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Chapter 458 - This is not a reason to be reckless!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Although Li Dong decided to see Wu Changguo, but Wu Changguo is not so good to see. These provincial party committee officials, who is not a full schedule, even Li Dong, want to see also have to make an appointment in advance to do so. Hanging in the company for a day, the next day, Li Dong received a phone call from Wu Changguo's secretary. Wu Changguo has no arrangement from 12:00 to 2:00 today, so if Li Dong wants to meet, he can arrange to meet at this time. Li Dong naturally had no problem with it and agreed to it in one breath. There was still some time before noon, so Li Dong urgently held a small group meeting. In the new conference room of the Far Eastern Building, more than twenty senior leaders waited apprehensively. At around 10:30, Li Dong and Shen Xi entered the conference room together. As soon as Li Dong entered, all the people stood up. Li Dong pressed his hand and waited for Shen Xi to sit down on his left hand side before Li Dong spoke out, "This meeting is held today, there are a few things to announce." The crowd's expression was frozen, and their faces were serious. The day before yesterday's incident is not small, the group's senior naturally no one is not clear, and they even vaguely know that Li Dong was sick. Yesterday a day Li Dong did not show up, these people have long begun to drum in their hearts, until now Li Dong appeared, everyone was relieved. Of course, the group had such a big deal, naturally someone has to come forward to top the tank. Thinking of this, the eyes of the crowd can not help but glance at the bowed head of Wang Yue, Sun Tao is now mainly responsible for the times of Sunan, the business of the supermarket in Jiangbei is Wang Yue in charge. The group has just been established, the supermarket side has such a big problem, the main responsibility is naturally Wang Yue. Just when the people were calculating in their hearts, Li Dong continued to speak: "First of all, there is the problem of personnel, before the group was just established, I also did not take time to arrange, so today I will briefly talk about it." "From today Sun Tao Sun, as the vice president of Yuanfang Group, mainly responsible for the business of supermarkets." Sun Tao was not present, so naturally no one objected to this resolution. What's more, this personnel arrangement is reasonable, Sun Tao was the general manager of Yuanfang before, and now serves as the group's vice president, which is also the right thing to do. After saying Sun Tao, Li Dong's tone paused. After a moment, Li Dong said: "Shen Xi Shen, as the group's vice president and general manager of the network company, mainly responsible for the mall matters." This decision is still expected, except that before everyone thought Shen Xi will not also serve as vice president only, in fact, even if the appointment, but also just an additional name. "Wang Yue Wang President ……" When Li Dong said Wang Yue, the crowd was always in high spirits. Before Wang Yue was the vice general manager of Yuanfang, ranking higher than Shen Xi, considered the third person of Yuanfang. Now that Sun Tao and Wang Yue are both vice presidents, and Sun Tao is mainly responsible for the business of the supermarket, they are curious to know how Li Dong will settle Wang Yue. In addition to the previous food safety problems in the supermarket, the crowd was now even more curious. The crowd's curiosity didn't last long before they heard Li Dong Dong: "Wang Yue, General Manager of Wang Yue, will be the Executive General Manager of Yuanfang Supermarket from today." "Executive General Manager ……" Everyone began to chew on the meaning of this position, which was only the executive general manager, not the general manager of Yuanfang Supermarket. Sun Tao did not also serve as the general manager of Yuanfang Supermarket, and it is reasonable to say that Sun Tao did not also serve, Wang Yue should be the ironclad general manager of Yuanfang Supermarket. But now there are more executive two words, indicating that this incident still has a considerable impact on Wang Yue. If not for this food safety incident, Wang Yue's general manager position should not fly away. Although not the general manager, Wang Yue served as the executive general manager when the general manager was vacant, in fact, there is no difference with the general manager. Since even Wang Yue, the main person in charge is not seriously affected, they can not be more involved. Li Dong also does not care what people think, continue to arrange: "Wu Shengnan Wu, as general manager of Dongyu real estate, Qin Hai Qin, as general manager of Yuanfang Logistics ……" in one breath will be several subsidiaries of the general manager position are determined, the people are pumped up. These are all things that have been expected before, and even the group was already announced when it was founded. The only change today is just Wang Yue did not become the general manager, people are actually not too concerned, they are mainly concerned about other positions. The group has just been established, the group's top positions are hanging empty. Who stays in the subsidiary, who is promoted to the top of the group, before can not be determined. These days, the Far Eastern Group is still using the same old team, and the Far Eastern Supermarket has some overlap, they know that Li Dong will divide the two sets of teams this time. As expected, the next thing they heard was Li Dong announcing: "Starting from today, the Group will form the Group Office, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Legal Department, Information Management Department, Strategic Development Department, Audit Department, and Supervision Department ……" Li Dong read out his long-planned organizational structure in one breath. Li Dong read out his long-planned organizational structure in one breath. Then he said without expression: "Liu Qi as the director of the group office, Song Jie as the director of the human resources department, Liu Hongmei as the director of the finance department, Zhang Li as the director of the legal department …… Zhou Haidong as the director of the supervision department!"