In 2006, there was no direct flight from the capital to Berlin, and he had to change planes in Frankfurt, which was a long journey. The plane finally landed at Tegel Airport at 9:00 a.m. from Pingchuan and 2:00 a.m. Beijing time. 15 hours of travel, both Li Dong and the energetic Hu Xiaorui were a bit exhausted. Tegel airport is not big, next to Shen Xi introduced over the interpreter Su Wenhao is explaining the general situation of the airport for Li Dong. "Tegel Airport is the busiest of the two commercial airports in Berlin, it is not large, and the size of the domestic prefecture-level city airport, but Tegel Airport sends more than 10 million passengers a year ……" Su Wenhao is not too old. This year, he is only in his early thirties. The person is also long and gentle, full of bookishness, of course, he himself can be considered a scholar. Su Wenhao is a teacher in the foreign language department of Jiangbei Administrative College, proficient in German and English, the fame in the Administrative College is not small, which is also the reason why Shen Xi can be found. Jiangbei Administrative College, although the level is only a special academy. But in fact, the administrative college is a talent pool of the officialdom, where every year there are teachers or students into the officialdom, and every year there are many people in the officialdom to study in the college. Can be picked by Shen Xi, for Li Dong as a translator, Su Wenhao is both apprehensive and excited. Full of bookishness, does not mean that he really has no desire. From ancient times to the present, what is the most wanted by the scholar? Naturally is to be an official! Su Wenhao stayed in the Administrative College for five or six years, and every year, he watched his colleagues or students around him advance to the top, and of course he also imagined that he would have such a day. Now the opportunity has come, Su Wenhao how can not seize. After a while, when Li Dong looked up at the sky, Su Wenhao looked at the sky that had not yet completely darkened and hastened to explain: "Germany and the capital have a seven-hour time difference, although it is already 2:00 am in the capital, it is actually only about 7:00 pm on the German side. The daytime hours are long in summer, so it's not dark yet." Li Dong nodded his head to show his understanding, and Hu Xiaorui next to him also came to some spirit and asked chatteringly, "Mr. Su, is there anything else fun to do in Berlin besides watching the World Cup?" Su Wenhao glanced at Hu Xiaorui and Qin Yuhan, thought about it and introduced, "Miss Hu and Miss Qin, if you are interested, Friedrichstrasse and France Street are more suitable for you." Then Su Wenhao briefly introduced the situation of the two streets. The French Street has the famous Chocolate World, where you can buy chocolates of various shapes and flavors. If you like, you can also choose your own ingredients to customize your favorite chocolate. Friedrichstrasse, on the other hand, is Berlin's famous shopping street, where you can buy all kinds of luxury goods from world famous brands, and it also has the advantage that you won't buy counterfeit goods. Speaking of Germany's fight against counterfeiting, Su Wenhao is very much in high esteem. Li Dong impatiently interrupted: "Which country does not have counterfeit goods, more or less just a problem. Domestic public sentiment is different, more than a billion people, there are always places that can not be managed. Germany is only how big, only a few people, take Germany and domestic comparison, is not objective." Su Wenhao heard Li Dong say so, originally wanted to retort, but thought about it and stopped talking. A few days while waiting and chatting, it did not take long to check the passport, stamped with the official seal of exit, can enter the country. …… outside the airport. Xu Shengzhe came to meet the plane with Bai Yueqin. When you see Li Dong followed by a large group of people, Xu Shengzhe could not help but laugh: "I say old Li, you can not change the style of the tycoon, do not know also think which country's national dignitaries to inspect." Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, and two people hugged each other. Then he introduced Qin Yuhan and said, "This is my girlfriend Qin Yuhan, studying in Beijing University." Then Li Dong also introduced Xu Shengzhe and Bai Yueqin respectively. As for Hu Xiaorui, there is no need to introduce her, this girl's face is not a face, nose is not a nose when she sees Xu Shengzhe. Xu Shengzhe cried and laughed and whispered to Li Dong, "Why did you bring this little granny?" Li Dong touched his nose and sighed: "Do you think I want to? Don't mention it, when I came here, on the plane and I had to play cards, fussed for five or six hours, so tired that I can hardly stand up." Xu Shengzhe could not help but laugh, the two whispered for a while, next to Bai Yueqin also and the two women acquainted. Although Bai Yueqin felt some pity for her best friend, but Bai Yueqin is a smart person, naturally will not reveal the slightest dislike in front of Qin Yuhan.