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Chapter 429 - The horse surname are domineering

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Rest in the hotel for the afternoon. In the evening, Li Dong said to Sun Tao: "Later to go to the era of the store to see, although I have heard about the era, but I do not know much about their business model and store size." Sun Tao smiled and nodded: "Okay, I'll accompany you later." He came to Sunan for more than a month, except for the negotiation time, other times are idle, naturally will not be bored in the hotel all day. These days, he has almost turned Sunan around once. The address and size of the stores of the times, as well as the general operating conditions have been mapped to some extent. The two said goodbye to this, and ate dinner without alcohol. Simply ate a little, Li Dong a few people moved to the nearest era stores, Tongzhou side is the era of the home base, the era of stores are not a few. Sun Tao introduced while walking, "Tongzhou is Fang Clang's hometown, these years the Fang family brothers have invested a lot in Tongzhou, charity work is also in full swing, heard that the Times will be sold, Tongzhou many people can be a bit reluctant." Li Dong Dong: "This will not have an impact on our next operation, right?" "It should not, the normal business mergers and acquisitions, and not foreign acquisition." Sun Tao's words are to the point, Li Dong remembered that after Lotte's acquisition of Times in 2009, it caused a lot of people to resist. At that time, in order to vent their anger, the senior management of the goods beauty also said to the media, the fall of another national brand name. Because of this, Lotte took over Era in the early days, almost losing money year after year. This, coupled with the serious loss of middle and senior leadership, had a significant impact on Lotte's entry into the domestic market. While the two of them were talking, the first Times Supermarket arrived. In the summer evening, there are many people going out to shop, and Times is mainly a big box store, and the Times supermarket they arrived at happens to be a large shopping center. Outside the shopping center is full of men and women out for a stroll, the popularity is very good. Not to say anything else, just look at the popularity of this place Li Dong feel that the supermarket business will not be bad, really bad, it means that the manager has a problem. In such a location to open a shopping center, if not the times into the field early, it is not always possible to get such a good place to fish. The crowd also did not stay long in the square, straight into the supermarket. Once inside the supermarket, Li Dong frowned, there is no imaginary overcrowding, nor is there that noisy atmosphere. In contrast to outside the door, this is like two worlds. Outside the door is bustling, shoulder after shoulder, but inside the door is cold and clear, customers in twos and threes, and there are not even a few people lined up by the cash register. A look at the situation, Li Dong immediately frowned: "What's going on?" Sun Tao's face is also a bit grim, considered for a moment and said, "Maybe because of the acquisition, the employees are a bit unstable, plus the siege of several supermarkets in Sugo, so business is a bit worse." People's instability, Li Dong can understand. But when it comes to Sugo siege, Li Dong puzzled: "What does this have to do with Sugo?" Sun Tao said somewhat helplessly: "In the past two years, Sugo has become more and more dominant, in order to seize the market, wolf pack tactics by them to the extreme. Whether it is a foreign retailer or a local retailer, Sugo is besieging the bloodbath. Less than two hundred meters outside the door is a Sugo hypermarket, where the price is a little cheaper than here, the era of business was stolen a lot." Li Dong hummed: "The surname Ma is really domineering! These days is the surname horse are so bull?" The company's users are almost finished by QQ in the chat software market. The e-commerce market, Ali's one is not a good stubble, although not to that point a few years later, but also squeezed the domestic e-commerce market nothing to insert the place. These two also forget, I did not expect to provoke a horse now. Su Guo's Ma Jia Liang is not a weak stubble, this guy's ability is indeed strong, in the internal system of China Resources, even tougher than Chen Lang. Speaking of which, Li Dong is actually influenced by Ma Jialiang. The most obvious point is that both of them are relatively unique in character and like to eat alone. Li Dong's strategy of squeezing away several other supermarkets in Jiangbei is almost the same as Ma Jiar Liang's, and at that time Li Dong did so, also learning from Su Guo. When suppressing the opponent, this move used to feel very cool. But when you encounter this kind of dog skin, Li Dong has some headache. Lightly breathe, Li Dong Dong: "Su Guo side don't care first, when I take over the times, stabilize the situation, have him look good!" The reason why Sugo is so bullish, so tough, there are only two points, first, Ma Jialiang in Sugo internal status stability, a word, even if it is a loss, Sugo and China Resources side are at his mercy. Secondly, the local enterprises, these years in the local connections and popularity accumulated in southern Jiangsu for his bottom. When competing with other companies, other companies are afraid of losing money, and there are board constraints. Over time, others can't carry it, and the top brass sent over can't bear such great pressure, and finally retreat. But these two points for Li Dong, this is not a matter. As a private enterprise, Li Dong has absolute say in the far side, he said how to do, no one can refute. The second point is also not a big problem, the times based on southern Jiangsu for many years, contacts and reputation is not much weaker than Su Guo. The reason why now defeated, on the one hand, is the impact of mergers and acquisitions, people's hearts are a little unstable. On the other hand, the Fang brothers' main energy is not put on this side, the Fang family's Zhao Feng Group in Hong Kong is also developing well, the investment environment is relatively loose compared to the mainland, the Fang brothers' main energy is invested in that side. The big boss did not have the energy to manage, the middle and senior management did not have the heart to manage, which is the main reason why the times are losing ground. You know that in '03, the era of annual sales but into the domestic chain industry top 30.