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Chapter 443 - Singing in the street

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Although five million is not much, but Li Dong also do not want to hit the water. After chatting with Liu Hong about the microblogging architecture and development all morning, Liu Hong's notebook was almost full. Although his hands felt tired, Liu Hong felt that he benefited a lot and was not satisfied. Not only him, but also Shen Xi, who was not very interested, was attracted to pay attention. Until Li Dong finished, Shen Xi only found that more than an hour had passed. As soon as Liu Hong left, Shen Xi was full of amazement: "Li Dong, have you seen the real version of microblogging? I heard you say that, how do I feel like you've used it." Li Dong said perfunctorily, "On paper, it's just a combination of blog and school network, with a slight change." "You also play blogs?" Shen Xi was now more surprised, in her impression, Li Dong almost nothing spare time hobby. The computer in the office was almost never turned on except for receiving emails. This time Li Dong and she said blogs and school network, Shen Xi naturally full of curiosity, she actually want to know in private Li Dong in the end what kind of attitude towards life. "Do not play." "How do you know if you don't play?" "Nonsense, do you know what it means to know yourself and your enemy a hundred battles will never be lost! To be a big business, you have to do two things, first, identify yourself, and second, understand the opponent." "The microblogging plan has long been proposed, can't I understand it?" Li Dong said so, Shen Xi also have no way to refute, beeped mouth cooed: "Then what do you usually play, QQ?" "Not much." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Li Dong frowned slightly and asked again, "Others in the company also like this?" Shen Xi was a little confused by his question and nodded, "Yes, don't they all use QQ now, except you, there are many people in the company who use it, ah." "Ridiculous!" The company's own developed PP why not use it! The company developed its own PP why not use it! Even we don't support the company's product, how can we expect others to accept it? No wonder the user viscosity of PP is not high and the number of active users is decreasing. If we don't use it internally, do you expect others to use it? Do you think they are stupid?" Li Dong said he was also a bit angry, he didn't pay much attention to PP and didn't hold much hope. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. This means that it is not only Li Dong who does not pay attention, but also the Department of Electrical Commerce does not pay much attention to PP. Thinking of this, Li Dong hummed: "Let the office send out a notice this afternoon, all departments in Yuanfang, only allowed to use PP as a chat software during work in the future. I don't care during off hours, but during working hours, never allow other company's social software to appear on the computer!" Shen Xi some helpless, thought about it: "There is no need for it, in fact, we have little time to chat during working hours, unless some work needs to be conveyed ……" "Your attitude is not correct, I do not pull with you! " Li Dong hammered: "It's a deal, and so are you in the future, as the director of the Department of e-commerce, vice president of the company, the future general manager of the mall, this thing you take the lead in the implementation!" Shen Xi drummed her mouth, Li Dong did not have the good grace to say: "more adults, drumming what mouth!" Shen Xi said with a face of aggression: "Chat you tube, puff mouth you also tube." Li Dong could not help but lose his smile, calmed down the fire in his heart and said, "I don't care about you, but you are the top of the company, you have to pay attention to the impact is not." "Got it." Seeing Shen Xi listless, Li Dong looked at the time and said, "It's eleven o'clock, let's go down and eat something together?" "No appetite, do not want to eat." "And also play childish temper, said you two sentences do not like it, right, go, eat together." "No, unless you carry me." Shen Xi smiled and said. Li Dong speechlessly said: "pay attention to the impact into not, in the company, do not make a scene." "Stingy ghost!" Shen Xi muttered a sentence, picked up the bag and got up and said, "Let's go, but not to the one you often go to, the dish is so spicy, last time I ate I had acne." "Run three people, long acne means you return to youth, what's wrong with that." "Li Dong!" Shen Xi screamed a sentence, stepped on high heels and chased Li Dong all over the office. The two made a fuss for a while before they walked out of the office in a sweat. Outside the office, see Li Dong they came out, the staff eyes are a little strange, see Shen Xi face flushed, we all show a look of really so. Li Dong see the situation full of black lines, this time really wronged. He did not do anything, Shen Xi tired of running by herself, these guys nonsense what it. There is no need to explain to these people, Li Dong and Shen Xi together downstairs. …… after dinner back to the company, Li Dong and Shen Xi in the elevator to separate. When he arrived at the office door, Li Dong remembered what happened before and was about to ask Liu Qi to issue a document, when he saw Liu Qi looking at himself with an apprehensive face. Seeing this, Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "What's wrong?"