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Chapter 427: Pressing People with Power

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The Oriental Fishery has been doing good business since it opened. July is the time when business is at its peak, and Li Dong arrived when they did, although it was already more than nine o'clock, the hall was still full of customers. Shen Xi saw so many people outside the door, could not help but stop and say: "Or change one, don't give uncle and aunt trouble at this time." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "So you are the good guy and I am the bad guy, right? If I turn around and leave at this time, do you believe that my mother can kill me later?" Shen Xi could not help but laugh, and did not mention the matter of changing places. The two entered the restaurant, Lin Meng is busy at the front desk. Looking up at Li Dong arrived, Lin Meng quickly greeted: "Dongzi, when did you come back?" Li Dong smiled, "I just came back this afternoon, Sister Meng, business is good." "Well, business has been quite good for a while, the turnover has almost tripled compared to the time when it first opened." Lin Meng had a smile on her face, then she greeted Shen Xi and said, "Mr. Shen, you're here too, you haven't eaten tonight, I'll help you arrange something to eat." Shen Xi hurriedly said, "Don't call me Mr. Shen, just call me Shen Xi. By the way, are aunts and uncles not here?" "Yes, they are upstairs. I'll call them for you ……" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "No need, we can go up by ourselves. "Yes, the Fortune Room is still empty." Lin Meng finished and said, "I'll lead you up." "Don't bother, Sister Meng, help us to get some food, just be fast and less spicy, you can do the rest." "That's fine, you guys go up and sit down for a while, the food will be ready soon." Li Dong nodded and led Shen Xi together to the second floor. …… The two of them just went upstairs and happened to meet Li Chengyuan and the others leading people downstairs. As soon as he saw Li Dong and Shen Xi, Li Chengyuan hurriedly said, "Dongzi, when did you come back?" "I just came back this afternoon." Li Dong answered and said with slight suspicion, "Dad, what are you guys doing?" Li Chengyuan smiled, "Nothing, you haven't eaten yet, go sit down for a while, we'll be right up." Li Dong glanced at these people Li Chengyuan brought, nodded slightly, and said, "That's fine, you go first busy ……" halfway through the sentence, Li Dong suddenly stopped and said, "Wait a minute." After saying that Li Dong glanced at the back of the crowd Cao Fang, and looked at her hands to move the wine boxes, Li Dong frowned and said, "Mom, how do you personally move things, where are the other people in the hotel?" Cao Fang gave a dry laugh and said, "It's okay, it's not heavy, I can just move it myself." "I'll help you ……" "Really no need ……" the two were talking, a woman in her thirties in the crowd some I said you are not finished, a box of wine can be heavy, hurry up, Liu Ke will have business later, which has time to waste with you!" "Liu Ke?" Li Dong glanced at the big back in the crowd, and then looked at Cao Fang, who squeezed his eyes at him. Li Dong instantly understood what these people were doing, then Li Dong looked down at the wine case wine. This wine is not cheap, and certainly not the wine that is always available in your own restaurant, 06 years, a bottle of Guojiao 1573 almost more than a thousand dollars. A case of that will be seven or eight thousand! Li Dong frowned and said: "Mom, this wine our family?" Cao Fang is a little embarrassed, is about to speak, the woman next to the anxious, "I say you guys what is going on, chatting later can not talk?" Li Dong looked back at her, narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Have you paid for this wine?" The faces of the people changed, obviously not expecting Li Dong to suddenly ask this. The first time I saw their faces, Li Dong did not understand that these people must be to play the autumn wind, and the appetite is really not small. 06 years, the per capita wage in Pingchuan is about one thousand five hundred. A case of wine, almost as much as the average person's salary for half a year. This is only a section chief, but also just a department, if several departments together, then a month down must be several tens of thousands out. The hotel only earned a total of how much a month, June 1, the opening of the business, only one and a half months now, these people really dare to reach out. Li Dong slightly exhaled, also do not care about those people who are dazed, then asked Cao Fang: "Mom, how many times these people come? How come you didn't tell me before?" Cao Fang was a bit helpless, and only after a while said, "Dongzi, don't worry about this." "Mom, this matter you do not persuade me, I still care!" Li Dong grunted, a few thousand dollars is a small matter, the key is that Li Dong heart is not happy. This group of seven or eight people, the old man also has five or six, even if you play the autumn wind, but also let Cao Fang follow the back to move the wine, and even lazy to reach out, and really take themselves as the lord! Doing business, a little bit can, but also to moderate. The case is a case of national cellar, obviously the Oriental Fishery as a fat sheep slaughtered. Li Dong does not care what others think, once again asked: "Mom, how many times have they come?" Cao Fang now knew that her son was in charge, so she had to say, "Twice." "How many things did you take?" "That …… last time your father gave a red envelope of five thousand dollars, and then it was this time." Cao Fang finished to see the big back several people's faces are a little ugly, the heart suddenly smooth a lot. And think of their own son is not a nameless generation, Cao Fang continued: "Also, they often come to dinner to play a white slip, a month down, are owed five or six thousand. Not only their family, industry and commerce and the fire side is similar, this month, in their hands spent 30,000 to 40,000, plus the meal money owed, a total of about 50,000 yuan." Li Dong sneered at his words and looked at the big back crowd and said, "Your appetite is not small, 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan do you know what you can do? It's not the first time I've done business, so I'll take care of what I need to take care of, but it's not often that you guys are so greedy, so you're going to catch me and kill me, right?" Open such a large fishing farm, a month to order out ten thousand dollars, that is normal, Li Dong also understand. The officialdom has its rules, and the shopping mall also has its rules. As long as you do not fish over the line, then we can all live together peacefully. But a month and a half, spent 50,000 yuan, this is not excessive but excessive, but the other side deliberately rip people off. Li Dong know their parents, are more than one thing is better than less kind of people. Plus the fishery also make money, 50,000 yuan, bite the bullet they will admit. But the more this happens, the more these people will go too far.