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Chapter 423 - Walking on the Golden Mountain

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The crowd turned around in the old city for a while, and then returned to the main entrance of the train station. The main entrance of the train station is the world-famous Bahnhofstrasse. The world-famous Banhof is not only the huge and unparalleled liquidity, it is also one of the luxury shopping streets along with the Fifth Avenue. Su Wenhao also came to Zurich when he studied in Germany before. While walking, Su Wenhao introduced: "June and July is the discount season on the Bahnhofstrasse, and it's actually quite a good deal to buy things at this time. There are generally three things you must buy when you arrive at Bahnhofstrasse." Li Dong said with some interest, "Which three things?" "Swiss army knives, Swiss watches, and finally, chocolate." "Chocolate?" Li Dong was not the one who asked, Hu Xiaorui was full of interest and said, "Is there chocolate here too? How does it compare with Berlin's?" Su Wenhao laughed: "Switzerland's ngli chocolate is known as the Swiss national treasure chocolate, but also the world's leading brand, compared with the Berlin side, each has a thousand points, right. The specific I can not taste, too expensive, I also rarely buy these." Hu Xiaorui listened and nodded, then said, "So let's go buy some now?" Su Wenhao hurriedly explained, "The stores on Banhofstrasse are almost all closed around 4:30, so you shouldn't be able to buy them at this time." Li Dong glanced at the sun in the sky, summer days are long, and the sun is still half-high in the sky. Closed for business at this time? Su Wenhao saw Li Dong's meaning, shrugged helplessly: "This is their tradition, this side of Switzerland is not like the country, Banhofstrasse is a financial center, but here life and work is not too busy." Li Dong smiled and said, "These foreigners are really comfortable in their small lives." Next to Xu Shengzhe smiled and said, "I'm not interested in all these food and games, Mr. Su, I've heard a rumor, I wonder if it's true or not?" Su Wenhao also knew Xu Shengzhe's identity in the past two days, the son of the richest man in Jiangbei. As soon as he heard Xu Shengzhe ask, Su Wenhao hurriedly said, "Mr. Xu, please say." Xu Shengzhe stomped his feet, squinted his eyes and smiled: "I heard that the underground of Banhof Street is all empty, this is actually the underground vault of the major banks, is this true?" The others also straightened their ears, obviously quite interested in this rumor. Banhofstrasse is the headquarters of many banks, if the vault is really under the ground, then they are now almost walking on the gold mountain. Su Wenhao thought about it and said: "The rumors should be true, there is definitely an underground vault here. But the specific address of the vault is not under our feet, this is open to question." Xu Shengzhe does not care whether it is true or not, lowered his body touched the ground, a long time before lamenting: "Unfortunately, a place apart, if ……" has been listening to the Li Dong interrupted with a smile: "Less about those useless, even if there really is an underground The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Xu Shengzhe grunted and did not reply, and then the crowd strolled along the Banhof Street. As Su Wenhao said, Li Dong came a little late, although the sun had not yet set, but there were not many stores open on both sides of the street. And most of them are restaurants or banks, other luxury stores are almost closed. Banhofstrasse is clean and airy, and the road is almost lined with trees. Here, also can not see all kinds of cars, Su Wenhao continued to introduce: "Here is not allowed to drive in cars, traffic can only rely on trolley buses, of course, there are many cyclists." Li Dong smiled and looked around, indeed, the pedestrians coming and going either on foot or on bicycles, and really did not see any other means of transport. Of course, there are still cars, Li Dong saw a few sports cars. Regulations are regulations, as to whether people are used to drive or as a decoration, Li Dong will not go to the root of the matter. With Su Wenhao all the way to explain, Li Dong they also understand a lot of things. For example, those with big signs and luxurious facades are not necessarily the world's top brands. Many of the top brand stores are very introverted, if you do not look carefully, you do not even know that the store next to the residential not much different from the world's leading brand stores. The crowd walked around, and the not-so-long street soon came to an end. At the end of the road is Burkley Square on the shore of Lake Zurich, where many tourists are taking pictures. Further on, there is Lake Zurich. The water of the lake is very clear, and swans and mandarin ducks can be seen playing in the lake. Even if they see tourists, these small animals do not have much fear. The crowd sat on the lawn by the square for a while. Hu Xiaorui lay on the lawn, basking in the mild sunlight, and lazily said, "It's so comfortable, I don't even want to leave." Several girls almost all have this expression, originally in their imagination, Zurich as the financial center of Western Europe, must be full of copper smell, and will be very busy. But when they really arrived here, the crowd realized they had misunderstood. No wonder Zurich is one of the most livable cities in the world, it must feel very relaxing to live here. Li Dong also lay on the lawn to enjoy this rare leisure. After a while, Li Dong said: "I'm late today, let's come back tomorrow. A trip to Switzerland, always have to buy something back, the Swiss army knife is good, get a few dozen back to send people."