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Chapter 439 - Pushing Qin Hai to the top

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Say goodbye to Shen Xi, Li Dong drove to Green Bamboo Garden. The Qin family, Li Dong has not been here for some time. In the Qin family downstairs, Li Dong stopped the car, lit a cigarette and smoked for a while, finished smoking, stamping out the cigarette, Li Dong then went upstairs. Knocking on the door, the house soon came Qin Yuhan's questioning voice: "Who is it?" "Me." The door opened. Qin Yuhan glanced at him, looked up and down, and only after a moment did she say with a coquettish smile, "When did you come back?" "I just came back this afternoon, are Uncle Qin and the others here?" "My father is not here, my mother is at home, the main body of the distribution center is almost completed, my father has been on the site recently." "Uncle Qin has suffered during this time." Li Dong gently exhaled, took the slippers handed over by Qin Yuhan and changed them, paced into the house. Inside the house, Yang Yun was watching TV. Seeing Li Dong coming, Yang Yun got up and smiled, "Just back?" "Well, I just came back from Sunan, Aunt Yang didn't work today?" Yang Yun had a black line on her face and said, "I can't take a vacation? So I work for you all day long and don't even have a break?" Li Dong laughed awkwardly, Yang Yun saw the situation and laughed: "Forget it, you are a big boss, not as free as we are, do not talk to you about this. By the way, there are no more problems with the Times, right?" Li Dong slightly relieved, quickly said: "There is no big problem, Mr. Sun is sitting over there, by the end of the year should be able to integrate the times under Yuanfang." "That's good, but don't be busy all day long, I haven't seen you idle for a few days this year, you're still young, don't let your body break down." "No, thank you for your concern, Aunt Yang." Li Dong politely said, Yang Yun said: "Sit down, you and Yu Han chat, dinner at home in the evening, I go to the market to buy some vegetables back." "No, don't bother." "It's okay, old Qin just happens to have something to say to you, I haven't seen you these days, since you're here today, you two have a drink tonight, and talk by the way." Li Dong nodded at his words and said, "Then I'll be polite, Aunt Yang, Yu Han and I will go shopping for groceries." "No need for you guys, you youngsters won't pick, I'll just go by myself." Yang Yun gave a laugh, went inside and changed her clothes, changed her shoes, greeted the two and left the door. As soon as she left, Li Dong wandered around the Qin family house. Qin Yuhan is helping him pour tea, see the situation crying and laughing, "What are you looking at, it's not like you've never seen." "It's been half a year since I've been here, let's see if there are any changes. By the way, Qi Fangfang and those people are still in Jiangbei?" "In it, now in the Langya Mountain piece, why ask about them?" "Nothing, casually ask, these few girls wander around all day, and not idle." "The actual fact is that you can't be a good deal more than just a few days. If you are not in Pingchuan, I am ready to go together to have some fun." Li Dong smiled apologetically and thought about it, "If you're bored, it's okay to go play for a few days, I'll arrange for someone to send you there later?" He was thinking of letting Qin Yuhan stay by his side, but recently he has been busy and has no time for Qin Yuhan. Qin Yuhan does not have many friends in Pingchuan, so she stays at home all day, and Li Dong is afraid that she will be bored. "No, I'm not that bored these days with Xiaorui, you're busy with your own, don't worry about my side." "Hu Xiaorui ……" Li Dong's mouth corner twitched, these two women really got together. But Hu Xiaorui is not a bad person, thought Li Dong still did not say anything. The next two talked for a while, Qin Yuhan asked about the situation in the distant, and then the topic turned to the head of the East Rain dessert house. Because of the summer, the dessert house business has recently improved a lot, and finally began to profit. Since Qin Yuhan killed the chicken to make an example of the monkey fired a few employees, the store's work atmosphere is finally good, continuous loss of money for most of the half year, these months each month can probably have a few thousand dollars of profit. A few thousand dollars, to be honest, Li Dong really do not put in mind. But this is Qin Yuhan's business, she is happy on the line, Li Dong also said a few words of flattery, accompanied by Qin Yuhan happy together for a while. After chatting for an hour, Yang Yun and Qin Hai entered the door together. Qin Hai's suit, plus it's too hot outside, all wet. From Yang Yun that Qin Hai already knew that Li Dong came, there is no surprise, changed his shoes and said, "You sit for a while, I take a shower, later we talk a few words." Li Dong nodded. Qin Hai also did not say much, took off his jacket and went into the bathroom. Yang Yun also went directly into the kitchen, Li Dong said to help, was Yang Yun unceremoniously kicked out. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. While wiping his hair, Qin Hai asked, "Is everything okay over there in the times, I heard that you fired a large group of senior management, did it have any impact?" "It's okay, Chief Sun and the others can hold up."