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Chapter 448 - The Pit

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! In the evening, Tianfu Hotel. Hotel private room, Li Dong met Li Kai for the first time. Unlike the imaginary pugilist, Li Kai is a fat little old man in his fifties. Face always hanging and Maitreya Buddha general smile, not big eyes dotted on the face to add a few extra points of joy. As soon as he saw Li Dong, without Hu Wanlin's introduction, Li Kai got up and greeted him with a smile: "Mr. Li, your guest, your guest! Please have a seat, it's a great honor to have Mr. Li's presence!" Li Dong saw that the other party was polite, he also smiled and said, "Li ……" Before the words were out, Li Dong was a little embarrassed and said with a dry smile, "You're welcome, Mr. Kai." Li Kai heard the name froze for a moment, and then laughed out loud. Next to Hu Wanlin also pursed her lips and laughed lightly, "We are all family, don't be polite, it's easy to mix up calling Li General, we are used to calling Master Kai." Li Dong let out a laugh and did not answer. Master Kai, this name is in line with the identity of Li Kai. But can let Li Dong address a master, Jiangbei can not find a few, Li Kai does not have this qualification, Li Dong naturally lazy to answer. A few people exchanged pleasantries and took their seats. Then the waiter began to serve food, obviously just three people, the waiter is a stream of endless, not a moment's work on the large round table is full of dishes. After the dishes, the next is the wine. Red wine and white wine are available, Li Dong is not the year of the dodgy silk, a glance at the recognition of what wine. On this table of wine and food, no 20,000 to 30,000 yuan can not get down. Although it is Hu Wanlin treat, but in fact or Li Kai pay, can spend tens of thousands of dollars to invite Li Dong to eat a meal, Li Kai face work is obviously done very adequate. The food was served, and Li Kai and Hu Wanlin were not in a hurry to talk about Xiao Shan. Chatting, talking about politics, from time to time to drink a few glasses, the atmosphere is also considered cordial. After three rounds of wine, Li Kai made a wink at Hu Wanlin. Hu Wanlin saw this and put down his glass and smiled at Li Dong, "Mr. Li, I heard that someone has made you angry again recently?" Li Dong glanced at the two of them and said with a light smile, "That's not true, there's no need, there are not many people who can make me angry these days." "That's right, that's right." Hu Wanlin smiled and responded, and continued, "Mr. Li, I heard that one of your children was recently hospitalized, how about Master Kai and I go over to see her tomorrow?" Those who understand this naturally know what it means, and the three people on the field who are not understanding people. If Li Dong is willing to take a step back, then Li Kai and they go to the hospital tomorrow, other than that, the medical expenses will certainly be paid, in addition there will certainly be compensation for Tian Xiaoyu a few people. Since Li Kai compensated Tian Xiaoyu a few people, then Li Dong naturally also have to give in. Xiao Shan side can no longer stare at the dead, Xiao Shan, although they broke the law, but after all, no one was killed. If Li Dong does not keep an eye on it, Li Kai up and down a little bit, at most three or five years of things. In this way, you and I good all good, each face are also made up. So Hu Wanlin's words, Li Kai and Hu Wanlin's eyes are focused on Li Dong. Li Dong slowly sipped his wine, and did not rush to speak. After a while, when there was no sound in the room, Li Dong slowly said, "The old lady's leg is considered ruined, and the person is also demented." Li Kai frowned slightly, after a pause and smiled: "Mr. Li, how about this, I help to find the old lady's family, in Pingchuan placed their family, responsible for the old lady's old age?" "It's not up to General Kai to bother with that." Li Dong said indifferently: "I don't lack this money, I can also support the old lady, they can't starve to death." The smile on Li Kai's face faded, as soon as Hu Wanlin saw it, he smilingly interjected, "Mr. Li, Master Kai, drink, drink, let's talk while we drink." Li Dong and Li Kai both laughed and proceeded to drink a few more cups. After a few glasses of wine, Li Kai was older after all, and his face was a little red. Small eyes flashing, revealing some shrewdness, then Li Kai said with a smile: "Mr. Li, how about this, the two girls' future tuition fees and living expenses I fully cover. Whether it's studying at home or traveling abroad, as long as I can do it, money is not a problem, what do you think?" Li Dong also laughed: "Talking about money hurts feelings, if Mr. Kai agrees to my one request, the other Mr. Kai is at liberty." Li Kai laughed dryly and said, "Please tell me, Mr. Li." "Simple, the old lady now what look, let Xiao Shan also become what look, money or not money does not matter, sentencing or not also does not matter." "Bang!" Li Kai clenched his fist and smashed it on the table, followed by Li Kai smiled and said, "Sorry, some nervous, people are not useful when they are old. But Mr. Li also do not joke with us old people, older, can not see the blood, we do not talk about this." Hu Wanlin also ready to interrupt to interrupt the past, did not wait for her to open her mouth, Li Dong said with a smile: "General Kai, I do not like to joke." This time Li Kai's face finally turned gloomy. He had been in Pingchuan for decades, and there were very few people who were so ungrateful as Li Dong. He invited guests, said good words, and agreed to almost all conditions, but Li Dong actually did not relent at all. Let Xiao Shan become like an old lady?