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Chapter 454 Honorary Vice President

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong was not prepared to let Li Kai go, and Li Kai also knew that Li Dong would not give up in peace. From the Faraway Building, Li Kai hesitated or dialed a phone number that he remembered deep in his mind. The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up, and as soon as the call came through, the person on the other side asked, "What's wrong?" This phone is rarely called, and every time it is called, it is not a small matter, Li Kai understands, and the person on the other side also understands. Li Kai did not add oil and vinegar, and did not turn black and white, will say things in detail. Not only the matter of this time, but also the matter of the last Xiao Shan. The person on the other side of the phone listened to the silence for a while, a long time before saying: "Why bother, since the hand washing, then quietly do business, it is worth and he hard to touch?" Li Kai lit a cigarette and took a drag, his small eyes flashing with a fierce mane: "I was reckless about this, but I can't swallow this anger! When I was licking blood in Pingchuan, this little guy was still wearing crotch pants! I was set up by him, and you think I'm just going to admit it?" The person on the other side of the phone obviously understands Li Kai's emotions and sighed after thinking about it, "What do you want me to do? These two years I was also suppressed, Secretary Du's people, you can not let me hard top, right? Old Li, take a step back to the sea, we are old. You and I can now safe and sound, relying on the caution. Today, Secretary Du went to a distant place and made his position clear, this is not the time for brute force, forget it." Li Kai exhaled a cigarette and said, "I know, I'm not prepared to continue to work. But you know the temper of the wolf cub, even if I don't move him, he will definitely not let me go. If something really happens to me, can you run away?" The person on the other side of the phone was obviously a bit angry and said in a slightly lower voice: "Li Kai, how many years have passed, you know my character! This kind of threatening words less, or Li Dong not move you, I also let you eat!" Li Kai's movements stalled for a moment, and then he smiled and said, "Sorry, I'm a little emotional. You know, I'm afraid that the wolf cubs will haunt me. He is now powerful and has Old Du behind him, so it's not impossible to lift my bottom out. You said if I had an accident, some things can still be hidden? This is not a threat, I am telling the truth." The person on the other side of the phone did not make a sound, silent for a long time, the other side said: "I want to think of a way, recently you low profile, when things take a step back, this is the last time, the next time you do this, you do not blame me do not think of years of love!" "Beep beep beep ……" the phone was hung up, Li Kai ruthlessly smashed the phone on the ground and crushed it with his foot. Spitting a mouthful of spittle, Li Kai face fierce said: "The last time? If I don't die, you have to wipe my ass for one day!" …… The man behind Li Kai moved quickly. Li Dong has not yet straightened out the group's affairs, and has not freed his hands, the other party came to the door. Of course, people naturally can not personally come to the door. Come to the far building to find Li Dong is a fat little old man, a face of kind eyes, look like a good man. According to the other party's own introduction, his name is He Yongfu, is the vice president of the Pingchuan Charity Association. To find Li Dong, mainly to thank Li Dong for the support of charity. Li Dong at first thought that the other party is door to door, thinking about whether to pay some blood to send this guy away. But chatting Li Dong felt that something was wrong, and indeed, He Yongfu's purpose is not as simple as the fate. After talking for a while, He Yongfu opened his mouth and said, "Mr. Li, it's like this. A few days ago, several directors nominated you to be the honorary vice president of our association, and I came here to ask your opinion." "Honorary Vice President?" Li Dong froze for a moment and said with some confusion, "Me? I'm too young, right? Is it okay?" "Of course you can!" He Yongfu nodded heavily, then said with a smile, "You don't know, the executive chairman of our association has a high regard for you and thinks you are the most suitable!" "That, President He, the executive chairman of your association is ……" "Oh, Mr. Li does not know, speaking of our association's executive chairman you should also know, is the Zhongtian International's Li Kai Li General …… "The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched for a moment, and then a strong sense of resistance arose in his heart. Li Kai, the executive chairman? What is this? Cat cry rat fake mercy? Weasel into the chicken nest? A wolf in sheep's clothing? Before Li Dong to charity association is not much ill feeling, he does not like only the nine words will cross, charity association and the other side does not have much to do with. But from this moment on, Li Dong Road turned black. Damn you! Li Kai, a black guy became the executive chairman of the Pingchuan Charity Association, you're kidding me, right? And he also understood He Yongfu's meaning, this is Li Kai to sell himself good. A Li Kai is probably not enough, because although the charity association is a social welfare organization, but in fact, it is still a semi-official kind. Li Kai alone does not have so much power to let Li Dong become honorary vice president, someone behind the word should be sent. With an honorary vice president of the name, to appease Li Dong, let Li Dong rest, this is probably the other side of the idea.