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Chapter 424: A deal is struck

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Fifty million Swiss francs is not a small amount. The conversion is more than 300 million yuan, it is no wonder Xu Shengzhe was surprised. After all, Li Dong has not risen for two years, his source of funds can not be hidden from these guys Xu Shengzhe, now suddenly a few hundred million more, Xu Shengzhe naturally surprised. Surprised, and Li Dong expected the same, Xu Shengzhe also did not ask more questions. But 50 million Swiss francs is a lot in their eyes, but in Zurich, to be honest, 50 million is really not much. When Li Dong went to the Swiss National Bank and communicated with the staff, people were not even much surprised. In Zurich, the daily trading volume of funds is a horrible number, Li Dong's 50 million is just a drop in the bucket here. Because it was a bearer bond, although the process was a bit troublesome, Li Dong didn't have to wait too long, and after signing a few agreements, they got the bond certificate. Get the bond certificate, does not mean that Li Dong will get the money. Because the bond did not mature, Li Dong could only exchange the debt for cash through the securities center or private transactions, which also took time. Through Xu Shengzhe, Li Dong briefly consulted with the bank personnel. The German senior account manager of the bank politely told Li Dong that trading of debentures was not prohibited in Zurich and there were no taxes and fees in between. If Li Dong wanted to sell the bonds in his hands, it was actually no trouble at all. The Swiss franc foreign bonds are very popular in Europe and even all over the world, and Li Dong has bought this bond for several years, if Li Dong only needs the principal, according to the current exchange rate, there are plenty of people who want to take over. The other party even told Li Dong that if he believed him, he could introduce several buyers for Li Dong. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. …… came out of the national bank, the time was not yet 12 o'clock. Xu Shengzhe hesitated for a moment before asking, "Are you short of money now?" Li Dong was slightly surprised and said, "Why do you ask that?" "If you are not short of money, why did you come to Switzerland at this time? And to be honest, the Swiss franc actually retains its value quite well, if you are not short of money, I suggest you better not change hands." The Swiss franc has always been very strong, and the Swiss bonds with negative interest rates were snapped up in later years. In fact, when Chen Rui father and son bought the bonds, they also decided to do so after much consideration. But at that time, the Chen family father and son thought, when Chen Rui's father retired, the bond almost expired, but also an additional income. It's just that plans don't change as fast as they should, and no one expected that it would end up being cheaper for Li Dong. See Xu Shengzhe asked, Li Dong thought about it and said: "quite short, I am now lack of money lack of head is about to explode, and we now want not to preserve the value, but to generate income, save the bank, I might as well take their own investment." "That's true." Xu Shengzhe nodded, they have not yet reached that age, this time to consider the preservation of value is also a little too early. The next two did not discuss this issue, called a phone to Bai Yueqin, asked where they are, Li Dong several people rushed over together. …… lunch was eaten in a small restaurant on Banhof Street. The taste is not bad, than Li Dong they ate yesterday to eat a lot of delicious. But the whole process is almost a few men eating, Hu Xiaorui women even chopsticks did not move, these women, the morning to buy chocolate, almost walking while eating, naturally not hungry. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe also do not care, they are not short of money, then expensive chocolate can afford to eat, as long as these women are not afraid of fat on the line. After eating lunch, in the afternoon, Li Dong people began a shopping trip. After a trip to Switzerland, watches must be bought. Li Dong picked one for Li Chengyuan, and another for Qin Hai, and finally thought about it and took a few more pieces, no matter if they are used or not, it is always good to take them back to people. Xu Shengzhe is similar, this guy's handwriting is bigger than Li Dong. Li Dong bought a total of five or six watches, this guy really put the money not money, directly bought more than a dozen, look at the store attendants are a little dumbfounded. Li Dong saw the situation can not help but laugh: "Yesterday you are not still laughing at me is a second dealer? Now look at yourself, who do you think we are more alike?" Xu Shengzhe did not think: "Our family has many relatives, come abroad for such a long time, always have to bring something back to do. The previous tour lazy to bring, now the last stop, and then do not buy, can only go back to buy domestic." The crowd joked and laughed, and then shopped a few luxury stores one after another. Li Dong bought a few sets of clothes for Qin Yuhan, and Bai Yueqin was staggered. The clothes in Banhof Avenue are not really cheap, plus Li Dong picked the top ones, several sets of clothes cost nearly half a million, of course, this is RMB. Although Qin Yuhan refused several times, but Li Dong had to buy, and finally Qin Yuhan did not refuse again. After buying clothes, the next is the Swiss army knife. Li Dong really bought dozens of them, Xu Shengzhe on the side said: "Buy so many, careful not to get out of the customs." "What are you afraid of? There are so many of us, and each of us only has a few, so is there a limit to how many swords we can buy?" "Whatever you want, but you have to give me a few, I'm too lazy to buy." "Stingy!" "I call this frugality, understand!" …… bickering, an afternoon finally passed. But this afternoon, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe two people can not be less to make contributions to Switzerland, Li Dong's watch saber plus clothes, spent almost three million. Xu Shengzhe is only more than him, the two of them a trip down the street, sent out almost six or seven million yuan. In the evening meal, Xu Shengzhe took a phone call. After answering the phone, Xu Shengzhe said to Li Dong Dong: "The bank side, if there is nothing tomorrow morning, we will go to meet the buyer, what do you say?"