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Chapter 452 - The visitor is not good

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Gold brave thing Li Dong also did not say much, after all, is a congratulatory gift, people a good intention, said more seems pretentious. After entertaining the crowd for a while, Li Dong then said, "Secretary Du is still waiting, gentlemen, excuse me for a moment, sorry." "Secretary Du ……" the crowd froze for a moment, then a reaction immediately said: "Li, you go busy, do you want us to go together to welcome?" "No need, the unveiling ceremony will start soon, I'll just pick up Secretary Du and come over." "Okay, okay, okay, make yourself at home, Mr. Li." "Yes, Mr. Li, don't be delayed for us." The people dared not say more and hurriedly urged Li Dong to come. As soon as Li Dong left, someone whispered, "This one is really good enough, not to receive Secretary Du, came to receive us." "People have the courage, put you you dare?" "Hey, hey, really do not dare." The crowd whispered a few words of laughter, although the tone of inevitable envy, but also dare not say anything more. Li Dong dared to put Du Anmin not to receive, directly out to receive them, the bottom line is sufficient to make them even jealous thoughts do not dare to rise. Provincial Party Committee No. 1 to visit, which company's leadership is not the whole reception. Li Dong, actually ran away halfway through the inspection, the crowd had to be convinced. In the crowd chatting, after four or five minutes, Li Dong led Du Anmin and his party into the waiting room. As soon as Du Anmin arrived, all the guests who were sitting stood up and hurriedly greeted each other. Du Anmin also looks very friendly today, shaking hands, greeting greetings, a time in the waiting room in a happy atmosphere. Seeing this, Li Dong also breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the time and smiled at the crowd: "Gentlemen, it's almost time, why don't we go out?" The unveiling ceremony of the group was held in the small square outside the Yuanfang Building, because many employees of Yuanfang also participated today, the large conference room of the Yuanfang Building, which could sit nearly a thousand people, was a bit too big to sit. With so many people, the conference room became a bit crowded, plus security issues, so Li Dong set the place on the square outside the building. Now once heard Li Dong said the time is up, the crowd immediately turned their eyes to Du Anmin. Du Anmin smiled and didn't say anything, got up straight and walked outside. Seeing this, everyone followed and surrounded Du Anmin as he walked out together. Just when everyone was about to leave the building, Liu Qi suddenly walked over in a hurry, but she obviously didn't expect everyone to go out and almost bumped into Du Anmin, who was in the lead. As soon as Li Dong saw it, he quickly frowned and scolded, "Watch where you're walking, go to the back!" Liu Qi looked terrified and hurriedly walked behind Li Dong. Du Anmin laughed and said, "It's okay, Mr. Li, don't make it hard for the girl, it's not good to have a face on a happy day." When Li Dong heard this, he laughed and said, "It's good that Secretary Du doesn't take offense, Xiao Liu is usually used to being big-headed, I'll let her correct it later." Liu Qi behind Li Dong puffed out her mouth, and when the two finished, the crowd started again, Liu Qi came up in Li Dong's ear and whispered, "Mr. Li, here comes the trouble." Li Dong did not move his voice and said, "What kind of trouble?" "Li Kai of Zhongtian International is here!" "Come on, what's the hurry? It's a big day. I can't leave here, see if Mr. Sun or Mr. Wang is free, let them receive it, the unveiling ceremony will start later, don't mess up." "I think it's a bad visitor, Mr. Li, he still has people with him." Li Dong glanced at her and chided in a low voice, "Use your brain, who is here today? Li Kai has eaten a bear's heart and leopard's guts, daring to spill the beans at this time?" As long as Li Kai is not two hundred and five, and his head is not out of order, it is impossible for him to act recklessly today. With Du Anmin around, Li Kai's status was already a bit taboo. He did not move okay, once the attention of Du Anmin, the old Du really want to start a fire, ten Li Kai is not enough to clean up the old Du. Officials usually do not bother with you that is because they consider the gains and losses in the heart, think about packing you in the end is not a good deal. Li Kai can mix these years in Pingchuan, not really because he is bullish, just bullish people are too lazy to take care of him. Plus Li Kai himself is not stupid, what people can offend, what people can not be offended, he has a scale in his heart, Li Kai hate Li Dong, but also dare not spill in front of Du Anmin. Hearing Li Dong say so, Liu Qi also calmed down. The panic on his face was gone, and Liu Qi regained his usual shrewdness and immediately said, "Then I'll go find Mr. Wang, who is maintaining order at the venue." "Go, don't lose the face of Yuanfang, be polite when you should be polite, and don't be polite when you shouldn't, got it?" "Understood!" Liu Qi answered and left in a hurry once again. Li Dong shook his head, usually looks quite shrewd girl, how today is busy dizzy. But this is also normal, on the one hand is not usually such a big scene in the far side, the other point is that Du Anmin came suddenly, some disruption of their deployment. The good thing is that at the moment it seems that although there are some small mistakes, but the big mistakes are not. …… led the crowd to the temporary podium, arranged for the crowd to be seated one by one, the executives from afar then breathed a sigh of relief. The next thing to do is to go by the book and wait for the unveiling ceremony to officially begin. The unveiling process is actually simple, because it is a private enterprise, Li Dong also did not engage in so many routines. Once the opening remarks of the host, the first is Li Dong on stage to give a speech. Originally this task Li Dong is ready to give Sun Tao, but Sun Tao said, he is not the general manager of the group, it is not the right time to address. Since the position of general manager of Far Eastern was still vacant, Li Dong, the chairman of the board, had to personally take the stage. After briefly reviewing the development history of Yuanfang and introducing the current situation of several subsidiaries, Li Dong's speech ended.