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Chapter 456: Quickly cut down the full

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! In less than two minutes, Liu Yuan and several employees came downstairs sweating with boxes of milk. Li Dong asked the old woman, "Ma'am, which kind of milk did you buy this morning?" The old woman looked in the box, then pointed to a box of milk and said, "This is the one." "Me too." "Not our family, we bought that kind." The families in the crowd came out to identify, and in a short time, these people pointed out three brands of milk. Li Dong frowned lightly and asked, "These are the three?" "This is the one, our family has been buying it for a year, we won't mistake it." "……" Li Dong vainly pressed his hands, hesitated for a moment and said, "How long did it take for your family to drink the milk and have problems?" "Not much time, at most twenty minutes." "My daughter just finished drinking it and threw up, I tasted it, the milk is not the same taste as before." "We're about the same." "……" "Since we all say so, it's easy to prove if it's the milk, how about this, I'll drink one box of each and wait for twenty minutes, if there's no problem, then everyone says it's not the milk ?" The crowd looked at each other, and for a while did not know if this would work. They did not think much about it, Liu Qi people are changing their faces. If it is not a problem with the milk, it is really a problem with the milk, Li Dong drank the problematic milk, it is to be a big deal! Liu Qi hurriedly came forward and whispered: "Mr. Li, why not send it to the laboratory for testing, there is no need to take risks with your body." Zhou Haidong also squeezed over and eagerly said, "Mr. Li, listen to Assistant Liu, there is no need for this." Next to Liu Yuan, not to mention the hot day, he is long and fat. Now hearing Li Dong say so, Liu Yuan sweat drip drip drip fell down. See the far side of the people to stop, before those quiet down the family members are not happy again, a thirty-year-old man said loudly: "Li boss, said to do! You are a multi-billion dollar boss, if you really dare to drink the milk, we will believe you if nothing happens! If you do not dare, then we will go to the laboratory center to check, but I am sure, in all probability, it is your far side selling expired products!" The others also reacted at this moment and hurriedly said, "Yes, that's it, Boss Li, if you drink it all right, we'll believe you!" Li Dong a big boss worth billions, even he himself drink this kind of milk, then whether it is a problem with the milk or not, when Li Dong finished drinking it is fine, then it means it is not. But if even Li Dong himself is out of the question, then the next also do not need to talk, Li Dong in front of so many people, wash can not wash clean. Li Dong smiled and nodded: "OK, if even I dare not drink it myself, then why do we still have a store? I'm sure it's not our far supermarket food problems, the specifics of how, when I'm done drinking, we will slowly study, things always come to light!" Li Dong is ready to quickly cut the chaos full. This time to drag a minute, the reputation of the far side is a huge blow. Send milk to the laboratory, wait for the results, at least three to five days. Once the three or five days have passed, plus Li Kai pushed the wave, then even if it is not the problem of the far side, it is not easy to say. Thinking of this, Li Dong picked up a box of milk, opened it and poured it into his mouth. Liu Qi and Zhou Haidong face brushed white, Liu Qi rushed forward to grab the milk, but was pushed aside by Li Dong. Liu Qi's eyes were red with anxiety, and he said to Zhou Haidong, "You're dead people, don't let Li drink, I'll drink!" Zhou Haidong finally came back to his senses, hurriedly said: "General Li, we come ……" "All shut up!" Li Dong drank a, face flat said: "Drinking milk only, when the family was poor, a year can not drink once, what panic, we do not trust their own products, how to let customers feel at ease? Everyone look, one box can not see the effect, I drink a few more boxes, is not the milk problem, will soon be able to see!" "Mumble mumble mumble ……" Li Dong's words fell, continued to drink up. Three kinds of products that may have problems, Li Dong drank at least two boxes of each. Drinking to the fourth box, Li Dong some can not hold up, put down the milk smiled and said, "Everyone let me slow down, a pound a box, a time to drink four pounds, some hold up, do not worry, I will certainly drink it all." Said Li Dong rested for a moment, and after a while continued to drink up. The media reporters next to the camera never put it down, the flash kept flashing and recorded the shots of Li Dong tilting his head to drink milk. A few minutes later, Li Dong finished drinking the milk. Seeing everyone looking at him, Li Dong burped and laughed: "You see, I drank six boxes in a row, whether there are any problems, six boxes must be able to see the effect. If everyone is still unsure, then wait for twenty minutes, what do you think?" The people were silent. The old woman from before also grunted: "You drink it all right, maybe not for children ……" "Ma'am, you have a point there. But that may not be the quality of the milk problem, children deficient in tonic, drinking pure milk some gastrointestinal discomfort, that is also normal, I believe we should have experienced this."