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Chapter 446 - Making a small profit

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Xiao Shan a few people dead or alive, Li Dong lazy to care. Since Wu Jianguo promised to help him pick up those guys, Li Dong is not afraid that he will not do his best. This is not the past, when Li Dong in order to protect Tan Yong, send a car to send money still have to look at Wu Jianguo face. But now fell a, it is Wu Jianguo look at his face. With the rising status of Li Dong, or money rising, his circle of friends also rose from the district and county level to the provincial and municipal levels. Now who does not know that Li Dong energy, in Jiangbei to eat open, Wu Jianguo on a district director, Li Dong really did not put too much on the heart. Of course, Li Dong does not take it to heart, does not mean that Wu Jianguo no energy. To collect Xiao Shan and their group, a Wu Jianguo is enough for them to eat, even if these people can come out, I'm afraid they have to wait for a dozen or two decades. Sitting in Longhua for half an afternoon, halfway through Li Dong received a few phone calls. One was from Zhou Haidong, the mute girl called stone was found by them and now has been sent to the hospital. Xiao Shan's lair was also raided by them, a middle-aged woman stayed at home, Zhou Haidong had someone twisted and sent to the Yaohai Branch side. Another is Liu Qi's call, Tian Xiaoyu and the old lady also finished checking. Tian Xiaoyu side is okay, because of the short time, in addition to some physical weakness is the back injury, recuperate for a period of time on. But the old lady's side is a bit of a problem, because the leg injury is a new injury plus the old injury, the moment is not cured. In addition, the old lady was sick a few days ago probably feverishly burned some confusion, and now the person is also some dementia, can also be good, the doctor does not dare to guarantee. Li Dong was a little disillusioned, admonished Liu Qi a few words and did not say anything more. Some things, not he can change. He can clean up a Xiao Shan, does not mean that he can manage all the injustice, he does not have so much energy, nor such a heavy obligation. …… the next day. Li Dong arrived at the company and called a meeting with several top executives who were at home. The meeting was on one theme, Li Dong wanted to raise a group public welfare fund. The people almost know what happened yesterday, understand Li Dong's meaning, but there is little opposition. But Wang Yue still reminded: "General Li, the public welfare fund can be engaged, but there are two prerequisites, first, after the establishment of the group, and second, we can only do non-public funds at present." The approval and reporting of public funds are too troublesome, and Yuanfang is not listed, some things are not good for public disclosure. The non-public offering is simple, just pay for it yourself. Since Li Dong wants to do it, as long as he is willing to spend money, everyone has no problem with it, and can also win a reputation, why not do it. Li Dong saw the crowd nodded, and finally agreed to this point. But the public welfare fund is not so fast, at least the group was not established before, this matter is not on the agenda. Li Dong finished this and was ready to adjourn the meeting, Wang Yue said: "Mr. Li, we have to make preparations." "Prepare?" "Moving ah!" Wang Yue laughed: "The Yuanfang Building is almost finished, we can move in before the end of the month, so we have to do some preparations to save our hands and feet." If she didn't say it, Li Dong almost forgot about it. Once he heard her say it, Li Dong hurriedly said, "It's time to prepare." Not only the Yuanfang side has to be prepared, but also the logistics company to be established, the electronic mall, and the Dongyu real estate side have to be prepared. After the completion of the Yuanfang Building, there are 26 floors high, and the current Yuanfang Supermarket will definitely not be used up. Li Dong also does not want to waste, Dong Yu side or rented office building, since this, then simply move over together. Other subsidiaries were also temporarily placed in the Yuanfang Building, and when the Yuanfang Development's Yuanfang Building was not enough one day, it would not be too late for the subsidiaries to move out then. After several people briefly discussed and roughly decided on the time and process of moving in, the meeting was officially ended. When the meeting was over, Li Dong left Shen Xi behind. When people finished leaving, Li Dong said, "Do you know what happened yesterday?" Shen Xi nodded and didn't say anything. Li Dong knocked on the table and said, "Xiao Shan I can handle it myself, but there are a few guys, I'm not happy not to clean them up, you have to help." "Clean up who?" "Suan Orphanage side." Li Dong grunted, Xiao Shan they deserve to die, but those leaders of the orphanage are not good either. If it weren't for them, they wouldn't have fueled Xiao Shan's anger. But they are not in Li Dong's territory, and the orphanage is considered a semi-public and semi-private public organization, half of the system, so far away, Li Dong can not do anything about them. As for the donation of materials, that is for the children, not to see the face of the Buddha, Li Dong also do not want to stop so. But do not export anger, Li Dong and reluctant, had to find Shen Xi to help. Shen Xi nodded once she heard it and said, "I know, I'll have someone do it later." "That's good." The two of them chatted for a few more minutes, because the company had a lot of things to do recently and had to prepare for the formation of the group, so Li Dong didn't have time to talk too much with Shen Xi. After a few simple words, the two of them went about their own business. Next, Li Dong Lanshan Manor and the company to run on both sides, and sometimes have to go to the hospital to see, tired enough.