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Chapter 445 - The tiger can still be close, but th

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Longhua Store. Store manager's office. Looking at the scene in front of him, Li Dong did not speak for a long time. The wounds on Tian Xiaoyu's back were shocking to the eyes, a whip scar crisscrossed, because of the hot weather, some places are beginning to pus. Li Dong is hard to imagine, such pain, a nine-year-old child is how to bear down. If Tian Xiaoyu was still just a superficial injury, when he saw that old lady's wounds, Li Dong completely exploded! "Bastard! Scum!" Li Dong gritted his teeth and roared low. Liu Qi is more eyes flooded with tears, she is considered a relatively rational person, but today is the emotional victory over reason. It's really too bad! The old lady's trouser legs were cut open, the twisted legs let people see the heart shudder. Faintly can also see the rotting dead flesh and the white bones, Zhou Haidong told Li Dong privately, this is not a disability caused by illness, but was beaten. And more than once, the old lady's leg is densely covered with new and old injuries, it should have been broken before, then healed, and then broken again. Li Dong, like a raging bull, wandered around the office several times. Several times want to smash something to vent, but afraid to scare Tian Xiaoyu and the bewildered old lady, and finally Li Dong did not smash something. Forced to suppress his anger, Li Dong said to Liu Qi: "Send them to the hospital, immediately!" Liu Qi hurriedly nodded and was about to take Tian Xiaoyu and the girls to the hospital when Tian Xiaoyu suddenly said timidly, "Uncle, can you take your sister with you?" "Sister?" Li Dong frowned up and asked, "What sister?" "Stone sister, stone sister is mute, bad uncle called her stone. Because the stone sister can't speak, can't sing, bad uncle said break the leg then let her out to earn money, now still locked in the house." "Bang!" Li Dong finally could not resist, smashed the jade qilin on the desk to smithereens! Tian Xiaoyu and the old lady were both startled, and both bodies began to tremble. Li Dong apologized and said, "It's okay, uncle will bring sister back soon, don't be afraid, go to the hospital and wait, soon stone sister will arrive." Tian Xiaoyu nodded timidly and did not dare to speak again. Li Dong then asked the two know where the group lives, but Tian Xiaoyu is young, and can not say clearly. The old lady, let alone, seems to be a few days ago some sick confused, ask what are shaking their heads, always a face of confusion. Li Dong did not ask them again, let Liu Qi with two people sent them to the hospital together. As soon as they left, Li Dong said with a fierce look in his eyes, "Go, go to the security room!" Zhou Haidong nodded. The two of them left the office together and went towards the security room. …… Half an hour later, Li Dong came out of the security room and said to Zhou Haidong, "You take a few people to pick up that little girl and send her directly to the hospital, in addition, have Wu Jianguo bring someone to pick her up." Zhou Haidong whispered: "How about waiting a few days, now this look ……" "This look how!" Li Dong said angrily: "Is Du Anmin here, I hit and so what! He bit me! Did not get them killed, it was not worth it, otherwise I was afraid of him a ball!" Zhou Haidong did not dare to make another sound, greeted a few people followed him downstairs. Li Dong did not move, sat down outside the security room, took out a cigarette and lit it up. He has always felt that he is actually relatively ruthless, whether Zhu Hongtao or Feng Jinsong, Li Dong did not show mercy to them. One of them became a vegetable, one of them died directly, this is considered cruel, right? But today he saw, he is ruthless enough, but he is not enough poison! Zhu Hongtao and Feng Jinsong that is to have a grudge with him, he only played a ruthless hand. But Xiao Shan's group, they are no longer considered human, several times to break the legs of the old lady just to make her look more pathetic, so that he can earn more money. The reason for beating Tian Xiaoyu is that Tian Xiaoyu just started singing out of tune, so that he did not earn money. The mute girl, let alone, just because people can not speak, can not beg, these people starved the mute girl for several days. If not this time by Li Dong blocked, these people are ready to go back to break the mute girl's legs, ready to let her later to partner with Tian Xiaoyu. In their view, these people are just their money makers. As for dead or alive, don't care. In China, there is a shortage of everything, just not people. Street vagrants, children in orphanages, elderly people in orphanages, they are all objects that can be taken at will. Money, with money, they can get as many people as they want. These people at the bottom of society, no one cares whether they live or die, and no one will care where they go. Several times by the police questioning, Xiao Shan a simple old mother, his own daughter, poor can not afford to eat, and escaped the law. Li Dong does not know whether the police should be blamed for not being responsible, or should be blamed for the inadequacy of this social system. For these, he could not do anything to change.