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Chapter 436 - Thunderbolt

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Redistribute the shares, then Li Dong arranged the personnel issues. Sun Tao continues to stay in Sunan, gradually take over the power of the times. In addition, Chen Ke instead of Liu Qi to stay in Sunan, in addition to these two, Li Dong and from afar transferred a few executives over to assist Sun Tao. 23, Li Dong went to the Times headquarters to inspect a round. The first thing Li Dong did was to accept Luo Jianzhong's application to leave. To be honest, this decision of Li Dong shocked many people for a while. Although some people had guessed before that Li Dong should not keep Luo Jianzhong, in everyone's mind, Li Dong could at least keep Luo Jianzhong until the end of the year. Other than that, for the stability of the times, the possibility of Luo Jianzhong staying as the general manager was as high as 90%. But who knows, the day after the contract was signed, Luo Jianzhong was laid off! Not to mention others, even Luo Jianzhong himself did not react. If Li Dong wanted to retain him, there was still a high possibility that Luo Jianzhong would stay in his job. But who knew that people were not polite at all, the application was just handed in and was approved later. Now Luo Jianzhong was sitting waxed, and when he came out of the chairman's office, his face was darker than the bottom of the pot. In the morning, the separation application was approved, and in the afternoon, everyone saw Sun Tao, the general manager of Yuanfang, come over to hand over the work with Luo Jianzhong. While handing over the work, Sun Tao didn't stay idle. Near the end of the day, Sun Tao summoned several of the original executives of the times in the chairman's office. 24, the times crowd saw a surprising scene. Two vice presidents and a senior executive from far away were handing over their work, and three directors were also handing over with people from far away. In one day's time, the general manager, two vice presidents, three directors, all eerily laid off, this sense of shock made the staff of the times a little at a loss. Too abrupt! Also too ruthless! Half of the management was gone at once, not to mention the people of the times, even outsiders can not believe this is true. Many people think that Li Dong was overwhelmed by the victory, he did so, the staff of the times where there is a sense of belonging. But Li Dong really did it, he not only did it, but also did it very thoroughly. Just when the distant executives took over the times, Li Dong announced another major news. Raise wages! Not up one or two, all up, all the employees of the times, regardless of how much the previous salary, year-on-year range, an increase of 10%, from August 1 onwards officially implemented. This was some commotion of the times suddenly quiet down. The original whining staff suddenly did their work honestly, no one discussed Luo Jianzhong, and no one said that Li Dong had a black heart. The residual top management was not mentioned first, but the middle and low level were all joyful, just like the New Year. The salary was increased, and it was a one-time increase of 10%, so even the lowest level employees could get more than a thousand dollars a year. Nowadays, there are many things that can be done with more than a thousand dollars, so who wouldn't be happy? As for Luo Jianzhong, who is that? Will they give us a salary increase? Do people know who they are? What does it matter to us if he leaves or not. Not that everyone thinks so, at least most people think so. The riot that outsiders and Luo Jianzhong were expecting did not happen, the times were still the same, but with a faraway prefix, everything else seemed to be unchanged. Except for a few members of the management, Luo Jianzhong's departure did not seem to make a single ripple. Luo Jianzhong was a bit disillusioned, as were several other departing executives. The handover went smoothly, and on the 25th, Luo Jianzhong and several former Times executives left sadly with their paper boxes. Sun Tao officially entered the era, other distant executives have been in place, everything is so calm. The waves are not alarming, this is the reality. The earth will turn without anyone, no one is indispensable, and no one is unique. With the departure of Luo Jianzhong and the arrival of Sun Tao, people didn't feel any different. For three days, Li Dong had been sitting in the times. Although he did not say a few words, although he did not summon a few people, but no one would ignore his presence. With him there, people from far away are at ease, people from the times are in awe. Just this young man in his early twenties, like a needle in the sea, calmed down the turbulent times. Whenever someone passed by the chairman's office, they wondered with immense anticipation what their young chairman was doing in his office. His words and actions determine the stay and go of more than 3,000 people in the era. In the era or far away, Li Dong is the supreme existence. …… chairman's office. There is no outsider imagined ambush, nor is there an outsider rumored to be exhausted. Li Dong yawned and was talking on the phone with Shen Xi. The company has been in the business for quite a few days, and Shen Xi has been unable to sit still, and has made several calls to Li Dong in the past few days.