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Chapter 451 - Golden Pixie

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Four years, long ago, things are different. Li Dong is no longer that pathetic and others said no one to his birthday Li Dong, Yuan Xue is no longer that hot-headed to send greeting cards to people comfort Yuan Xue. The childlike innocence, youthfulness, and the passage of time are gone. Both of them fell into the memory. After a while, Yuan Xue lightly sighed: "Forget it, the tickets are booked, tomorrow the Yuanfang Group was established, wish you great success." The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched, but he didn't know how to stay. After a few more moments, Yuan Xue got up and smiled, "I'll go first, you go about your business." "I ……" Li Dong was about to say something, Yuan Xue gently interrupted: "No need to say, I understand everything, but I'm really tired, tired …… "Yes, she is tired, tired of the heart. She can top the reputation of a mistress to let go of love once, but she can not bear the torment of waiting. He can be soft and sweet when he thinks of you, sweet words, but also when busy ignoring your presence, a few months maybe even a phone call. She seems to be just a condiment in his life, in the life of the bland and tasteless when he will think of you. Yuan Xue is tired, mentally and spiritually exhausted. Perhaps this game should end, perhaps from the beginning should not be entangled, just let go, may be the best result. …… Yuan Xue is gone. The first time in Li Dong is about to go to the first peak of life gone, a white dress, floating away. There is no blame, no grievance, just said a sentence, she was tired, tired. Li Dong stood in place for a long time without words. He did not explain, did not stay, at that moment he felt that what he said was superfluous. Yuan Xue is not anyone's appendage, nor is it anyone's seasoning. She is her, Yuan Xue, the cold and arrogant class president like a snow lotus. ……8 18th. Faraway Building. Outside the door of the building, people are crowded and colorful flags are flying in the wind. The red carpet was spread from the entrance of the building to the small square a few hundred meters away, and the two sides of the red carpet were filled with Yuanfang employees from various places. Everyone's face was full of joy and pride. The inauguration ceremony of Far Eastern Group was today! Inside the building, the chairman's office. Li Dong was in a straight suit, wearing a bright red flower on his chest. Liu Qi and Chen Ke were both busy wiping the creases on his suit, and Shen Xi was looking at it carefully, before nodding her head in satisfaction after a while: "That's fine, just like that, the essence is very good!" Li Dong's face showed a smile, asked Liu Qi: "The municipal party committee side of the itinerary is arranged?" Liu Qi was about to speak when the phone next to Li Dong's office rang. Liu Qi hurriedly went forward to connect, and after saying two words, Liu Qi hung up the phone and said with some shock, "Mr. Li, the call from the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee." "The General Office of the Provincial Party Committee?" "Well, they said that Secretary Du is on his way here ……" Li Dong turned his head to look at Shen Xi, who shook her head and said, "Don't look at me, I really don't know, besides, I can't make decisions on such matters, since he came, he must have his reason." Since Du Anmin is coming to a distant place, he will certainly not waste his public life for personal reasons. Since he decided to come to Yuanfang, Du Anmin must have his own considerations. Thinking of this Li Dong hurriedly said: "Did it say where to?" "On the way, about ten minutes or so to arrive." "Quick, notify all the senior management, accompany me down to meet!" Liu Qi Chen Ke two people hurriedly called the phone, went out to notify the notification, the large Far Eastern Building immediately acted. Li Dong did not dare to delay, while walking outside, said to Shen Xi: "Secretary Du came suddenly, specifically to inspect or simply to participate in the inauguration ceremony I do not know, later you inquire about the situation." Shen Xi smiled and said, "What's the hurry, isn't it normal for him to come? In fact, I'm surprised he didn't come, the Yuanfang Group was established, as the second largest private enterprise in Jiangbei, the provincial party secretary to attend the inauguration ceremony would have been normal, you don't need to think much." Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, "I hope so, but don't be negligent, public is public, private is private, not to be mixed up." If in private, Li Dong see Du Anmin, but also do not need so nervous polite. But now it is a formal inspection, nine times in the evening will be on the Jiangbei news, Li Dong at this time can only be regarded as the number one officer in Jiangbei, not Shen Xi's father. On the first floor of the building, Li Dong gathered several executives from the far side. Sun Tao, Wu Shengnan, Qin Hai, Wang Yue …… these people are all in high spirits, a brand new suit or professional clothes, and all wearing salutes on their chests. Seeing Li Dong, Sun Tao hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, Secretary Du is coming?" "Well, while walking, before we did not receive notice, just now the provincial party committee office just came to the phone, people will arrive soon." Li Dong simply said, turned his head to Chen Ke and said, "Hurry up to get the nameplate, and also, the location should be changed, do not get it wrong, understand?" Chen Ke hastily nodded and hurriedly left with two people. Li Dong arranged tasks as he walked, and after leaving the building, under the attention of all the people, Li Dong led several executives along the red carpet all the way to the end. After standing in the same place for less than three minutes, the sound of police car sirens came from afar. Then the crowd saw a convoy of cars driving over, with police cars in front and behind, and a Costa bus in the middle, followed by several small cars. The car circled in place, and when the convoy stopped, Du Anmin stepped down from the Costa bus.