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Chapter 426 Payment Plan

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Global Building, Far Far Away Company. Li Dong, who just returned to Pingchuan, did not have much time to rest, there are still many things waiting for him to deal with this side of the company. Other things can be delayed, but this side of the times can not be delayed. Before because he was abroad, Sun Tao Shen Xi in the phone a lot of things are unclear, Li Dong urgently need to understand the specifics. He just arrived at the company, received the news of Shen Xi rushed over. Into the office, Shen Xi stared at him for a while, after a while before slowing down and said: "Not thin, just a little darker, it seems to have not eaten anything hard." Li Dong laughed: "I can eat what hardship? With money everywhere is a master, I am not to sell hard labor, naturally not thin." After saying this, Li Dong did not continue, but asked, "The money has arrived, make sure it is okay?" "No problem, don't worry." Shen Xi returned a sentence, then said: "$330 million, this is a lot of money, you have not said where it came from?" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Don't worry about this, just let the money arrive." "No matter, no matter!" Shen Xi hummed, and said: "I do not understand what you raise so much money in the end, not to mention the six hundred million, plus the three hundred million are almost one billion, one billion, what do you want?" "When the time comes, you will know." "Forget it, too lazy to ask you." Shen Xi did not care what Li Dong actually did with the money, and she also believed that Li Dong would not mess around. After talking about the money, Shen Xi smiled again and said, "Did you bring me a gift on your trip abroad?" "Brought." Li Dong gave a laugh and took out a box from the drawer and handed it over. Shen Xi could not wait to open a look, then full of black line said: "Li Dong, you have no sincerity in the end! Sending women sabers, you are not afraid that I will castrate you later?" Li Dong almost choked to death with saliva, and quickly snatched the saber back from Shen Xi's hand. Then handed another box over, gasped and said, "Just took the wrong, can you not be so tough, will scare people to death, OK." "Serves you right!" Shen Xi laughed for a while, and opened the second box, which was a women's watch. Shen Xi was not uninitiated, and after a glance she laughed, "Forget it, it doesn't quite fit my style, but you barely passed." "Bullshit, who said it doesn't suit you!" Li Dong grunted, got up and took the watch to help Shen Xi put it on, and stared at her arm for a while before saying, "It fits, I picked it out carefully." Shen Xi laughed softly and said, "You've been careful, but you didn't repeat it, right?" "What?" "I said there is no duplication with others, right?" Li Dong understood what she meant and laughed bitterly, "What are you thinking? This one is exclusive, how can it be repeated." "That's good, you can wear it out to meet people in the future." Shen Xi lifted her arm and looked at it for a few moments, and her face smiled more. Then the two of them chatted for a while about the style of foreign countries, Li Dong then turned back to the main topic and said, "How exactly did the Times side talk? What did the specific agreement say, you tell me." Shen Xi complained, "Come back to talk about work, you are not tired." Li Dong rubbed his temples and said helplessly, "I don't want to talk about work, but can I be idle now? Do more while you're young, and after a few years, I'll be able to idle." Seeing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi didn't make any more trouble and started to report to Li Dong about his work. After a little half an hour, Li Dong finally straightened things out. The Times side has actually talked about almost everything before, mainly the payment issue. The front times demanded a one-time payment, but after Yu Bo and their efforts, the times side finally made a concession. The current agreement between the two sides is to assume the debt-style acquisition of the times. Times as a billion-dollar assets of the entity, naturally not without debt, according to the investigation, Times current debt is about 600 million. That is to say, the far side to bear the six hundred million at the same time, also have to pay the remaining 1.8 billion to the times. Six hundred million debt aside, the remaining 1.8 billion, the times also gave a program. There are two options, first, the first payment of one billion, the remaining 800 million must be paid off within one year, and the far side also has to bear the interest of 800 million funds. Second, the far side can be divided into three years to pay off the funds, the down payment also does not need to be one billion, 600 million can be. Of course, the conditions are so good, the times naturally have requirements. The requirements are also simple, the far side to their own shares as collateral, this part of the annual dividend income to the original shareholders of the times. In fact, this condition is considered superior, if Li Dong agreed, can save him a lot of money, but also can leave more funds for the development of the far side. However, Li Dong rejected it directly after hearing it and said to Shen Xi: "Just go with the first proposal, one billion down payment, Yuanfang can afford it." One billion, the seven billion from Longhua's side will soon arrive, and when it does, Yuanfang will get 600 million, plus 500 million for the loan, one billion is not too much of a problem for Yuanfang.