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Chapter 457 - Things Calm Down

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Li Dong vomited for a while, and sat on the bathroom floor for a while before feeling better. However, he can detect that the body is still uncomfortable, and is increasingly uncomfortable. This is not the problem of drinking too much milk, not that feeling of prostration, but nausea and regurgitation, the head began to dizzy. Li Dong cursed, drinking milk when he noticed that something was wrong. The milk really has a bad taste! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. Thinking of this, Li Dong hurriedly picked up the phone and called out, not long after the phone was answered. As soon as the phone call, Li Dong hurriedly said, "This batch of fresh milk from Longhua, how many stores were supplied?" "Just these four ……" Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief, and said: "Go, recall all the remaining milk, in addition, and then secretly investigate, there are no other people out of the problem, to be properly handled. " "Understood." Hang up the phone, Li Dong washed his face. Looking at himself in the mirror, Li Dong lightly sighed: "Misfortune is not alone!" This time, although there is Li Kai pushing the wave, but also and the supervision of the far side has problems. A batch of faulty milk, until the shelves are not checked for problems, the quality control department is responsible. Then there is a problem with the management, the customer door claims, involving product quality, not one or two people, Li Dong is actually the last to know. In addition to these two points, the third is also a problem with public relations. People are door-to-door blocking, Longhua side actually a little coping strategy is not, all waiting for Li Dong to solve the problem. If he did not drink the milk on the spot, this matter is not so easy to calm down, in the end, the reputation of the Yuanfang built in the past two years is all ruined. Product quality, especially food safety, this is a big deal. When a Sanlu incident, the famous domestic brand for many years, so overnight collapsed, Li Dong does not want to repeat the same mistake. Thinking of Sanlu, Li Dong heart began to twitch up again, he almost forgot about this, the far side will not have this milk powder on the shelves, right? This really can not say, after all, this time the Sanlu is still a well-known brand, the big head baby incident has not broken out, the other side of the far side of the product on the shelves is not surprising. Thinking of this, Li Dong muttered: "It seems to really have to inspect a circle, the spread is big, anything can happen." Rubbed his cheeks to make his face look better, Li Dong then went out of the bathroom. …… The negotiations with the families went well. Because the families are now starting to wonder whether it's the milk or not, plus their family members are only suffering from mild food poisoning, it's almost not too much of a problem now. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. In addition, Li Dong also proposed that each family give 10,000 compensation fee, now almost everyone compromised. Ten thousand dollars, these days is not a small amount. Of course, the name certainly can not say that it is used to seal or compensation, Li Dong said a sentence, give back to old customers. Because these people are old customers from afar, at least there is a nominal compensation. As for what people think in their hearts, is not hush money, the heart has a number on it. The family is no problem, medical expenses nutrition and someone to pay, but also to take 10,000 yuan, the people are very satisfied. So although Li Dong let them sign some agreements, these people also have no opinion, very painfully signed. The agreement is not a confidential seal or anything like that, but simply to prove that those people are not the problem because they drank the milk from afar, and everyone did not think much about it, and thought they could sign it. After dealing with these matters, it was almost time for the evening. Li Dong hurried back to the Yuanfang building, and the reporters got the red packets and gifts from Yuanfang, and each of them was satisfied. Plus Zhang Langyu showed up and chatted with the crowd for a while, so everyone would not talk nonsense. Li Dong will deal with the results of a simple talk, and did not say the compensation, everyone will know how to go back to write. After sending away the reporters and thanking Zhang Langyu for a few words, Li Dong, who had been tired and suffering all day, couldn't hold on. Just entering the office, Li Dong went limp. Zhang Langyu, who was about to talk to Li Dong, turned around and looked at him, and suddenly changed her expression and whispered, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, help me to lie down on the sofa for a while. Don't ever talk to anyone, I ……" By then, Li Dong couldn't remember what he said and fell asleep in a daze. …… the next day, Li Dong woke up, people are still in the office. The next day, Li Dong woke up, people are still in the office, sitting around Shen Xi several group executives, Zhang Lan Yu also did not leave, several people are red-eyed, staring at him motionless. Li Dong moved his body and realized that he had a hanging bottle on his hand. Once he woke up, Shen Xi sobbed with joy: "Awake, awake is good, you do not want to live! Knowing that the milk has problems and still drink, if you have an accident, I …… group how to do!" Li Dong caught his breath, smiled and said, "I'm fine, how are things going?" "Handled well, today the media a praise, said you have to bear, said the far side has to bear. Those families did not make trouble again, seventeen hospitalized patients, fifteen are discharged, the other two serious, but after gastric lavage is no big deal.