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Chapter 428 - The ranks of the giants

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After dinner, the time is almost eleven o'clock. Because the time is too late, Li Dong also did not let Shen Xi go back alone, drove Shen Xi to the entrance of the provincial party committee compound. When getting out of the car, Shen Xi asked: "The last time you existed in my things, also want?" She did not say that Li Dong almost forgot, heard the words quickly nodded and said: "Of course, or you bring me tomorrow?" Shen Xi was a little curious: "What's inside there?" "This you do not care." "Then I won't give it to you." Li Dong's face was full of black lines, speechlessly said: "You really can, must ask a clear why." "You say no?" "Account material." "Account? What account?" "Five hundred million, ready to pay back the money, a trip abroad, although the probability of something happening is smaller than winning the lottery, but always have to prepare for it, so that you do not say I renege." Li Dong said indifferent, but Shen Xi's eyes are slightly red. Gently in Li Dong face a peck, Shen Xi complained: "leave this to me why, how bad luck, had I known this, I would not let you go abroad." Li Dong giggled a few times, and only after a while said, "Well, it's all in the past, why do you still talk about this, remember to bring it to me later, do not hack my life money." "Fuck you!" Shen Xi turned happy to anger, and instructed Li Dong a few words to drive carefully, which turned into the provincial party committee compound. When …… returned to Wanyuan, it was already twelve o'clock. Li Dong originally thought his parents were asleep, who knew that the two mouths actually did not sleep, is watching TV in the living room. As soon as he saw Li Dong come back, Li Chengyuan yawned and said, "Your mother has something to say to you, you guys talk, I'm going to sleep in my room." Li Dong nodded, Li Chengyuan gave him a wink and went back to his room. Li Dong did not know what his father's wink meant, but he did not care, and sat down in front of Cao Fang and said, "Mom, what is it that has to be said in the middle of the night, why don't we talk about it some other time?" "No, let's talk now." Cao Fang turned off the TV and sat upright and said, "Tell me honestly, this Shen Xi and that Qin Yu Han, who is your girlfriend?" Li Dong guessed that his mother would have to say this, immediately head Avenue: "Mom, I did not say it, Yu Han is my girlfriend, you have not seen it, why still ask." "Nonsense, I can not ask it! You can not hide me, you eat today that state is not right, that Shen also feed you vegetables ……" "Mom!" Li Dong interrupted Cao Fang's words, no good: "Mom, I eat you also peeked, I remember the door closed, you look from where?" Cao Fang coughed dryly and said, "Don't change the subject, let me ask you, what do you think?" "What what idea?" Li Dong began to play dumb, see his mother staring at him, Li Dong yawned again and said, "Mom, it's late, I sat on the plane all day, tired until now still not sleep, go to bed first." "Not allowed to go! Then I ask you, when do you plan to get married?" "Let's talk about it in three to five years." "Three or five years?" Cao Fang calculated, three or five years is not too late, Li Dong this year 21, after three or five years will only be 24 or 25. But after thinking about it, Cao Fang frowned and said, "How old is Shen?" Li Dong's eyes rolled, after a while before saying, "Not quite sure, twenty-five or twenty-six." "Twenty-five six, that does not mean that in a few years will be thirty years old, a woman thirty, this can be a little late ……" Cao Fang muttered, Li Dong did not bother her, while she was not paying attention, a slip of smoke into his room. When Cao Fang came back to her senses, which can still see the shadow of Li Dong. ……17, Li Dong stayed in the company for a day to take care of the matters left behind before. 18, Li Dong got on the car early in the morning and rushed to Sunan. The headquarter of Time is in Tongzhou in southern Jiangsu, which is not too far from Pingchuan, and the drive is only about five hours. This time, Li Dong did not take many people out, in addition to Zhou Haidong and Tan Yong, Li Dong only took a Chen Ke. Of course, the necessary protection must be there, the security department side and arranged a few additional people in the back of the car to follow, it is not necessary to care. The departure was at 7:30 am, and at around 12:30 am, Li Dong arrived in Tongzhou. Along the navigation, Zhou Haidong drove the car to the downstairs of the hotel where Sun Tao and the others were staying. Before the car door was opened, a large group of people were waiting outside. Sun Tao, Liu Qi, Yu Bo, Yuan Chengdao …… the team sent to Sunan in the early days, almost all of them were waiting. Li Dong got out of the car, and the crowd said hello, then he laughed: "So thick why, some flattered." Sun Tao immediately laughed: "Naturally a little heavy, out and about, can not let others underestimate us is not." When Li Dong heard this, he reacted and said, "Underestimate? Who dares to underestimate us?" Liu Qi some indignation said: "Who else can there be, those people of the United States, we just a hotel, people that posture can be high. But now they are not qualified to put up a high posture with us, Mr. Li you come, we signed an agreement, the times is ours, they are a group of defeated, just wait for the dust to go away!"