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Chapter 437: You like men, don't you?

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! July 26, Sun Tao people came to the hotel to send off Li Dong. The explanation is explained, Li Dong also has nothing to say. Simply reminded Sun Tao a few words, Li Dong will turn his attention to Yuan Chengdao. Yu Bo's team left Sunan in the afternoon of the day the contract was signed, and only Yuan Chengdao remained in the entire negotiation team. Yuan Chengdao stayed, naturally, not in an outsider capacity. He is now the deputy director of information management of the times, this position is not high, the information management department is not a real power department, not to mention the deputy director. When Li Dong read Yuan Chengdao's information, he hesitated for a long time before looking for Yuan Chengdao to talk for a while. Li Dong did not give him a high position, but only the position of deputy director of the information management department. This position, in the management system of the times, can only be regarded as the upper middle level, even the decision-making level can not enter. Li Dong thought that Yuan Chengdao would reject it, but he did not expect Yuan Chengdao to agree to it in the end. Li Dong actually somewhat do not understand Yuan Chengdao's choice, but no matter what, Yuan Chengdao agreed to come down, he is also happy to take a talent, two days ago when the times are turbulent, Yuan Chengdao has joined. After looking at Yuan Chengdao for a while, Li Dong only slowly said, "Director Yuan, I hope that the next time I see you, you will bring me a surprise." Yuan Chengdao smiled lightly and said, "Thanks for the motivation, Mr. Li, I think I will do it." "Then we'll see what happens." Li Dong didn't say anything else, got into the car, waved to the crowd, and the Maybach soon disappeared in front of the crowd. ……26 In the afternoon, Li Dong returned to Pingchuan. Just entering the company, thunderous applause came from the company, everyone's face was overflowing with joy and excitement. After two months, Yuanfang finally incorporated Era into its banner, which was the glory of every Yuanfang employee. A newly established company had annexed Era, which occupied half of the retail market in southern Jiangsu. But now, the dream has come true! Yuanfang annexed Era and became the leading company in the retail industry, and could even be called a dominant company. In East China, Far Eastern now occupies the market in Jiangbei, half of southern Jiangsu, and has stores in Lu Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Except for Southern Fujian, Far Eastern China has a certain foundation. And East China is the core of the whole China, occupying the East China market, that almost opened up the national market. This step of Far Eastern's acquisition of Times can be said to have been extremely successful. Future how to put aside, at least for the time being, in East China, Far Eastern has the basis and strength to fight for supremacy. The excitement of the crowd was overflowing, and no one stopped even though their palms were red. Li Dong pressed his hand and said with a smile on his face: "I understand that everyone is happy, and I am even happier than you. But we still have a long way to go, this is just the beginning, later the far side will go even farther! I'll take this opportunity to make everyone happy again and announce a good news, do you want to hear it?" "Yes!" The crowd answered back with one voice. Li Dong smilingly said: "In fact, I think some people probably guessed it, congratulations, you guessed it right! Wage increase! Time side up, the far side naturally have to rise, the future are a family, I Li Dong will not be generous, you guys with me Li Dong fight the world, money I Li Dong will not be stingy!" "Thank you, Mr. Li!" "Long live Mr. Li!" "Mr. Li is so handsome!" "……" The cheers of the employees were deafening, this was a tangible benefit, who would not be happy. The wages of the employees of Far Far Away were not low, and they were also numbered in Pingchuan. Many people felt more and more that coming to Yuanfang was the most correct decision in their life. When Yuanfang was first established, those highly educated and skilled people could not see Yuanfang, and even if the salary was not low, not many people were willing to come. Even for those who came, they were only here to overdo it, or even came to Far Far Away with the intention of mixing for a few days. But who could have imagined that in the blink of an eye, Yuanfang would go from Dongping to Pingchuan, from Pingchuan to Jiangbei, and from Jiangbei to East China. This leap-forward development fills everyone with pride and satisfaction. Moreover, the development of Yuanfang has also brought practical benefits to them, the patriarchal staff. Because of the talent barrenness of Yuanfang, many ordinary employees have now reached the management level. Some people even rose three levels a year, from ordinary employees, a leap to become department managers and even directors. High wages, a wide range of channels, space for upward mobility, the company's potential is also large, such a good job, who is not willing to come. But now the standard of recruiting people in Yuanfang is much stricter than two years ago, and it is almost impossible to enjoy the treatment of their senior staff. So the people naturally embraced Li Dong from the bottom of their hearts. Li Dong finished announcing the news, and then Kan Kan a few words and then towards the upstairs Shen Xi waved.