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Chapter 455 Food Poisoning

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Kai's reaction was faster than Li Dong thought. Li Dong's first foot drove away He Yongfu, Li Kai's second foot took the lead in making a move. The latter is not Li Kai's habit, nor is it his character to push others with himself, he has long been ready to turn the other cheek with Li Dong. He Yongfu said and one was rejected, Li Kai immediately took action. Just when Li Dong was ready to interview the head of the anti-triad group, Liu Qi hurried into the new office. As soon as he entered, Liu Qi looked panicked and said, "Mr. Li, something has happened!" "Speak slowly!" "Four stores in Pingchuan were exposed to product quality problems, the milk sold in the food area was said to be expired, and food poisoning occurred after drinking the milk, many customers blocked the supermarket doors and pulled up banners! Media reporters came a lot, Mr. Li ……" "Which store was blocked?" "Guanhai one store, Longhua store, Changjiang Road one store, and Walking Street store ……" Li Dong's face changed greatly, these four stores can be said to be the benchmark of Yuanfang, but also the business is the hottest, the most popular four stores. These four stores at the same time something happened, that the impact is too big. Li Dong took a deep breath, got up and put on his jacket and said, "Go and see, have they dealt with it in the past, Mr. Wang?" "Mr. Wang and Mr. Shen, they have gone over, Mr. Li, what should we do?" "What panic! I know in my heart if it's true or not, want to play this game with me, not so easy!" Li Dong said while hurrying to go out, midway Zhou Haidong a few people also hurriedly followed. Li Dong said as he walked: "Has the evidence been collected? What did the anti-triad team say?" "Found a few witnesses, but the age is a bit long, the evidence is difficult to collect for a while. The black group side returned the word, if there is ironclad evidence they will do it, no words …… "The latter words Zhou Haidong did not say, if Li Dong can not provide evidence, the black group of people will not contribute. Li Kai is not an ordinary person, he has a foothold in Pingchuan for many years, the Public Security Department side than Li Dong understand him better. Even the people behind Li Kai, the Department of Public Security also has a number of people in mind. If Li Dong can provide evidence, then nothing to say, they pick up a credit for nothing, to take down Li Kai, the people behind him can not blame them, but only blame Li Dong meddlesome. But if Li Dong can not provide evidence, then I'm sorry, the gangster group does not want to play this head. Although Li Dong and Du Anmin relationship is very shallow, but Jiangbei is not Du Anmin a single hand, unless Du Anmin personally ordered almost, but that is possible? Li Dong took a deep breath, the storm is coming ah! Li Kai is worthy of the old rivers and lakes, decisive power is not the average person can compare, said to do it, than Li Dong more decisive. While Li Dong did not collect the evidence, the other side first, directly messed up Li Dong's deployment. If not handled well, this time Li Dong will be in big trouble. Li Dong gritted his teeth, got into the car and said, "Go to Longhua store!" Zhou Haidong hurriedly started the vehicle, followed by Liu Qi who got into the car and gasped, "Mr. Li, should we let the police go over to deal with it first?" "Is there anyone from the police going over?" "This, I'll call and ask." Liu Qi hurriedly made a phone call, and after a while said, "The police went over and temporarily controlled the scene, but the media side has some problems, the reporters simply refused to leave." "No hurry, by the way, what is the food poisoning?" "I'm not sure about the details, it happened very suddenly, that is, a few customers who bought milk in the morning, suddenly all hospitalized in the afternoon. Their families say that the supermarket's milk has problems, we want to give an account, at first let us pay, then did not negotiate, these families directly in front of the store pulled up a banner." "If they have negotiated, why I did not receive the wind? Also, why did all four stores have problems and were surrounded by people, did they have no warning at all?" Li Dong sent a few sentences of fire, and Liu Qi stammered and could not reply. She also just learned about the matter, the specific situation she is not clear, Li Dong asked her, can only be said to ask the road in the blind. Li Dong took a breath, did not continue to say more, looking at the car outside the speeding street scene into a deep thought. He still underestimated Li Kai, he originally thought that even if Li Kai wanted to counterattack, it would not be so fast. After all, the two sides just collapsed, can still talk, this is an undecided matter. Who knows that the guy directly not to talk, said hands on the hands, decades of the jianghu is not a waste of time, the timing is very clever to catch. At this time, the far side, not as powerful as imagined. Just finished integrating the Far Eastern Group, is in a period of weakness, this time Li Kai to such a move, Li Dong will immediately be deep in the whirlpool. If not handled properly, it may cause a chain reaction, resulting in the collapse of the Yuanfang Group as a whole. Li Dong kept saying in his heart, be calm, be calm, not to be driven by Li Kai's rhythm. The food poisoning incident has not been exposed for the time being, the specific internal situation has not been identified, at this time he just need to properly handle, Li Kai's move will not shake his foundation. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. After saying that, Li Dong said to Liu Qi: "Call Zhang Lan Yu, say I have something to ask her for help." "Got it!" The two hurriedly answered and started making phone calls in the car. …… Far Far Away Building to Longhua Store didn't take long. In about fifteen minutes, Li Dong's car arrived at the entrance of Longhua Plaza. As soon as his car stopped, it was surrounded by media reporters in all directions. Before Li Dong got out of the car, a chaotic roar came from outside the car, and someone said loudly, "Mr. Li, can you tell us the cause of the food poisoning incident? Is it true that Far Far Away sells expired products? I heard that there were not a few people with food poisoning this time, how does Far Far Away view the issue of food safety?" "Mr. Li, according to the customer's family, the fresh milk sold by Yuanfang was mixed with offensive odors, didn't the quality control department of Yuanfang find this before?" "Mr. Li, the Yuanfang Group has just been established and this change has occurred, what do you have to say?" "General Li ……" "……" The people surrounding the vehicle were too many, and Li Dong wasted a lot of effort before he The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. Zhou Haidong also hurried to get out of the car, said loudly: "Everyone first give way, since Mr. Li came, will certainly give everyone an explanation, everyone do not block the road!" Li Dong did not say a word, and under the escort of several security personnel, he went straight to Longhua Square. At the entrance of Longhua Square, dozens of people were pulling banners and making a lot of noise. As soon as they saw Li Dong walking over, these people rushed this way, and the police at the scene hurriedly separated the people from each other. A woman in her sixties shouted and cursed: "Li, earn this kind of black-hearted money, you shall die a good death! If something happens to my grandson, I won't spare you even as a ghost!" Another young woman in her thirties also cried and cried, "Mr. Li, you are so rich, and you still make such unscrupulous money! We are all hometown people, we trust you, and this is how you treat them?" "Yes! Black heart!" "Li's sons and daughters will be exterminated, no good fate!" "I heard that he has connections with the officials, otherwise he is so young, where did he get so much money!" "If he doesn't give us an explanation, we'll go to the city government and the provincial government! If he doesn't give us an explanation, we'll smash up his store and burn it down.