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Chapter 425 - Returning Home

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! 14 morning. Starbucks. Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe met with Prince Long again. This meeting is actually nothing to talk about, the price has been negotiated in the front, today Li Dong they wait for the money to arrive, and then forward the bond voucher on it. Because of the time difference between China and Zurich, Li Dong sat in Starbucks for about half an hour before Wang Zilong's cell phone rang. After answering the phone, Wang Zi Long whispered a few words and then smiled at Li Dong, "Mr. Li, if it's convenient, you can check the account now." Li Dong took out his cell phone at his words and dialed the domestic phone number. After almost three minutes, Li Dong smiled and said, "Mr. Wang is really a man of faith, from now on, the bonds are yours." Wang Zilong smiled and took the bond voucher kept in his place from the bank manager. Although it had been checked once before and the bank account manager had also checked it, but Wang Zilong still looked at it carefully. After a while, Wang Zi Long got up and smiled, "Mr. Li, good cooperation!" Li Dong also got up and shook his hand with a smile on his face and said, "Happy cooperation!" The money and goods were cleared, and after a few more words of courtesy, the people dispersed. In Zurich, this scale of transaction at any time, is not worth a big book, once the transaction is over, we are strangers, naturally there is no need to chat too much. …… Once out of the cafe, Li Dong breathed a long sigh of relief. The cash of more than three hundred million is finally in hand! Although Li Dong is rich, but does not mean that for nothing to pick up more than three hundred million is not excited at all, in fact, he is now in a particularly excited mood. Previously, although holding 50 million Swiss franc bonds, but the certificate is a certificate, not see the money, Li Dong actually did not feel too much. When the bond vouchers become 330 million in cash, this time Li Dong want not to be excited. Together with the 330 million, Li Dong now has 930 million dollars on hand. Now it is the middle of July, Li Dong took a deep breath, the stock market should be the time to enter the market. Xu Shengzhe, who had not spoken much during the previous transaction, suddenly asked, "Are you planning to make any big moves recently?" Li Dong laughed: "Why do you say that?" Xu Shengzhe said with contempt, "Do you really think I'm stupid, how much money can you use in your hands to hide from me?" Except for Shen Xi's five hundred million Xu Shengzhe was not clear, how much money Li Dong had and how much liquidity Xu Shengzhe had, Xu Shengzhe knew almost everything. Even if the purchase of land spent some, if you add the money from Longhua and the three hundred million that Li Dong now has on hand, Li Dong's current funds are almost close to two billion. Although the acquisition of the era to spend money, but also not so urgent. A few months time difference, Li Dong has close to two billion cash on hand, can it really be stored in the bank to eat interest? He knows Li Dong better, this guy put down the domestic affairs this time to rush to Switzerland to get the money, nine out of ten is ready to do what big action. Thinking of this Xu Shengzhe was interested: "Old Li, why don't we take a partner?" He still trusts Li Dong's vision, this guy's assets have been rising in the past few years, almost catching up with his old man. Even the last land matter, in fact, it is also Li Dong inadvertently revealed the wind, so that Xu Shengzhe made a big profit. This time Li Dong use so much money, Xu Shengzhe know he must have found a way to make money again, naturally also want to participate in a little. Li Dong was not busy to refuse, just smiled: "How much money can you use?" "Three hundred million." "Three hundred million to lend me, a year later I return you three hundred and fifty million dry or not?" "Dream on!" Xu Shengzhe refused to even think about it, nearly twenty percent of the earnings in a year's time is not small, but he is not too much in his eyes. What he was more concerned about was where Li Dong was going to invest the money in the end? Li Dong does not say, Xu Shengzhe also does not care, but the heart made up his mind, back to pay attention to Li Dong's flow of funds. Such a large flow of funds, there can not be no trace. As long as we know what Li Dong is doing with the money, he may also be able to intervene, and maybe his own hands will be able to double the funds. What Xu Shengzhe wants, Li Dong has a number in his heart. But Li Dong does not care, even if you know his money into the stock market, so what? Now we all know that the stock market is rising, but also know that the stock may make a lot of money, but how many dare to throw it all away? Stocks in the end is up or down, the luck component is very large, no one dare to guarantee that 100% will be able to make money. When Xu Shengzhe knows that he entered the stock market may not dare to enter the field, of course, this guy if willing to lend money to himself is another story. …… Zurich is beautiful and good again, that is not their own territory. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.