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Chapter 442 Micro Blog

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xu Shengzhe is ready to sit on the matter of Li Dong did not worry too much. In the evening, Li Dong went to be a chaperone. See Li Dong are invested, Hu Ming did not do much hesitation, quickly made up his mind, seventy million he invested. Hu Ming business is not small, seventy million is not small, but for him is not much. The 70 million dollars to pull himself and Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe on a chariot, in Hu Ming's opinion, whether it is a loss or a profit, this business is not a loss. One is the successor of Longhua, and the other is the helmsman of the far side. Both are the mainstay of the Jiangbei business community in the future, Hu Ming is not yet 50 this year, and will have more time to deal with the two in the future. At this time, while the two have not yet their own team, make some friends, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. After talking about the investment, Hu Ming did not say more on this, but changed the subject: "Li, Xu, I recently had an idea, how about you two listen?" Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe glanced at each other, then both nodded and said, "Please speak, Mr. Hu." "Here's the thing, haven't a lot of places recently sprung up public welfare foundations? I have checked, our Jiangbei side seems to be nothing large-scale decent public welfare fund organizations, our Jiangbei economy is not developed, but charity can not be left behind. I discussed with a few friends, ready to set up the Jiangbei Public Welfare Foundation, are you interested in taking up a position?" "Jiangbei Public Welfare Foundation ……" Li Dong murmured, and then regretted his intestines are green! This kind of thing actually gave himself to forget, the best way to make a name for himself, but also a huge umbrella! If he had organized the first large public welfare fund organization in Jiangbei, then Li Dong could really run wild in Jiangbei in the future. A big loss, a big loss! These days, to be honest, which big businessman is not hanging a lot of names. What so-and-so foundation director, so-and-so charity association chairman, so-and-so conservation association chairman …… Is it true that big businessmen are so keen on charity? There are certainly entrepreneurs who do charity from the heart, and there are many, but to say that these people do not have a name, it is certainly a very small number. At this stage of Li Dong, the accumulation of original capital is almost complete. This is actually the time for him to seek a name, but unfortunately he did not think of this before, and actually gave Hu Ming a head start. Li Dong heart secretly regrets, but now is not too late, although can not take the first name, but turn around and set up a foundation is not too big a problem. As long as the public charity does a good job, there is no problem to make a name for yourself. Li Dong regrets, Hu Ming took the initiative to invite him to take up the position of the Foundation, which is also considered to give face, Li Dong did not hesitate to say: "This is no problem, enthusiasm for public welfare, is the contemporary entrepreneurs should do, I Li Dong for the charity of Jiangbei obliged to make a contribution!" He said this, Hu Ming and Xu Shengzhe really have nothing to refute. This guy Li Dong is not the first day to do charity, when the sensational Jiangbei 10 million paintings event is Li Dong's handiwork. Hearing him say so, Xu Shengzhe also said: "I also have no problem, Mr. Hu, when will this foundation be established?" "It's being approved for the establishment of the project, so I have to wait for about two months, so I'd like to thank you both." "You're welcome, Mr. Hu!" Several people exchanged pleasantries for a while before Hu Ming left first. As for the investment of 70 million, Hu Ming also promised to arrive tomorrow, the next he did not care, the specific how to do Xu Shengzhe only operation. Once he left, Xu Shengzhe lamented: "This guy's nose is really good, although and his wife left, but I can guarantee that the one in the capital must still be promoting him. Otherwise, he does not have so much face, the Jiangbei Public Welfare Foundation President, this position is not anyone can sit." "A foundation president only, Hu Ming does not have this qualification?" "What the hell do you know, not the president of the Foundation, is the Jiangbei Foundation, understand, this is considered a semi-official organization. Do you think if there is no one behind Hu Ming, with his position in the Jiangbei business community, can sit up?" Li Dong thought for a moment, and then said, "Then what do you think, what about me?" "You?" Xu Shengzhe did not laugh at him, seriously thought for a while before saying, "You are still a little young, wait a few years almost, at this time you go in as a director is enough, there is no need to grab the position of president with them." "Well." Li Dong nodded, Xu Shengzhe said is not without reason. He was indeed too young and his base was relatively thin, and he had thought out of his depth before. Even if he took the initiative to propose the establishment of the Jiangbei Foundation, the final position of the president may not necessarily fall to him, Xu Jianghua out is almost. …… Because Hu Ming mentioned the Foundation, Li Dong remembered the little girl Tian Xiaoyu who was in Suan. Li Dong remembered that the little girl at first said she wanted to learn to paint, and later learned to paint for free without money. At that time, he also let Liu Qi arrangements, these days Li Dong are almost forgetting about people. With this matter in mind, the next day to the company, Li Dong asked Liu Qi: "That Tian Xiaoyu child you still remember?" Liu Qi hurriedly said: "Yes, the little girl from the orphanage, you also wanted to adopt her at first." Li Dong gave her a blank look and continued, "Didn't that child say she wanted to learn painting at that time, did you make arrangements for her later? Send someone to see?" "This ……" Liu Qi face helpless, she has so many things, which is still in mind. Especially halfway to Sunan for so long, if Li Dong did not say, she really can not remember. Now Li Dong asked, Liu Qi had to tell the truth: "just sent people to see once, the orphanage side from outside invited an art teacher over, I let people donate a batch of supplies to the orphanage, and left a few tens of thousands of dollars, after I'm not too sure."