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Chapter 441 - Sitting in the Bank

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! After a day of work, Li Dong finally got the funding done. Not yet idle, Li Dong was blocked the door. Xu Shengzhe, who hasn't shown up since he came back from abroad, entered the door and tsked: "I say, Master Li, you are now more than the master are cattle, call to invite you to dinner, played several times, you do not come, too do not give face to it." "Recently is busy, which has time to bullshit with you." Li Dong flirted with a sentence, and said, "You guys still have free time to find me now?" Long Hua's side of things is no less than the far side. Since the last time Li Dong posed and Xu Shengzhe teamed up to pose, Longhua Group is busy this time. Xu Jianghua did not resign, but that guy Xu Rulong had to come forward to his old man to take the blame. At this time Xu Shengzhe is the ironclad successor, regardless of how Xu Jianghua thinks, Xu Shengzhe returned from abroad in the board of directors of several directors support, has taken over part of the rights of the Longhua Group. Now Xu Shengzhe is no more idle than Li Dong, personally come to the door, naturally is nothing to do with three treasure hall. Hearing Li Dong say so, Xu Shengzhe did not refute. Did not continue this topic, Xu Shengzhe screamed: "No way, Longhua recently business is not doing well, I have no money, this does not come to you to think about it." "Who are you fooling, you have no money?" Li Dong scoffed, he did not believe Xu Shengzhe's bullshit, Longhua will have no money, he believed in the ghost. At this time, real estate is on fire, plus Longhua is still the largest real estate company in Jiangbei, cash flow is more abundant than Li Dong. Xu Shengzhe said helplessly, "I'm serious, while the market is good recently, Longhua took a few pieces of land, really no money, I'm not a headache." "Even if Longhua has no money, the headache should be your old man, are you ready to seize power?" "What do you think, the key is that my personal money is also gone, this is not no money heart is not secure. Old Li, what is our relationship, how about a favor?" "Looking for me to borrow money? I was going to borrow money from you." Li Dong rolled his eyes, he now has 30 million on hand, Xu Shengzhe again crying poverty to him is useless. But Xu Shengzhe is not here to cry poverty, the office door to close, Xu Shengzhe smiled and said: "Old Li, since you do not have money, I also do not have money, why do not we put together to make a little money to spend?" "If you have something to say, you have no time to chatter with you." "Boring!" Xu Shengzhe muttered, and then said with a smile, "Old Li, I recently had a good deal, sure to make money. But I can't eat alone, how about taking you along to play one? Profits are definitely high, and the time is not long, but also we have a good relationship, the general public I really do not care about him …… "Xu Shengzhe pulled a good while, Li Dong some helplessly said:" something to say things, and, I really do not have money, you hit me less ideas. " "Who are you lying to, you have no money?" Xu Shengzhe bristled, he has been watching Li Dong's funds, Li Dong in the end there is no money, he knows it well in his heart. The time side of Li Dong paid five hundred million, or a loan to the guy last time in Switzerland's small treasury are several hundred million, how could not have money. He did not bother to break Li Dong, continued to laugh: "Old Li, the investment is not much, you see how about this, you invest a hundred million, I also contribute a hundred million, earn money we two one add five, how about an equal share?" "No money." Li Dong repeated several times that there is no money, Xu Shengzhe could not help but frown. Asked, "Really no money?" "Nonsense, why lie to you, I'm having problems eating now, just waiting for your Longhua's seven hundred million, do you think I have money?" "Really? Where is your money?" "Invested." "I go, you have invested? What did you invest in?" "Trade secrets!" "Fuck you!" Xu Shengzhe cursed, then laughed bitterly: "You can't stay a bit, this is a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity, I took in a large number of relationships, now have no money, but also toss a hair ah!" "You really have no money?" Li Dong some strange said. Two hundred million only, Xu Shengzhe last time in the land have earned several hundred million. Those are all his personal money, how can this guy not have money. The corners of Xu Shengzhe's mouth twitched and said with a smile, "I really don't have any money, I've spent almost all of it, I don't even have a hundred million on hand now." "What did you spend?" "Trade secrets." Xu Shengzhe returned his original sentence, but after a while and did not hold back: "The money to my big brother, I am a man righteous enough to brothers." Li Dong head turned, some suspicion said: "You did not spend money to acquire the shares in the hands of your big brother, right?" Xu Rulong had 5% of the shares of Longhua in his hand, and so did Xu Shengzhe. Xu Rulong was now almost emptied of all his positions in Longhua because he was rejected by the board of directors. At this time, Xu Rulong should have known that it was unlikely that he would take over. If Xu Shengzhe makes some small moves, Xu Rulong is likely to sell his shares. The matter between their brothers, Longhua side should not care, Xu Jianghua himself may have turned a blind eye. Xu Shengzhe gave a heated laugh, neither admitted nor denied. Li Dong understood at first glance, could not help but thumbs up said: "Niu, I'm convinced you, you guys are foxes, so simple to clean out your big brother." Without Long Hua's shares, Xu Rulong is nothing. In the future, even if there is a change, Xu Rulong can turn the odds of defeat into victory is not very big. And Xu Shengzhe did not spend much money to take the shares in the hands of Xu Rulong, I have to say that this guy is really very sinister. Xu Shengzhe smiled slightly, then turned back to the topic: "Do not talk about this, I am really poor, you guys actually also have no money, this is difficult." "What do you want?" "Sitting in the bank." Li Dong puzzled: "Sitting on the bank, sitting on what?" Xu Shengzhe smiled and said, "Does Zhonggang Tianyuan know?" Li Dong pondered for a moment and said with some uncertainty, "Tian Yuan Technology in Jiangbei, the company owned by Sinosteel Group?" "Yes, you know, people will soon be listed." "What does this have to do with you ……" Li Dong said suddenly reacted, and hurriedly said, "You want to sit on the bottom of the speculation?" "Hey, hey, guess right." "You think too much, just listed, which is so easy ……" "I have my way, now there is a lack of money, before he listed, if you can get a few hundred million funds, I can subscribe to most of the equity. The total number of shares in circulation is only thirty million shares, subscribe to a portion of the market and then acquire a portion, sitting in the bank is actually very easy, you do not think so difficult.