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Chapter 432 - The meat and potatoes

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong was indeed a little surprised. But his face remained calm, and when Chen Gang finished, Li Dong apologized and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Chen, if that's all you want to talk about, I think our conversation can be over." Are you kidding? Being held by Bailian or even exchanging shares? Will Yuanfang still have Li Dong's right to speak in the future? Even if Li Dong changed his shares, how many shares could Yuanfang occupy in Bailian with its current capital? Maybe in the end, he won't even be able to enter the board of directors of Bailian. Annual dividends in Bailian? He is not without money, since there is no shortage of money, why should he be subject to the jurisdiction of others. Chen Gang smiled as if he was a little disappointed, but also as if he was relieved, smiled and continued: "Mr. Li first take it easy, I have another plan, Mr. Li can also consider." PS: Happy New Year's Day to everyone in advance, 2016 is over, the eagle also slept, dizzy. "Please say." "Since Mr. Li is not willing to change the shares of the far side, then Bailian wants to hold shares against the times, what does Mr. Li think?" "To the times holdings?" "Yes, the times alone, not involving the far side. It's also equivalent to our two joining forces to take Era." "Oh, Mr. Chen is really joking. I'm not short of money, do I need to cooperate with you? Now we are almost done negotiating with Times, just about to sign the contract, at this time you say you want to cooperate, why do I feel that Bailian is here to pick the peach." Chen just twice mentioned the cooperation requirements Li Dong are somewhat unimpressed, and naturally do not speak as politely as at the beginning. "Mr. Li won't think about it?" "No need." Chen just slightly hesitated for a moment before saying, "Mr. Li is not sure that you are the one who took the era, right?" Li Dong frowned and said lightly, "What does Chen mean? Is Bailian still ready to interfere?" "That's not true, I mean Mr. Fang's side. Does Mr. Li think that his banquet is just to celebrate the success of your cooperation? Does Mr. Li know who Mr. Fang has invited this time? Besides us, domestic companies like China Resources and Sugo, not to mention some foreign retailers." Chen Gang continued after a pause: "Mr. Fang's meaning is obvious, that is, he wants to put a little pressure on Yuanfang. I see that Mr. Fang does not approve of the conditions you negotiated before, and this time when you invite Mr. Li to the banquet, Mr. Fang will probably overturn the previous agreement, and Mr. Li thinks that you will still be able to win at that time?" Li Dong's eyes flashed for a moment, he had thought about this point before. But now that Chen Gang brought it up to his face, Li Dong was still a bit dissatisfied in his heart. If Fang Clang really changed his mind, then he was really a bit greedy. And the two sides have been talking for so long, the conditions are also the two sides of the senior management to discuss, now change their minds, the impact on Fang Clang is not necessarily good to which. Discontent to discontent, after all, Fang Clang himself has not yet talked to him, Li Dong now will not show any different color. Not taking Chen Gang's words, Li Dong got up and said, "If Mr. Chen is okay, I'll go first, Chairman Fang is still waiting." Chen Gang said softly: "Mr. Li, you can consider my previous opinion, after all, as I said, the business circle of the times and China Resources and Bailian have overlap, two fists can hardly beat four hands, if Mr. Li has to intervene in the East China region, how the future, it is impossible to say." Li Dong did not know whether this was a threat or a kind reminder. But no matter what, he would not agree to the two points Chen Gang raised. Nodding slightly towards Chen Gang, Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "It's too early to talk about this, as I said before, who will die, let's walk and see." Chen Gang's face changed slightly, also nodded and did not speak again. …… As soon as Li Dong finished talking on his side, Fang Rende, who had just gone to nowhere, came over. And Li Dong a few words of courtesy, Fang Rende will guide Li Dong towards the front table. After walking for a while, Li Dong saw Fang Clang, who had white hair, talking with several people. I don't know if he saw Li Dong or the conversation just ended, but just as Li Dong arrived, Fang Clang sent a few people away and turned to Li Dong and said with a smile, "Mr. Li, sit down, I'm sorry for not being able to welcome you from afar." Li Dong bowed slightly and smiled, "You're welcome, Mr. Fang, I'm a junior, I should be." Then Li Dong sat down in front of Fang Clang, and Fang Rende added tea for both of them. Fang Rende was at least forty years old, and not a subordinate of Li Dong, so Li Dong naturally declined politely. Pouring himself a cup of tea, Li Dong began to chat with Fang Clang. The original Li Dong thought Fang Clang would definitely talk to him about the acquisition, but Fang Clang never said anything, talk about business, talk about the atmosphere, talk about politics, just do not talk about the times. At first Li Dong was a little anxious, but then thought, what's the hurry, old man Fang will say sooner or later, since people are willing to talk about it, they accompany him to talk about it. After talking for a while, Fang clang looked at the time and apologized, "Mr. Li, it's time for the banquet, I'll excuse you for a moment." "It's okay, Fang Lao make yourself comfortable." …… Waiting for Fang Clang to go to the banquet hall stage, Li Dong's brow furrowed. Sun Tao came over at some point, glanced at Fang Clang who was talking on stage, and said softly, "What does Mr. Fang Lao mean?" "I don't know, just hate this kind of people who talk in a roundabout way." Li Dong muttered, a little impatient in his heart. The company's main goal is to provide a good service to its customers. If there really is, before it is not the turn to talk about the acquisition of the far side and the times, Li Dong think old man Fang tonight to such a play, very unwise. No matter what Li Dong thinks, the dinner officially began. Because it is a buffet mode banquet, not many people actually come to eat, most of them are using this occasion to talk about business and climb a friendship. Although Li Dong does not know a few people, but the evening to chat with him to build a relationship is quite a lot. Received a stack of business cards, Li Dong felt his face is almost stiff smile. After holding out for more than an hour, Li Dong saw Fang Clang father and son still entertaining guests, lightly hummed to Sun Tao said: "Let's go, let them father and son play by themselves!" This father and son do not know what they engage in, said the banquet Li Dong, in fact, in addition to the beginning of a few words, halfway with Li Dong chatted a while, the other time almost did not talk to Li Dong business. Li Dong originally thought that this trip to Tongzhou, certainly can quickly fix the era of things. But now delayed again and again, he is not in a very good mood. Hearing Li Dong say so, Sun Tao hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, should we go and say hello to Mr. Fang and the others?" "No need." After Li Dong finished speaking, he didn't care how others looked, got up and walked straight to the door. He was already the focus of the scene, and once they saw Li Dong walking towards the door, the guests who had been paying attention to him all had a strange look on their faces, and then they couldn't help but look at the Fang family's father and son.