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Chapter 433 - The purple qi comes from the east, t

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Tonghai Hotel's largest conference room, at this time the lights of the camera constantly flashing. Far Eastern Supermarket finally completed its merger with Era, a merger involving billions of dollars was officially signed at this very moment. The senior management of Far Eastern and Era were all dressed in suits and had serious faces. When Li Dong and Fang Clang respectively put pen to paper, the crowd looked relieved, and then there was a violent applause on the field. Li Dong and Fang Clang stood together and accepted the reporters' photos. This acquisition case is not a small impact, the two sides did not choose to sign an agreement in private, but held a press conference. The news media today, in addition to the Sunan side, the Jiangbei side of the media reporters also came a lot. Li Dong and Fang Clang stood still, took a picture for a while, then a reporter asked, "Mr. Li, can you reveal how much Yuanfang's acquisition of Times cost?" Li Dong glanced at Fang Clang, saw the other party slightly nodded, then softly smiled and said, "3 billion." This figure is naturally not the real number, the acquisition is completed, exaggerate a little that is inevitable. Generally like this kind of acquisition case, the final exposed number will not be the actual data, Li Dong is still good, said a 3 billion, some people hate the outside world deadly overestimation of enterprise output value, reveal the data doubled are more than. "Three billion!" A light cry from the crowd, then someone else asked, "Mr. Fang, do you think 3 billion is in line with the value of the times?" Fang Clang smiled and said, "Whether it is in line or not, it varies from person to person. In my mind, Era is naturally worth this price, and 3 billion is not even close to my psychological expectations." Li Dong also went on to laugh: "3 billion to take over the times, in my opinion is still very worth it. And I believe that in a short time, not to mention 3 billion, times under the unification of the far side, the value doubled is not a difficult thing." Seeing the two said so, the reporters did not continue to dwell on this topic. After asking about the price, someone immediately continued the last topic and asked, "Mr. Li, last time you said that Yuanfang was pointing at East China, and now that Yuanfang has completed the acquisition of Times, does it mean that the era of the Three Kingdoms in East China's retail industry has arrived?" Li Dong asked rhetorically, "The era of the three kingdoms? Why do you think so? In my opinion, the Three Kingdoms period was a period of chaotic warfare, and the final result was that both sides were defeated. Now the retail industry is thriving, and the next few years will be a golden period for retail development, so I think it is more likely for us to cooperate and win together. If we really want to compare, I think the term "a hundred schools of thought" is more appropriate. As soon as he said that, someone laughed and said, "Mr. Li, a hundred schools of thought are competing, but the final result is the sole respect of Confucianism, so who do you think will be the final Confucianist in this battle in East China?" Li Dong glanced at the other side and cursed in his heart, these guys are really quick to react. The media reporters are the ones who are afraid of the world. Li Dong answered moderately, these people are naturally not satisfied. Once again, this topic is not to force Li Dong to say a few amazing words. The last time in the hotel, Li Dong said Bailian and China Resources, but that time others feel is not strong enough, coupled with the far side did not buy the times, Li Dong said more ruthless words, in the outsider's view, the far side is also a little out of their depth. But now is different, once Yuanfang and the times integration. Then Yuanfang will immediately become a large group spanning Jiangbei, Southern Jiangsu, Lu Province, Jiangsu, Zhejiang …… several provinces. At this time, Yuanfang is capable of and has the courage to pull the trigger with several giants. Li Dong at this time, if you say the same thing as then, several large retail giants will not be when he is flirting, but a real declaration of war. This point the journalists understand, Li Dong naturally also understand. Everyone in the room understood this, so the reporters were somewhat pursued. Li Dong was pursued a few questions, also feel that today not to say a few words is not to escape, plus he also want to give the far side and the times to create momentum. After thinking about it, he said: "I don't know who is the Confucian, but the old saying goes, the one who laughs at the end is the winner. Competition is a long-distance race, a momentary lead does not guarantee that is the final winner." "Then, Mr. Li means that China Resources and Bailian, although currently leading, will probably be the final winner?" "If you think so, I don't deny that." Li Dong gave a laugh, and half flirted again, "At least one thing, I think I can definitely win over them." "What?" "Which point?" "……" The crowd has followed up, Li Dong smilingly said, "I think, other than that, boiling years I should be able to boil down my several seniors." This statement, the crowd first froze for a moment, and then they laughed. Laughing, but everyone's heart is thoughtful. Although Li Dong is a joke, but it does not have to be a joke. He did not say that others have not deliberately noticed this, and when he said, the crowd immediately thought, it is not! How old is Li Dong, only 21 years old this year! And his rivals, whether it is China Resources or Bailian, now the management is at least 40 years old. Twenty years of time gap, if Li Dong in the future do not make decision-making mistakes, or by the general environment, there are twenty years of time, he may really be able to surpass these large groups. Not that they have no successor, but the successor and the founder of the essence of the difference. Never underestimate any of the rich people who started with nothing, they can stand out among their contemporaries of the same age, whether it's drive or ability, there must be something outstanding. Especially like Li Dong, who started his business at the age of 19 and became the helmsman of a domestic retail giant at the age of 21. If anyone says that Li Dong only has a violent temper and no ability, the speaker himself is afraid that they do not believe.