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Chapter 421 - 10 million a night

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The day of the World Cup final. Li Dong, a group of pseudo-fans, obviously underestimated the influence of the World Cup and underestimated the enthusiasm of foreign fans for the World Cup. When the crowd unhurriedly finished lunch from the hotel, Li Dong finally experienced a feeling of squeezing the train in the domestic Spring Festival. A sea of people! The streets, roads, squares, alleys …… where there is open space there are people, where there are people there are cheers, the whole of Berlin came to life at once! When Li Dong went out yesterday, although they felt more people on the road, but by no means as obvious as today. Fans from all countries gathered together, and from time to time, we saw crazy fans topless, waving their jerseys and cheering loudly. It's okay if they're all men, but there are actually women! Li Dong saw several good-looking foreign girls, face and body are painted with the national flag of the country they support, waving jerseys willy-nilly. Don't ask Li Dong how to know that they look good, although the face are painted can not see the appearance, but look at the body will know. Xu Shengzhe tsked: "Foreign pussy is tough, if this were in the country, would have been drowned by spittle." Said Xu Shengzhe stared at a white woman for a while, then sighed: "What do these women grow up eating, than the domestic seem to be quite a lot bigger ……" This just finished, Li Dong automatically away from him a step. As expected by Li Dong, women are jealous, Xu Shengzhe's words just fell, four murderous eyes glared over. Bai Yueqin pinched Xu Shengzhe and said, "Do you men have to look like a basketball to be satisfied?" Xu Shengzhe laughed dryly and said, "No, a basketball is too big, it's just bigger than a ping pong ball." It was better if he didn't say that, but once he did, Bai Yueqin's face turned green. Then the street resounded with the sound of Xu Shengzhe's wailing screams. Li Dong forced a laugh, looked at him sympathetically, and stole a glance at Bai Yueqin's chest, secretly lamented: I did not expect ah, looking at the size of not small, it turned out to be fake. While he was stealing a glance, Qin Yuhan next to him straightened his chest and glared at Li Dong Dong: "Do you also like basketball?" Li Dong said with an innocent face, "You know, I have no love for ball sports, I prefer to eat buns." "Rascal!" Qin Yuhan spat out with a red face, apparently substituting herself into it. Next to her, Hu Xiaorui said with a confused look, "You like buns? Are buns good? My father said that the buns on the roadside are not hygienic, and the buns made by our chef are not good at all, Li Dong, next time there are delicious buns, can you invite me to eat them?" Li Dong and Qin Yu Han had black lines on their faces at the same time. Li Dong secretly screamed in his heart, Miss, are you really ignorant or are you deliberately fooling me? Not surprisingly, Li Dong secretly received a dragon claw hand. The …… crowd made a fuss, and then went along with the crowd to explore around. The World Cup final location is in Berlin Olympic Stadium, the time is 7 p.m., this time to go also can not enter the field, Li Dong they are naturally not in a hurry. Walking stop and go, along the way Li Dong crowd also attracted a lot of people side eye. A line of more than ten people, four girls, although not considered to be beautiful, but definitely not ugly. These years foreigners on the domestic female aesthetic has gradually changed, beautiful and ugly women can still be distinguished. Four oriental beauties walking together, these fans with a stimulant like naturally want to come over to talk. But soon these fans who wanted to get close to the fans were defeated, Zhou Haidong four people are not dry dinner. Even in the crowded street, the four people opened up a lane, allowing Li Dong to move forward unimpeded. Li Dong did not feel much, Xu Shengzhe was a little disappointed, sighed and whispered: "Going out with you, it's really boring." Li Dong was surprised: "What's wrong?" "What else? I was about to remind them to put their clothes on, but they were pushed away by Old Zhou." Li Dong's face is full of black lines, no good: "You have money and still can not find a woman? You pay a 10 million, I will find you all kinds of women, white and black, big waves, small waves, if you have a special hobby, sirens are okay, I will find you, you pay, dry or not?" Xu Shengzhe glared at him and said indignantly, "Vulgar! Full of the smell of copper!" Li Dong snorted: "I'm vulgar, you're not vulgar, you can give me the money, I'm not afraid of the smell of copper." Xu Shengzhe grunted and did not pay attention to him. …… followed the flow of people around for an hour or two, the crowd finally arrived outside the Olympic Stadium. There were more people here and the fans were in a more frantic mood. In the street, Zhou Haidong a few people can still escort, but now there are too many people, Zhou Haidong a few people tired of sweating, but also just a small area of the circle, can stand under so many people. Li Dong pulled Qin Yuhan's hand tightly and admonished, "There are many people, do not squeeze lost." Qin Yuhan nodded, next to Hu Xiaorui is eager to try. Li Dong was afraid that she would cause a mess, see the situation quickly said: "Hu Xiaorui, do not run around, lost you here, your old man can kill me." Hu Xiaorui skimmed her mouth, obviously a little unhappy. Li Dong does not care whether she is happy or not, as long as this girl does not find trouble for herself. The crowd waited outside the stadium for a short time, and the time to enter the stadium arrived. When they went in, Zhou Haidong and Li Dong were not together, and the seats were far apart. Li Dong's tickets are Xu Shengzhe bought before, this guy is not bad money, buy the natural front of the tickets, or a series of numbers.