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Chapter 435 Share Reset

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The dilemma is a dilemma, since the matter has been decided, it must be done firmly. Li Dong put aside everything in his mind and said in a deep voice: "Then let's not discuss the president first and talk about the subsidiary." "Since you said you would be in charge of the supermarket, then you will be the general manager of the supermarket side in the future." Sun Tao nodded, he thought he was still capable of being the general manager of a subsidiary. Moreover, even if he is not willing, he has to be concerned about Li Dong's idea, he is not willing to serve as the general manager, who can still ride on his head? Then others say not him, but Li Dong ungrateful, can only share the hardship, not the rich and powerful. "Dongyu side to Wu Shengnan." Sun Tao still nodded, Dongyu is Li Dong's personal business, he will not say even if he has ideas. "Mall to Shen Xi, logistics company ……" Li Dong paused before saying, "Logistics company to Director Qin!" "Director Qin Hai?" Li Dong nodded, the shadow of Qin Yuhan flashed in his eyes, whether for balance or to compensate, Qin Hai as the general manager of the logistics company is more appropriate. Sun Tao thought about it and finally nodded, "This is not a problem, but I want to know, to which side is the supermarket's distribution system subsumed?" Supermarket logistics is a little different from general logistics, but overall it is still a logistics industry. It is reasonable to put it under the logistics company, but once a subsidiary is established, it is an independent system. When the time comes, Yuanfang Supermarket is somewhat subject to the logistics company, although Sun Tao does not want to monopolize the power, but the right to fight or to fight. "Logistics company." Li Dong finished, Sun Tao hesitated, but did not speak again. The two smoked for a while, Sun Tao knocked on the table, or said: "Mr. Li, then how to divide the shares of the group company? Is a board of directors established? Also, does the group's top management reward options, have you considered these?" Sun Tao talked about shares, Li Dong couldn't help but glance at him. Sun Tao did not evade, still looking directly at Li Dong. The brothers are clear in their accounts, sometimes some things must be spread out. Li Dong has not been too concerned about these things, even Sun Tao's shares are sent by him, but when it comes to money, always can not be so vague. Yes, Li Dong now is not care, Sun Tao also do not care. But now both of them are bachelors, there is no burden, not to mention what pillow talk. But once the two have their own families, have a wife and family, and then so ambiguous, it is likely to lead to the two finally disagreement. Whether it's Li Dong or Sun Tao, I hope they can end well. At the beginning together from the small county of Dongping, Sun Tao very hope that in the future the two old, but also together to drink and talk, rather than for the money old dead together. This kind of thing is too common! How many founders of large companies, in the end almost all become enemies, after all, for the money. The first stage of development is fine, wait until the time to enjoy the results, there are always some things waiting for them. The reason why Sun Tao is raising these now is to sort out these things before the group is established. Also take advantage of not yet married, they can be in charge of the time, the attribution of the attribution, save the future anti-feud. Li Dong saw that he did not avoid his eyes and sighed gently: "What do you say?" "I listen to you, Mr. Li." "You previously owned 10% of Yuanfang, and Yuanfang is now divided into almost five parts, Yuanfang Supermarket, Times Supermarket, and the future logistics company, as well as the headquarters building and Baidu stock." Li Dong thought about it and continued, "The logistics company side occupies the distribution center and express stores, valued at 200 million, I think. Headquarters building and land, because now the price of land up, that piece of land prices rose, can be priced at 300 million. Baidu stock, now there are 300,000 shares, almost also worth 300 million. The value of Yuanfang's stores is about 1.2 billion. Yuanfang's reserve, including the 500 million loan and the 300 million from Longhua, and the 300 million I took away, is about 1.1 billion. This is all of our current assets of Yuanfang, the times because the money has not been paid, let's not talk about it, if we add the times this 2.4 billion, that supermarket part, the total value of about 5.5 billion. And in fact, Yuanfang still has a loan of 800 million, Times 2.4 billion acquisition money, the real value of Yuanfang is only about 2.3 billion, this point you do not doubt, right?" "No." "2.3 billion ……" Li Dong said in silence for a moment: "I give you two options, first, the supermarket part of the integration is completed, the total value of the two stores is about 3.6 billion, the debt is all borne by me, you can choose to own supermarket 8% of the shares." The net value of Yuanfang supermarket is 2.3 billion, Sun Tao can actually only share 230 million of assets. And the integration of the finished era and the far side, just the stores are worth 3.6 billion, no debt, this is the net assets, Sun Tao's 230 million by definition can only share to a little more than 6% of the shares. But Li Dong also do not want to be calculating for tens of millions of things, Sun Tao if you choose the supermarket, then Li Dong is willing to let him share a little more. Sun Tao did not rush to reply, and said: "Mr. Li continue."