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Chapter 444 - Seeing Tian Xiaoyu

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong is angry, no one in the company dares to slow down. Within an hour, Liu Qi hurriedly pushed the door into the office to report the situation to Li Dong. "That reporter contacted, but the other side because of something that day, recorded the video and left in a hurry, and did not have time to communicate with Tian Xiaoyu ……" "Asked where to meet? " "City Hall Plaza near the traffic light intersection." "Pingchuan?" "Well, just in Pingchuan." "That's right, there are more people in Pingchuan, and more rich people than Suan." Li Dong hummed and added, "What about the adopter situation?" "I contacted the Yaohai branch, they are checking, because just a name and address, I'm afraid it will take a little time." "Just one name and address, and the orphanage dares to let them adopt? How are the procedures?" Li Dong was angry, cursed a few words, got up and said, "Let's go, go to the city square to see, the name and address is nine out of ten is randomly made up." The orphanage is so lax in its auditing that it is strange for people to report their real names and addresses. Li Dong also expected in his heart, the adoption of Tian Xiaoyu people in nine out of ten is to play the purpose of money to go, leaving the possibility of the real name is very small. Seeing Li Dong get up to go out, Liu Qi advised, "Mr. Li, why don't I have someone go check it out first, they are not necessarily still there now." "It's okay, go take a look. There's a lot of foot traffic there, if they didn't get out of Pingchuan, it's still possible to find them there." Liu Qi saw Li Dong insist, so he had to accompany him out the door. …… City Hall Square was packed with people. Li Dong got out of the car, looked around and did not hear any sound or song. Li Dong thought about it to Zhou Haidong: "Let those people behind get out of the car and look around, see a little girl singing, let me know." Zhou Huadong nodded and said a few words into the headset. Li Dong also did not idle, took Zhou Haidong and Liu Qi around. Although the possibility of running into Tian Xiaoyu here is very small, but Li Dong still wanted to come over to see. In fact, Li Dong also some self-blame, after all, in fact, he caused Tian Xiaoyu. Without his ten million handwriting, let Tian Xiaoyu fire, others will not think of using her as a selling point to make money. If he hadn't paid attention and never visited Tian Xiaoyu again, the orphanage side wouldn't have thought that Li Dong was just putting on a show and easily let people adopt Tian Xiaoyu away. In addition, he and Tian Xiaoyu still have a promise to complete, Li Dong does not want to let himself and Tian Xiaoyu are left with regrets. In the square near the unconscious turn half a day, Li Dong still did not see the shadow of Tian Xiaoyu. Singers did see one, but only a blind couple, the little girl was not seen. Li Dong went up and asked a few questions, the other party is also just come, and do not know other singing people. However, the other party knows the market better than he does, and when Li Dong threw down a hundred dollar bill, the woman who sang told him that if the person Li Dong was looking for was still in Pingchuan, it was either near the City Hall Plaza or near Longhua Square. These two places are the most popular places for them people to go. City Hall Square is crowded, but the people here are not generous, instead, the Longhua Square side, because the number of people who go to the supermarket shopping, often have change, go out and see the singing generally handed the change to. Listen to each other so, Li Dong quickly to Zhou Haidao: "You leave two people continue to watch here, we go to Longhua Square to see." He has not been to Longhua Square for some time, Tian Xiaoyu is not there he is not sure. Zhou Haidong nodded hastily, got into the car and hurriedly drove to Longhua Square. …… Li Dong just got off from Longhua Square and heard a familiar song. "No flowers smell, no trees are tall, I'm a little grass that no one knows ……" Li Dong slowed down and slowly walked over. Zhou Haidong squeezed through the crowd of onlookers, allowing Li Dong to walk to the forefront. The singer is really Tian Xiaoyu. Compared with half a year ago, Tian Xiaoyu did not change much, just a little thinner, a little darker. The little girl singing time is probably not short, singing when obviously breathing heavily. The center of the field in addition to Tian Xiaoyu, there is an old woman sitting on the ground with a broken iron basin constantly reaching around. The old woman looked like she had some disabilities in her legs, and could not walk, but only move. In addition to the two people, the rest is a handwritten sign. It describes Tian Xiaoyu's life, and the old woman, the sign says Tian Xiaoyu's only grandmother, and she now sings to support her and her own grandmother. Li Dong frowned slightly and asked Liu Qi in a low voice: "Really or not? Didn't you say before that she had no relatives?" The old woman's disability did not seem to be faked, and Li Dong was a little unsure for a while. Liu Qi also frowned and shook his head: "It seems not, and the adoption of her is a middle-aged couple ……" Hearing Liu Qi say so, Li Dong once again looked at the old woman, it looks like nine out of ten is met with a gang, the old woman is probably also the other side to find a partner The old woman is probably also the other party to find a partner. Li Dong looked around again and wondered if there were any stalkers among these people. But this is his home base, Li Dong is not too worried, to Zhou Haidong: "Let the security guards upstairs down a few, to prevent accidents." Zhou Haidong hurriedly nodded his head. After instructing Zhou Haidong, Li Dong then walked out from the crowd. …… Tian Xiaoyu was singing with all her strength, and her eyes were a little blurry from singing. Just then, Tian Xiaoyu felt someone touch her head, followed by a gentle male voice in her ear: "Xiaoyu, remember uncle?"