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Chapter 440 - Big Bull Stocks

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After eating, Li Dong did not stay long in the Qin family. As soon as Li Dong left, Yang Yun asked, "What did Li Dong just say to you?" Qin Hai didn't make a sound, Yang Yun gave him a white look, and asked Qin Yuhan: "What did Li Dong say to your father?" Qin Yuhan also did not hide, said: "He is ready to split the logistics company to set up a subsidiary, so that Dad will be the general manager." Yang Yun froze for a moment after hearing this, then her eyes lit up and said, "This is a good thing!" Although Qin Hai is now the department director, but the director which is as free and easy as the general manager, and the power is also very different. If Qin Hai becomes the general manager of the logistics company, the future of the logistics piece is Qin Hai said. Li Dong as the chairman of the group, it is not possible to keep an eye on a subsidiary company every day, when the whole group, Qin Hai's status will rise further. Thinking of this Yang Yun hurriedly asked Qin Hai: "You promised?" "No." "Are you stupid!" Qin Hai was a little impatient and said, "What do women know, their hair is long and their knowledge is short." "Qin Hai, who are you talking about!" Yang Yun hummed with a black face. "I don't care about you." Qin Hai grumbled and went straight into the room. Seeing this, Yang Yun said to Qin Yuhan, "Put the bowl here, I'll wash it later, I'll go in and persuade your father." Qin Yuhan pondered for a moment before saying, "Mom, if Dad really doesn't want to, forget it." "What do you know!" Yang Yun's eyes glared and transferred what Qin Hai had just said about her to Qin Yuhan. After saying that and regardless of Qin Yuhan's reaction, Yang Yun went into the room and closed the door. Once in the room, Yang Yun frowned and asked, "Why didn't you say yes?" "Didn't say no, I have to think about it." "What else to consider! Qin Hai, are you rusty in the head? Do you want to see Shen riding on your head? She is now so dominant in the company that even Mr. Sun is now vaguely overshadowed by her. Even if the subsidiary was not established originally, now that it is, the logistics department has been split up again. If you don't become the general manager, will you still stay in the distant future? Without the property management department, what will you do in Yuanfang? Serve tea and water to others? Use your brain! We're not doing it for money or status, but we have to think about Yuhan. Why is Shen valued by Li Dong? It's not because she brings Li Dong a lot of help, Yu Han is still studying, can not compete with her, but we are not dead people. You take over the logistics company, the future rights will be big, you are capable, with the right, certainly can also do a career. The mall side needless to say the future is definitely Shen in charge, plus the real estate company side of the boss or her friend, we just do watch? Qin Hai, we are parents, can not help our daughter a hand, but also can not give her a leg up, I do not know what you are hesitating. In charge of the logistics company, if we can take care of things beautifully and make a good profit every year, who will dare to underestimate Yu Han in the future?" Qin Hai still did not say anything, took the cigarette case from the bedside table, took out one and lit up and smoked. Yang Yun frowned, although Qin Hai smoked, can never smoke in the bedroom before, so it can be seen now he must be hesitant in his heart. After a while, Qin Hai extinguished his cigarette and said, "I have a number in my heart, this matter you do not care." "Then ……" Yang Yun hesitated, and finally did not ask again. ……27 number, Tang Kuan three people moved into Lanshan Manor. Li Dong let Cao Feng followed, help with some chores, the other did not care anymore, but went to the station to pick up Wang Jie. Cao Feng has been in the marketing department for more than a year, people are also more mature than before, handling some small things Li Dong is still assured. When he arrived at the bus station, Li Dong waited for more than ten minutes and saw Wang Jie walking out from the station door. Seeing Wang Jie, Li Dong smiled and said: "Where is the car? Is there a car? Why still hitchhiking over?" Wang Jie shrugged and sighed: "Poor man, can't afford to drive a car, how much fuel, or hitchhiking comfortable, besides, to Pingchuan, you have a car." "You really will save, stingy goods!" Li Dong laughed and cursed, greeted Wang Jie got into the car. Once in the car, Wang Jie said: "What's the rush to get me here? I thought you were getting married because you didn't make it clear on the phone." "I'm not as anxious as you are." Li Dong joked and asked, "How's the Taobao store doing?" "Not bad, selling some local specialties, a month can also deal a few dozen, two or three thousand dollars can still earn." "This thing has to boil, just started to earn so much good." Li Dong finished before saying, "Come to Pingchuan to help me do something, it may take a few months or even a year, any questions?" Wang Jie glanced at him and whispered, "You damn well won't let me be a spy, will you?" "Fuck you!" Li Dong laughed: "Don't think so complicated, just ask you to help me keep an eye on the business, this time the investment is relatively large, without a person to watch I'm not too sure. Usually you have nothing to do, the return to go back, if you want to wife back to Dongping is also okay, or I transfer Wu Mei to Pingchuan, you see how?" "In addition, you can continue to do that Taobao store, no delay." Wang Jie did not do much hesitation, nodded: "That into, but plum will not need to transfer over, inconvenient." "Well?" "Soon to give birth, you do not look for me I was ready to look for you, take a long leave, let her take maternity leave, otherwise I do not feel at ease." Li Dong almost forgot about this, as soon as he heard it, he said, "Then I'll have someone pick her up and bring her over, don't worry, my place is a good environment, I'll arrange for someone to help you take care of her, so you don't have the heart to work." This time Wang Jie did not refuse, said with a smile: "If there is no delay, then pick her up, by the way, what business do you want me to keep an eye on? How much did you invest?" "Nine hundred million, speculation in stocks." "I go!" Wang Jie was shocked, some shock: "You guys are getting more and more bold, nine hundred million, you do not seriously business to speculate on stocks, crazy you!" "Ignorant! Recently the stock market is the golden opportunity to make money, if I don't make a profit, to afford the big bull market?" "Bullshit, you say the big bull market on the big bull market ah, the recent stock market market is good, but I do not see where to go, the next rise or not, it is not possible to say." "Believe me, if you have some money to invest now, a year and a half can always earn some milk money."