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Chapter 431 Shareholding or Share Exchange

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do, and you will know when you go to the banquet. Tonghai Hotel, the third floor banquet hall. This time, Li Dong did not bring too many people to the banquet, so he brought Sun Tao with him. When the two of them went downstairs, Sun Tao whispered, "Mr. Li, do you think the Fang family is ready to back out?" Li Dong smiled, "Why do you say that?" "Fang clang came to Tongzhou, and did not communicate with us beforehand, and directly began to feast guests, which is not a good sign. Before the agreement is signed, I think it is more appropriate to keep a low profile, this is not the time to celebrate." Li Dong said with a light smile, "Maybe people have this habit, don't think so much, even if they regret it?" In fact, the possibility of Fang Clang regretting is still there, but Li Dong does not care too much. Although the previous era has been talking with the far side and several other groups about the acquisition, in fact, the era also did not give up the intention of financing. According to Li Dong understand, the Fang family has been seeking cooperation with banks, ready to carry out bank financing. If the financing is successful, it would not be surprising if the Fang family backtracked. Of course, at present, it seems that the possibility of successful financing is unlikely, if the financing is really successful, the Fang family father and son did not need to come from Hong Kong to play Li Dong once. Hearing Li Dong say this, Sun Tao frowned slightly and said, "If the acquisition fails, it will be a big blow to Yuanfang, and our East China strategy will have to be postponed." "You're thinking too much. Without Zhang Butcher, you can't eat a pig with hair. The failure of the acquisition of Times is not so big, is there still a small and medium-sized supermarket in East China? Although the size of the Times is not small, but in fact, it is just like this, the reason for the acquisition of the Times, but because the timing is just right. If the Fang family backtracked, then we broke up before it was too late. Large supermarkets can not be acquired, the acquisition of a few more small and medium-sized supermarkets, in addition to the integration of the above some trouble, the other effect is not much worse." Sun Tao grinned and said in his heart, "Not only is it a lot of trouble, it's simply a big trouble!" Receiving one enterprise and integrating several enterprises, the degree of difficulty is a world of difference. Far Eastern had trouble taking over three small supermarkets in Jiangbei, let alone in the entire East China region. Acquisition of the times, all they need to do is to integrate the times. But if the acquisition of several other small and medium-sized supermarkets, human resources alone can be difficult for Far East, unless Li Dong mass digging people at any cost, otherwise the time wasted is not a small amount. …… Li Dong and Sun Tao together into the hall, they came not too early, at the moment inside has come quite a few people. All are local businessmen in Sunan, Li Dong does not know a few, naturally will not take the initiative to go forward to deal with. He does not know others, does not mean that others do not know him. As soon as the two Li Dong entered the door, the crowd cast curious eyes. For Li Dong, the man of the hour, the business circle in this side of Sunan has heard about it, before everyone just heard about it, and did not care too much about this young man. But wait until Li Dong will hit the idea of the local supermarket of the times in Sunan, at this time he has a considerable fame in the business community of Sunan. What really made Li Dong widely known in the business circle of southern Jiangsu was that Yuanfang defeated several major groups and was about to complete the acquisition of Times. At this time, Li Dong's fame became loud. Many people wanted to see if this guy had three heads and six arms, or else how could he take the tiger from the hands of several large groups and go with the times to the end. At this moment, once Li Dong entered the door, everyone looked over. After looking for a while, some were disappointed, some were amazed. Li Dong is too young, just in his early twenties, dressed up how mature, the face of that touch of youthfulness still can not be erased. The thought that this is the guy spent a lot of money to win the Bailian, China Resources, these large groups, the crowd are a little lament, is really the wave after the Yangtze River pushing the wave before. Li Dong and Sun Tao did not care about these people's gaze, standing in place for a moment, the two saw not far away Fang Rende hurriedly walked over. Although Li Dong has never seen Fang Rende in person, but the photo is seen. Although Fang Rende, who is in his early forties this year, is twice as old as Li Dong, in front of Li Dong, Fang Rende looks very polite. As soon as he came over, Fang Rende was full of enthusiasm and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Sun, I finally expect you to come, I am sorry for not being able to welcome you." "Mr. Fang is too polite." Li Dong shook hands with him and looked around, "Chairman Fang is not here yet?" Fang Rende smiled and said, "I'm here, my father is chatting with some of his best friends, so come with me, my father has long wanted to have a chat with you." "With pleasure." Li Dong also gave a smile, and was ready to go over with Fang Rende. Before they could take a step, someone suddenly shouted, "Mr. Li, Mr. Fang, wait for a moment." Li Dong twisted his head and looked at it, and then a different color appeared on his face. The one who shouted at him was not someone else, but the woman from the Bailian Group whom he met in the hotel before. Li Dong did not expect that this woman had actually not left yet and was invited to the party of the Fang family, not knowing whether it was the father and son of the Fang family who took the initiative to invite her, or they came uninvited.