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Chapter 453 - Buying a piece of feng shui land and

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The atmosphere on the stage was stagnant. The crowd that was ready to step forward also stopped, and the field was frighteningly quiet. After a while, Li Kai coughed dryly and said, "Don't misunderstand, Mr. Li, the clock, it represents time, time is money, business who can't get along with money, Mr. Li said is it this reason?" At this moment, Li Kai is also a bit difficult to ride the tiger. It is true that he sent the clock on purpose, but before coming, he did not know that Du Anmin was coming. The rumor is that Li Dong and Du Anmin have a great relationship, Li Kai has not heard of it, and he even knows that Du Anmin's daughter is in Li Dong's company. But so what, just like his Zhongtian International, secretly also do not know how many people in his company to eat dividends. Even and Shen Xi almost identity of several second generation, in his company is not also hanging the name of the consultant. But the name is the name, these people are in the end what goods, Li Kai heart has a number. Before Li Kai also felt that Shen Xi is almost so, Li Dong and Du Anmin's relationship, in fact, is also that. Li Dong last time fell on his face, he came to fall on Li Dong's face this time, even if Li Dong and Du Anmin some unclear relationship is no big deal. But things are out of Li Kai's expectations, he did not expect today Du Anmin actually came personally! Come not only, never to the enterprise inscription of Du Anmin, actually gave the inscription of the far side. Now Li Kai is a bit waxed, also know that they have some blunder this time. At that time he clock are sent, can still move back? Before the far side of the people did not mention, Li Kai also thought that today this matter is probably so over, they also take advantage of the early flash, and so they left, Li Dong know probably will not be everywhere to claim. But plans can not catch up with change, he has not left, Li Dong's people actually stabbed the matter out. Li Kai snorted, but the only sound heard on the field was his dry laughter. After laughing for a while, Li Kai's face changed and he stopped laughing somewhat awkwardly. Li Dong did not say anything, and when Li Kai stopped talking, Li Dong said coldly: "Master Kai, this gift is too big, I can't afford it. How about this, I'll have someone send it to Zhongtian Mansion for you?" Li Kai coughed dryly, "Since Mr. Li doesn't like it, forget it, just throw it away, there is no need to bother with this." When he said this, Li Kai bowed his head a bit. Next to Hu Wanlin's eyebrows gently knitted, stepped forward and said: "Mr. Li, the big day, or ……" she did not finish her sentence, Li Dong pressed his hand to interrupt her words. Hu Wanlin saw, the corners of the mouth moved, and finally did not frame this beam. She has self-awareness, if a small matter, let Li Dong sell her face no problem, the matter uncovered also forget. But now is not a small matter! In front of so many people, Li Kai to Li Dong to send the bell, at this time, if Li Dong does not find the field, how to mix in Pingchuan in the future? Backed by Du Anmin this mountain, Li Dong if even Li Kai can not fight, others will not look down on him. The crowd did not dare to make a sound, one by one, waiting for the development. Li Dong did not rush to speak, gently turned his watch, and only after a while said: "Master Kai's gift, how inappropriate to throw away. Master Kai is sure not to take it back?" The corner of Li Kai's mouth twitched for a moment without saying a word. He knew what Li Dong meant, if he bowed his head now and conceded and honestly brought the clock back, Li Dong did not have to tear his face off. But Li Kai could not get off this stage, take back? If this really agreed, not tomorrow, later Pingchuan will spread the word. Last time by Li Dong hit his face is not enough, this time he sent to his door to hit his face, then he is too cheap, who will still put him in the eyes of Li Kai? Mix their line, once the prestige lost, the future can be difficult. How many young and vigorous guys are ready to take over, Li Kai fear of death, he knows that doing their own line of work is generally not a good end. The reason why he is now peaceful, on the one hand, the background is hard enough, on the other hand, his reputation in the past is still in. But if there is no infamy town, Li Kai fear that he will be those who want to venture young to do in a few days. Those hot-headed guys, for fame and fortune, but dare to do anything. Weighing up the pros and cons, Li Kai felt that it was better to offend Li Dong less disadvantages, before the flood of bowing down towards Li Dong's mind also weakened. Seeing this, Li Dong nodded and spoke again: "Since Master Kai is not willing to take it back, I will handle it myself. How about this, old Zhou, turn around and send the bell to Lanshan Temple, and by the way, buy another piece of land in Lanshan, choose one with better feng shui." Zhou Haidong narrowed his eyes and said, "Mr. Li, what is the purpose of buying land?" "The feng shui is good for the cemetery, the bell will hang there for me, and one day when Master Kai dies, I will pay for his burial!" At the end of the day, Li Dong was already full of gloomy face. Li Kai's face also changed, others saw the situation did not make a sound, after a while, Xu Shengzhe said: "Old Li, forget it, the big day, why don't we drink a few more cups together later to get rid of bad luck?" Li Dong smiled and said, "OK, that Master Kai go slowly, be careful on the road, the land has not yet bought it."