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Chapter 459 - The Unwilling Humans

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The meeting room was pin-drop. No one dared to make a sound at this time, Li Dong's prestige was not built up in a day or two. He is the founder of Yuanfang, the big boss of the group, and also the famous grassroots rich generation in China. His prestige is accumulated day by day, is two years of time almost did not leave the company to accumulate. Two years, as long as there are no accidents, not business trips, the crowd can see Li Dong almost every day in the company, this kind of conscientious and fully engaged in the work of the founder, but also all bosses among the most prestigious kind of prestige. This time Li Dong angry, Sun Tao is not in, Shen Xi did not speak out, who dare to talk back. Li Dong saw a hum, picked up a cup of tea and drank a mouthful of water, slowed down before saying: "I will not say the past, this food safety incident gave me a wake up call, the following I say a treatment." "First, Longhua store manager Liu Yuan, Longhua store purchasing manager, logistics manager, food section director, quality inspection department director all dismissed." "General Li ……" Wang Yue's lips moved, some hesitation on her face. Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Wang always has any comments to say." "Mr. Li, is it too harsh?" Wang Yue hesitated for a moment, but still said it. When Li Dong came like this, he almost swept away the top management of Longhua Store. And some people did not confirm that they were related to this incident, Li Dong did not continue to investigate deeply, and directly fired one brain, in Wang Yue's opinion was a little too unkind. Li Dong smiled and said: "Harsh? Mr. Wang thinks I am harsh? You know what? If this incident is not dealt with in a timely manner, if there is a human life this time, if the public relations is not in place and the media carries a big report, do you know what the consequences will be?" "If you don't know, then I'll tell you!" "The reputation of Yuanfang Supermarket is in ruins, hundreds of stores, may be a doorway overnight! Without the Yuanfang Supermarket, the Yuanfang Group would be a joke, and half of the group would collapse! When the time comes, can you still sit here blowing in the air conditioning and getting a high salary? I'm strict, if I were strict, then I should have sent them to the bureau instead of firing them!" Li Dong grunted, continued: "In addition, let Liu Yuan and their own swallowed money spit out, at this time I do not want to bother with them, but take my do not want to be so cheap even, pay or not, you let them see what they do! The lesson of the past is still there, do not force me to be ruthless!" Wang Yue sniffed a soft sigh, nodded and did not speak again. "Second, the next document, Longhua store from today to downgrade." "Downgrade!" This time Wang Yue could not sit still and got up to persuade, "Mr. Li, demotion is not necessary, right? Long Hua store is our only first-class store, if we demote Long Hua store, it will have too much impact. Other than that, there are more than 300 employees in Longhua store, once the store is downgraded, their wages will also be downgraded with the downgrade. It is easy to raise the salary, but it is troublesome to lower it. At this moment, I think we should deal with it in a low profile, or else the employees will make a scene and it will be a major blow to our supermarket's reputation." Wang Yue finished, several other directors also sat down and hurriedly persuaded up. Once the Longhua store was downgraded, it would affect not only one store, but also the entire Far Eastern store system. In the view of everyone, the supermarket is currently the foundation of the group. Once the foundation is shaken, everything is a pavilion in the air, whether for the group or for their own sake, Longhua store can not be downgraded. Li Dong waited for them to finish before saying: "Why can't we downgrade? Longhua store has always been the only first-class store in Yuanfang, no matter it is the staff or the store manager, they all enjoy the high class treatment. But they have not fulfilled their leading role at all and failed to set an example! What is the purpose of keeping such a first-class store? To set an example for other stores, to learn from their corruption, to learn from their self-made hilltops?" "Also, in the last three months, the performance of Longhua store has been declining, do you really think I am an idiot? In the most prosperous period of the supermarket industry, the performance is falling instead of increasing, what are the staff and management who are enjoying the superior treatment? Do I, Li Dong, treat my employees poorly? Is the treatment of the far side low? Do you think I'm stupid? In a word, do it if you like, or get out! I have plenty of money, but why should I support this group of people for nothing? Li Dong said at the end, his voice echoed in the conference room. The crowd turned white, knowing that Li Dong was really angry, but did not know how to soothe his anger. After a few moments, Shen Xi, who had not spoken, slowly said: "Mr. Li, I think it is feasible to demote, but let's start with the management. The treatment of the bottom staff remains unchanged, the management of Longhua was swept away this time, the resistance should not be too great, the management is well done, the employees are actually passive, I believe they will also do well." When the others heard this, they also nodded their heads and agreed in a hurry. If it was just a demotion for the management, the impact wouldn't be that big. They are still mainly afraid of a few hundred employees to make trouble, as for the few remaining management, everyone is now at risk. Demotion is just, the base salary is less, as Shen Xi said, the resistance should not be too big. In this way, not only gave others a deterrent, but also let Li Dong out of a bad breath, the best of both worlds. Everyone said so, even Shen Xi and Qin Hai proposed so, Li Dong slowed down his breath and thought before saying, "Okay, then first, but this is the first time, and then the next time, I will never tolerate adultery!" "Phew!" Li Dong changed his mind, and a sound of relief came from the conference room. But Li Dong's processing decision was not over yet. Just as the crowd was relieved, Li Dong narrowed his eyes and continued, "The third ……" Upon hearing that there was a third, the bitterness on the faces of the crowd was dripping out.