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Chapter 430: War Letter, Sword Pointing to East Ch

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Although Fang Clang has not yet arrived, but the Times side did not neglect Li Dong. Knowing that Li Dong had arrived in Tongzhou, Luo Jianzhong, the general manager of Era, arrived at the hotel the next day to meet with Li Dong. Li Dong had done some understanding of Luo Jianzhong before he came. Luo Jianzhong served in Wankelong before 97, and was the general manager of RT-Mart Shanghai from 97 to 02, and started to work for Era in 02, and has been the general manager of Era since then. This person's ability is still there, otherwise it would not be valued by so many companies. But there is one bad thing, that is, Luo Jianzhong's reputation in the industry is not too good. There are two main reasons for this. First, when he jumped ship from RT-Mart, this person took away a large number of RT-Mart's top leaders, and at this time, many of the top executives of Time are his companions who came from Treasure Island with him back then. In the mall, jumping ship is very common, this is not a big impact. Luo Jianzhong is bad when he jumped ship, taking away a large number of subordinates and colleagues, at that time, RT-Mart was very passive, the Shanghai side of the entire management is almost empty. The impact is very bad. It's your business to leave, but to create capital for yourself, you dug up the whole management, which is unacceptable to any company. This is the first point, the second point, that is, Luo Jianzhong is a more exclusive person. If you count the top management of Era, you will find that more than 90% of the management of Era today are the people he brought over at the beginning. As for the other top leaders, almost all of them are the seniors that Fang Clang brought over from Hong Kong. The Times has been established for so many years, hardly see the shadow of new people, this is also a big failure, these patriarchs of the Times are too conservative and traditional. It is not without reason that the mall staff twilight, the reason lies in the almost invisible upward channel. High-level leadership positions are occupied by these people, low-level management is also these people's cronies, which other people have the heart to struggle to fight? If not for yesterday's trip to the mall, Li Dong would have considered keeping Luo Jianzhong in his job. But after yesterday's inspection of the mall, Li Dong changed his decision. These management staff could not be retained by themselves! With such a group of people in, counting on them, the era of stability is stable, but want to catch up with other enterprises, it is almost impossible. What Li Dong wants is not to stand still, what he wants is to forge ahead. These people are old, no desire to fight, since each one is too old and lazy to move, then they still keep them why? Rather than indiscriminate, even if there is no suitable person to take over the times, Li Dong is not willing to leave these people blocking the road ahead of the latter. Even if he thought so, Li Dong would not show it on his face. After chatting with Luo Jianzhong all morning, the two of them had lunch together at noon, and from an outsider's point of view, the two of them naturally had a good talk. But as people drink water, they know what is in the hearts of Li Dong and Luo Jianzhong, and I am afraid only they know. ……, Fang Clang finally arrived in Tongzhou. The company is a member of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Of course, Fang Clang himself is also a Justice of the Peace. Once he came, it was not as quiet as Li Donglai's, the whole Tongzhou was alarmed. When Fang Clang got off the plane, not only the local powerful businessmen of Tongzhou came to pick up the plane, but also several senior leaders of the government sent to pick up the plane personally. The media also rushed to the airport to cover Fang Clang's trip. It was a merger involving billions of dollars, and in 2006, such scale of mergers and acquisitions were not common. And it also involved Li Dong, the man of the hour, everyone was eager to know the details of the merger. But Fang Clang did not accept the interview, his eldest son Fang Rende stopped the media, surrounded by the media, Fang Rende said smilingly: "Instead of trying to get the details from us, why don't you go and interview Mr. Li from afar? Mr. Li has now arrived at the Tonghai Hotel, tomorrow night we will host a banquet for Mr. Li at the Tonghai Hotel, and we will also invite some of the media to participate then, so why do we need to rush." Dropping these words to divert the media's attention, Fang Rende happily fled. But now it's Li Dong's fault! He naturally knew about Fang Clang's visit to Tongzhou, but he didn't go to pick up the plane because there was no need to lower his posture that much. He was not very clear about Fang Rende's speech at the airport. But soon he was clear. At noon, Li Dong was dining with Sun Tao in the restaurant when suddenly a large group of media reporters rushed in. Long guns soon surrounded Li Dong, and a reporter said loudly, "Mr. Li, some people say that Yuanfang's acquisition of Times was a wrong decision, what do you think?" "Mr. Li, Mr. Li said that Yuanfang had adopted unfair competition, can you say a few words about the details?" "Mr. Li, Yuanfang was established only two years ago, and now it is costing a lot of money to acquire Times, will it cause Yuanfang's capital chain problem, can you say something?" "……" reporters asked one after another, one after another, squeezing forward, Li Dong was confused. He did not even react, how these guys suddenly approached him? It took a while before Li Dong came back to his senses and said, "Thank you all for your concern for Yuanfang, but the merger between Yuanfang and Era is not yet completed, and everything is in a confidential stage, so I'm sorry I can't say much." After saying that, Li Dong was ready to squeeze out from the crowd, but everyone had a hard time blocking him, how could they let him leave so easily. A young female reporter in her twenties, sweating, squeezed forward and handed over the microphone in her hand and asked, "Mr. Li, the material beauty and Bailian side, have great doubts about your acquisition of Times, they both said that the acquisition of Times by Yuanfang is likely to cause Times to go to the end of the road, do you have any opinion on this point?"