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Chapter 449 - Far Eastern Group

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Hu Wanlin took a deep breath and frowned at Li Dongdao: "Mr. Li, why bother!" Since Li Dong had received the news, it was understood that Xiao Shan would definitely not be able to run away. Xiao Shan can not end up well, and involves human life, Li Kai naturally will not protect him. But Li Dong knew about it and did not say anything, but instead, Li Kai's army, using words to squeeze him a few sentences, forcing Li Kai to promise to honor the previous promise. In other words, later Xiao Shan finished, Li Kai will have to support the old lady and the two maids. This is a face hitting hard, it is clear that a little face did not leave Li Kai. Whether Li Kai admit it or not, this face is lost, the mall which has what secrets to say. Hu Wanlin some do not understand this guy, so do not do harm to others? Li Dong lack of this few money? Li Dong coldly looked at her and said: "I am happy how! Don't think I don't know, Xiao Shan and the money they earn, most of them are taken to pay respect to Li Kai. In addition to Xiao Shan, Pingchuan do the dirty work, a large part of have to give Li Kai offerings. Since he even earns this kind of money, what's wrong with me letting him pay a few small amounts?" "Mr. Li, this is society! Without Li Kai, there are others! You're not Spider-Man or Ultraman, you can't maintain world peace!" Hu Wanlin said with some annoyance, "Since you are not used to seeing this, why don't you just become a police officer!" "The police can not maintain world peace, why become a police officer." "Since you know that, you still do it!" "Mr. Hu, you're a little out of shape." Li Dong frowned and lightly reminded. Hu Wanlin slightly froze for a moment, then lost her smile and said, "Sorry for making Mr. Li look funny." "It's okay." Li Dong returned, with some curiosity showing in his eyes, wondering why Hu Wanlin was so excited, was she so close to Li Kai? As if she could see Li Dong's meaning, Hu Wanlin said softly: "Don't misunderstand, I don't care about how you and Li Kai are. Just remembered when I myself, if at first …… "Hu Wanlin smiled self-deprecatingly and shook his head:" Forget about the past, let's not talk about it, Mr. Li is still careful Li Kai it. He is not the kind of person who swallows his teeth in his stomach, you have lost his face this time, he will not rest in peace." "Thank you, Mr. Hu, for reminding me, but if Li Kai wants to make a move on me, he'll have to weigh it up." "That's true, but there is no harm in being prepared, some people's heads start to faint, and they don't necessarily care that much." Li Dong nodded and thanked again. The next two did not speak again, Li Dong and Hu Wanlin said goodbye, turned around and got into the car, and soon disappeared in front of Hu Wanlin. Hu Wanlin looked at the disappearing Maybach and stood in the same place for a long time before she let out a soft sigh. If, if she had met someone like Li Dong when she came to Pingchuan, would she still be like this now? Unfortunately, it is a pity that everything is impossible to start over. Shook his head, Hu Wanlin high heels kicking sound faded away …… Xiao Shan's case Li Dong this time completely scattered. Out of human life, or two, even if the Chinese people are more, human life is worthless, was exposed, it is also a big case. The Yaohai Branch has no right to manage this side, the provincial department directly took over the case. This is not to say that Li Dong tube regardless, Li Kai want to intervene can not intervene. Of course, Li Kai is not a fool, at this time he is too late to clear the relationship, how could intervene, he even want Xiao Shan directly in the detention room and forget. The headache of Li Kai now can not be bothered to find Li Dong trouble, this time he hated himself to be ignored by all, but also impossible to stir up the commotion. …… Li Kai is not looking for trouble, Li Dong also lazy to find him trouble. As Hu Wanlin said, he is not a police officer, not Superman, and does not have the ability and responsibility to maintain world peace. This society has white and there is black, trying to put an end to this situation, it will never be possible. Whether or not Li Kai is in control of the dark side of Pingchuan, it has little to do with Li Dong, as long as Li Kai does not get dizzy and look for Li Dong, Li Dong will not take care of him again. The company was founded on August 12, and is now no less than Li Kai. In addition to the mall, the company has two unappreciated software under development or pending development. One is naturally the chat software PP, and the other is the micro-blog which is under development. After all, PP is being forced to the wall by QQ, and Weibo is still only on paper, and no one has thought about how they will be in the future. Faraway network technology company, the registered capital is only 20 million. Fixed assets, the valuation is not high, mainly the mall piece, was valued at about 50 million by the outside world. Far Side has an additional subsidiary with assets of fifty million, not too many people care, and did not cause a stir in Pingchuan. But soon, the outside world began to pay attention to Li Dong's move.