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Chapter 420 - Being in Cao's camp and being in Han

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The car arrived at the entrance of the hotel while the people were joking and laughing. The hotel booked is naturally not bad. The Adlon Hotel, located in the center of Berlin. Because Li Dong they arrived late, Xu Shengzhe walked and said: "Let's go to dinner first, after eating you have a good night's rest, jet lag, tomorrow I will take you out to go around. Of course, when we eat later, we can also enjoy the beauty of Brandenburg Gate in the restaurant. The reason why I booked a hotel here is also related to this point, eating while looking at the beautiful scenery, a great enjoyment of life." Li Dong nodded and looked around again, not far away Su Wenhao was leading Zheng Long a few people to this side. Once he saw them, Xu Shengzhe couldn't help but pat his head and said, "I almost forgot, there are a lot of people coming from your side, I just booked two rooms, I'll go and see if there is any room available. I'll go and see if there's a room available. Still, it's crowded these days, so if there's no room available, we'll make do tonight." Li Dong also has no opinion, Xu Shengzhe then went to the lobby to ask about the room. Li Dong's first time abroad, the other people are also similar, so the people stood in front of the hotel to enjoy the beautiful scenery around. A foreign country, see everything feel strange. Just when the crowd was fascinated, Xu Shengzhe came out and said, "As expected, there are no empty rooms, let's make do for tonight." "So many people, no problem, right?" "It's okay, I booked a luxury suite, the place is big enough, we are a few men to partner, Yueqin and a few women to squeeze, almost." Xu Shengzhe finished and said, "Let's not talk about this, live or not under the dinner to say, in order to wait for you, I have not entered from noon to now but a drop of water." Next to Bai Yueqin smiled and revealed: "You have eaten three pieces of bread in one afternoon, it should be enough to fill your stomach, right?" Xu Shengzhe didn't care and said cheerfully, "Not to mention, the German food doesn't taste good, but the bread tastes really good, I'm living on bread these days." Li Dong laughed: "Saying as if it were true, go, eat, later I will also try the German bread promoted by Xu Da Gongzi." …… When eating dinner, Li Dong finally realized what Xu Shengzhe meant by eating bread to get by. Perhaps it is the first time to eat German food, Li Dong they are a little uncomfortable. Li Dong is okay, eat anything, and not very picky, taste a little difficult to eat does not matter much. Qin Yuhan is also similar, although the German food tastes heavy, but the taste of the people of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is not light, filling the stomach is still not a big problem. But Hu Xiaorui can not, this girl is used to being spoiled. Just tasted a bite and spit it out, holding a small face chagrin: "Really bad, should have known better than to eat some on the plane forget." Xu Shengzhe was snickering when Hu Xiaorui turned her attention to him and said, "Big traitor, where is the promised hospitality? Didn't you say there was a Michelin restaurant here? Why don't you invite us to eat there?" Xu Shengzhe smiled bitterly and said, "Miss, so what I said earlier was in vain? Now it's the World Cup, this place is overcrowded, Michelin restaurant reservations have to queue, in the past, if the two-star restaurant, wait a night probably have a seat, now, wait, a week is almost, you can stay a week?" Hu Xiaorui is still a bit indignant and dissatisfied: "Then you can not book a week in advance?" "I didn't know you were coming." Xu Shengzhe muttered, naturally he did not mean to book the restaurant when Hu Xiaorui came, but that he would not pick up Li Dong when Hu Xiaorui came. Anyway, Li Dong has money and a translator, and can not lose. Now there is an additional Hu Xiaorui, this girl has been against him, reception Hu Xiaorui is definitely a hard job. Li Dong smiled at the situation and said: "Xiaorui, just eat a little. Anyway, we can't stay here for a few days, when we return home, I'll treat you to a delicious meal." "Humph, this time it's cheaper for you!" Hu Xiaorui glared at Xu Shengzhe. Xu Shengzhe was full of bitter smiles, when a slight hum suddenly came from the table next to them, followed by a not-so-loud German sound. Li Dong did not know German, so he did not pay much attention to it. Xu Shengzhe did, but he didn't care, his face remained unchanged, as if he hadn't heard. However, Su Wenhao, another person at the table who knew German, was a bit restless and whispered to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, let's speak in a lower voice, the Germans are very strict and old-fashioned. We speak too loudly, the other side is a bit dissatisfied." Only after Su Wenhao finished speaking did Li Dong realize that the next table was talking about his own table. Li Dong looked up, the next table was sitting two men and two women. But the two men and two women were not the German faces he thought they were, but were both of Asian descent. Seeing Li Dong look up, the man who spoke before jabbered a few more words. Li Dong asked Su Wenhao, "What did he say?" Su Wenhao whispered, "He said this is a public place, don't make loud noises, don't disgrace our countrymen." "Oh." Li Dong nodded, then suddenly said, "National people? Chinese?" Su Wenhao gave a dry laugh, Li Dong suddenly some understanding, looked up to the opposite table, and then no good: "What calf! Chinese people do not speak Chinese? And also to the national face, shame on you! I speak loudly?" Li Dong was not really looking for trouble. He and Xu Shengzhe were not the kind of guys who liked to drink and brag, and they didn't talk much during meals. Zhou Haidong and the others, not to mention, you do not ask questions, they almost do not make a sound. The only voice in the field is probably Hu Xiaorui, but Hu Xiaorui just that voice can only be said to be within control. More than a dozen people eating, a little sound is actually quite normal, whether domestic or foreign, a dozen people eating, it is impossible to have no sound at all.