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Chapter 422 Zurich

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The closing ceremony is over and the game officially begins. Although Li Dong did not like soccer in his previous life, it does not mean that he does not know anything about the World Cup. Especially the 06 World Cup, Li Dong's ears are almost listening to the callus. This year's World Cup, who wins and who loses is not important, the important thing is a bald head, did a big event that stirred the world. Zinedine Zidane head on top of Matrazi, the World Cup as soon as the end of the fire. World Cup final video Li Dong did not watch, but the video of Zidane top man, Li Dong has watched several times, and watch once also happy once. The video was initially watched online, and Li Dong came to the site this time to fulfill his desire to see it in person. 90 minutes of the game, the two sides tied. Then came overtime, and when the game reached 109 minutes, Li Dong suddenly stretched his head. A few people next to him froze for a moment, and then there was an uproar. Zinedine Zidane really used his bald head to top the man! Li Dong was so happy, but Xu Shengzhe and these people were a little dumbfounded. Just when the fans on both sides were dazed, Xu Shengzhe whispered, "You damn just reacted too fast, I didn't even see it." He really didn't see what happened, if it wasn't for Bai Yueqin calling out from the side, he didn't even notice what happened on the field because he was looking at Li Dong. Li Dong also knew he had overreacted a bit, smiled and said perfunctorily, "I just looked at him like that and was ready to get mad, I purposely watched, I didn't expect this guy really didn't hold back, it's a pity." "Pity what?" Xu Shengzhe asked. Li Dong shook his head and didn't say anything more, he just had some pity that Zidane had ended his career in such a way. But then again, retiring like this might also be the best choice for Zidane. At least through this top, he left a heavy mark in the history of soccer, future generations may forget those who achieved the highest honor of soccer, but it is difficult to forget the World Cup finals in the head of the opponent Zidane. As the two men spoke, Zinedine Zidane was red carded on the field. The French fans were emotional, and a shout of abuse rang out next to them from Li Dong. Don't ask Li Dong how he could understand French, it doesn't matter if he doesn't, he can guess what they will say now by looking at their look like they want to eat people. Neither side scored in overtime, and the next was a penalty shootout. The result was not surprising, Italy defeated its opponent 5:3, holding the World Cup for the fourth time. The World Cup is finally over, and the song is over. Fans of sadness or not Xu Shengzhe does not care, he cares is his car is about to fall into the hands of Hu Xiaorui the witch. Although only a month, but a month is enough time to happen too many accidents. The car is not as much as his daughter's. After the race, Xu Shengzhe had the idea of backtracking. As if he could see his mind, Hu Xiaorui smiled and said, "Remember to give me the car later, or I'll bring my grandfather's family to your door." Come on, let's not say anything. Xu Shengzhe lowered his head and sighed, finally complaining to Li Dongdao, "Why did you choose Italy properly?" Li Dong gave him a blank look and didn't bother to talk to him. By the time he returned to the hotel, it was already after 10 pm. Li Dong went back to his room to wash up and was about to sleep when his phone rang. After taking a look at the people in the room, Li Dong picked up the phone and whispered, "Up so early, it's not yet six o'clock on your side, right?" "Can't sleep, the World Cup is over, when will you be back?" Shen Xi's voice was lazy, with a touch of pampering. Li Dong smiled bitterly: "The business has not been done yet, tomorrow to the Swiss side, to deal with things I do not know how long it will take, but I as soon as possible, the company side of the two days is okay?" "Nothing big, just miss you." Li Dong speechless, this woman is now really direct. Did not take the straw, Li Dong saw Xu Shengzhe walked over, hurriedly said: "Talk later, and then sleep a little to catch up on sleep, I hang up first." "Well, remember to be careful out there." "Got it." Hang up the phone, Li Dong slowly exhaled. Xu Shengzhe handed over a cigarette and said with a smile, "You look like a thief, who are you talking to on the phone?" "You're the one who's a thief!" Li Dong grunted and changed the subject: "Sleep early at night, tomorrow morning to Switzerland, things are done as soon as possible, I want to return home early. Also, these two days sleeping on the sofa makes my neck hurt, I'll book my own room when I go back to Switzerland, you're too stingy." Xu Shengzhe was speechless and said, "Who told you not to call in advance, I am stingy? You go to Pingchuan ask, I Xu Shengzhe ……" "No!" Halfway through the sentence, Xu Shengzhe suddenly woke up: "You guys change the subject ah, not really a thief, right? And just I listened to the voice, a little like Shen Xi ……" said Shen Xi, Xu Shengzhe lowered his voice: "I go, you damn not really hooked up with Shen Xi, right?" "Fuck you, what do you mean by hooking up!" "Shit, I really guessed it!"