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Chapter 434: Group President Selection

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The merger and acquisition of Era is not a task that can be completed in three or two days. Before Yuanfang completely take over the times, the times will continue to be operated by the previous management. In the first phase, Li Dong will send a part of the senior management into the times, and when completely taken over, these senior management will either go or stay. Of course, this is relative to other M&A companies. Times side, Li Dong has made up his mind, the management at least to remove 90%, the middle and lower management, at least more than half of the dismissal. This is a difficult decision, but Li Dong finally chose to do so. When Li Dong and Sun Tao mentioned, Sun Tao's face was heavy. Smoke two cigarettes in a row, Sun Tao only slightly tired said: "Li, is the action too big, 90% of the management left, the times almost empty, which is too unfavorable to the next development of the times, how about a slowdown? Wait for a year or two, gradually clear these people, which is much more secure than a step." "The seriousness of the disease requires strong medicine! You do not look at the current era is still profitable, but if this continues, the era will have to exit the stage of history. You know better than me how to compete in the retail industry in the past two years, who is not in a radical reform and development, who is not desperately running forward. But the times, has been eating the old capital! How many years, how many times the number of stores added, you know better than me. At present, there are 37 hypermarkets and 8 supermarkets, last year, the times actually added only three hypermarkets and two supermarkets, and even less this year, only two hypermarkets have been opened so far! You say, how can I keep such management?" Sun Tao listened to it for a long time before sighing heavily: "Then listen to you, but how should I arrange this side of the times?" "If I let you come to Sunan, what is your opinion?" Seeing that Sun Tao was a little surprised, Li Dong added: "Say it straight, willing or unwilling, or any difficulties, you can say, between you and me, there is no need to be so raw." Sun Tao hesitated for a moment and asked, "If I come to Sunan, what will be the next arrangement of the company?" Li Dong knew that he was talking about personnel issues. But this point Li Dong has not yet completely finished considering, thought about it before saying, "You heard about my preparation for the establishment of the group, right?" "Well, I heard, you mean to set up a new management organization with Yuanfang Supermarket, Yuanfang Mall, Dongyu Real Estate and Times Supermarket as the four subsidiaries?" "No, I've changed my mind." Sun Tao looked puzzled and asked, "Then, Mr. Li, you ……" "The four subsidiaries are still four subsidiaries, but the Yuanfang Supermarket and the Times Supermarket are merged, and I am going to pull out a separate logistics company. " "Logistics company?" Sun Tao frowned even more, Li Dong always think one thing is one thing, he was really stressed. Supermarkets are not good, then do the mall, the mall is not good, he wants to do real estate, the results of these three things have not been sorted out, he is ready to engage in logistics, is a person's head. Although logistics and supermarkets are closely related, but there are differences between supermarket logistics and specialized logistics. Before Li Dong in Pingchuan set up a number of express delivery points Sun Tao felt that Li Dong may have ideas, did not expect that now actually came true. The establishment of specialized logistics company, which is clearly to vigorously develop logistics the industry, even and supermarkets on an equal footing. Sun Tao thought for a while, and finally said softly: "General Li, you decide yourself, in the future I want to be responsible for the supermarket this piece can?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "Specially responsible for the supermarket? Do you know the difference between the general manager of a group and the general manager of a subsidiary?" If Li Dong set up a group of companies, the group's general manager position, it is Sun Tao. Nothing else, just because he is one of the founders of Yuanfang. And Sun Tao also occupies shares in Yuanfang, the general manager is not Sun Tao, I'm afraid many people are not convinced. However, Sun Tao now himself said to manage the supermarket, that at most is a vice president, the group president is certainly to be in charge of the whole business. Sun Tao nodded, handed a cigarette to Li Dong, and lit one himself again. Smoke a few mouthfuls, Sun Tao said: "General Li, I know you benevolent. Always take care of me, but what is the bottom of my heart, I know. To say that the supermarket, I have done so many years before, although the development of Yuanfang fast, but I have been trying to keep up with the pace of Yuanfang, I still have a few points of certainty. But now Yuanfang involves real estate, shopping malls, logistics …… this time you let me manage the group, to be honest, my own legs are weak, I'm afraid I'll become bald after a year and a half, the pressure is too much." Said Sun Tao and joked: "Besides I'm not married, you always have to give me some time is not, can not really let me play a bachelor for life." Li Dong suddenly lost his smile. After smoking a cigarette, Li Dong said, "Really decided?" "Yes." "No regrets?" "This ……" Sun Tao said with a bitter smile, "Maybe, but now I do not regret, people always have to have some self-awareness." Li Dong slightly pondered, Sun Tao suddenly made a decision, some disruption of his deployment. Before he was ready to let Sun Tao as president, Shen Xi is responsible for the mall, Wang Yue is responsible for the supermarket …… but now Sun Tao to give up, personnel changes are relatively large. Thinking about it Li Dong Dong: "Then you think, at this stage, who is suitable to be the general manager of the far side?" "I can't say this, but to put it bluntly, at present, Yuanfang can't find such a person." The newly established group, the new acquisition era, the newly established logistics company, the company will definitely be chaotic for a while in the early stage. At this time, the general manager, must be stable, but also must have the big picture, preferably not from the Yuan Fang's own family of people, not to mention can not bring any selfishness. The four subsidiaries, regardless of which system out of the people, will certainly be a bit biased. And Yuanfang is a time when all things are waiting to happen, a little selfishness at this time may cause big trouble.