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Chapter 438 Entering the stock market

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! When looking at Li Dong, the two were a little unsure of how to address. Li Dong smiled and introduced himself: "My surname is Li, called Li Dong, this time Shen Xi is also entrusted by me to find a few people to help me." A few people heard, immediately realized that this is the future boss. Three people, including Tang Kuan together, all politely shouted, "Mr. Li, how are you, it's an honor to serve you." "You don't have to be polite, just take what you need, let's talk over here." Li Dong was the guest of honor and led several people to sit down at the conference table, while others also took their seats. Li Dong knocked on the table, smiled and said, "Since I have asked several people to come, I think we all have a good idea of what I want to do." Several people nodded their heads. Li Dong added: "Then I'll get right to the point, no more polite words, I'll ask you a few questions, if you can help me solve them, we can immediately talk about the terms and sign an agreement." Three people are not any top manipulators, and are not qualified to talk to Li Dong about requirements, hearing Li Dong say so, several people nodded again. "First, several people think that the current broad market index will rise?" Several people glanced at each other, and soon Tang Kuan replied, "Mr. Li, now is a good time to enter the stock market, according to our analysis, the general market will definitely go up again." "Second, if you are handed one billion dollars to enter the stock market, can you enter quietly without alerting others?" Tang Kuan a few people gulped, the young man surnamed Niu rather difficult said, "One billion?" "Yes, it's one billion, RMB, not USD." Li Dong teased. Several people looked at each other, their expressions were a bit nervous, they did not think this was just the topic of the test. One billion dollars, to be honest, none of the three of them had the experience to operate such a large amount of money. These three people are not in the top ranks of the industry, the most funds operated once, only ten million, this time directly soared to one billion, several people are both excited and nervous. It was a while before Tang Kuan took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Li, the stock market is now heavily traded, so if you don't put in individual stocks, a billion dollars spread out, I don't think it should be too likely to attract others' attention." "That means, handing you a billion, you are confident that you can operate it well?" A few people are torn, who dares to say this casually, one billion ah, really want to lose, Li Dong get them killed that is not a matter of ease. The one who can take out a billion speculation, there are a few simple. Said not to blame the trader, but really to that time, people are losing red eyes, who cares about these. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to operate a billion dollars, to be honest, even those top traders, there are few such opportunities. Now the opportunity is in front of them, you let them give up, who willingly? Several people thought for a while, and then came together to mutter a few words, and finally it was Tang Kuan who let out a long breath and said, "If Mr. Li believes in us, we are confident that we can complete the task." Li Dong laughed, this is just a casual question he asked. If you really want to hand over a billion dollars to these handlers to operate on their own, it's strange that Li Dong is relieved. In fact, he needs only a few obedient guys, know the line on the line, there are really no requirements for the rest. But the assessment, always look a little difficult, otherwise people do not take it seriously, may think that Li Dong fooled them, after all, one billion is not a hundred thousand, this era can take out so much cash to speculate in the stock can have a few. After a few more simple questions, finally Li Dong Dong said, "So be it, you can now talk about your requirements." The general trader, are the base salary plus commission model. But this point is obviously somewhat inappropriate for Li Dong, after all, the commission of the trader is between 5% and 10% of the earnings, Li Dong invested one billion, even if they earn 100 million, then their commission will have to be tens of millions. As long as a little self-awareness, Tang Kuan three people should have a number in mind. Li Dong can not give them so much commission, because the three of them are not the top of the batch, and can not give Li Dong to ensure that the exact amount of revenue. At this time, and then take the commission by the rules of the trade, it would be somewhat unjustified. Several people once again discussed in a low voice, and only after a while did Tang Kuan ask, "Can Mr. Li tell us exactly how much money you are going to invest?" "Nine hundred million, I think." Although he still has nine hundred and thirty million in his hand now, but he has to keep some money on him for backup, nine hundred million invested, thirty million is not necessary to continue. "Nine hundred million!" Conjecture is conjecture, but when Li Dongzhen said this figure, several people are still greatly shaken. Pingchuan or even Jiangbei, how many people can take out nine hundred million dollars of cash to invest in the stock market? "Li Dong ……" several people murmured softly, followed by Tang Kuan's eyes lit up and said, "The distant General Li?" Li Dong gently nodded his head. A few people immediately arose in respect, not for other reasons, the achievements of Li Dong at this age alone is worth their admiration. Knowing that the other party is the distant Li Dong, several people are now also sure that Li Dong cannot be fooling them. Tang Kuan thought about it and said, "Mr. Li, how about this, give us a base salary of 10,000 per month, no need for commission, do you think it's okay?" 10,000 base salary, in this day and age the average trader can not get this price. But Li Dong's operation is too big, they must have to work hard, take 10,000 yuan a month, they think it is not too much. As for the commission, Tang Kuan is embarrassed to say this. Nine hundred million cash, even to the private equity fund, a year's earnings will be nearly a billion, they do not say let Li Dong give them 10% of the commission? 10 million commission, just think about it, if they were Li Dong would not be willing. Seeing several people so sensible, Li Dong could not help but laugh: "10,000 base salary is not difficult, how about this, we take a year, at the end of the time, no matter profit or loss, I will give you each 500,000 guaranteed bonus. If the profit exceeds fifty percent, then one person plus another half a million, more than one hundred percent, two million each!"