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Chapter 460 - Decontamination, Storm!

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Wang Yue went away. Out the door, Wang Yue is full of passion, full of ambition to go. She walked with panache, walked smoothly, Li Dong is a headache. The group has no leader! Once Wang Yue left, Sun Tao sat in southern Jiangsu, Jiangbei's Faraway Supermarket once again into the state of the group without a leader. But what can he do? Leave Wang Yue? At this time to leave Wang Yue, will only sap her passion, hit her confidence. A bruiser who can not kill the battlefield, stay in retirement, is Wang Yue's regret, is also Li Dong's regret. He can only support Wang Yue, perhaps, the next return of Wang Yue, will bring him unexpected surprises may also be. …… No matter how much headache Li Dong has, things have to be solved step by step. And Wu Changguo appointment time has arrived, Li Dong in the provincial party committee building next to the teahouse and Wu Changguo met. The senior, who was just in his early fifties, looked a little tired. Li Dong arrived, Wu Changguo did not make a sound, gently pressed the hand, indicating that Li Dong sit down. Then he picked up a cup of tea and poured himself a drink. Sitting on the third floor by the window, through the open window, you can take the small half of the sea view area into the view. Li Dong saw Wu Changguo did not speak, did not make a sound to disturb, poured himself a cup of tea and gulped it up. It was the height of summer, the room because the window was open nor the air conditioning, just down from the car Li Dong felt wet. "Mumble!" The sound of Li Dong drinking tea seemed to wake up Wu Changguo, who twisted his head and glanced at him, saying indifferently, "Cow chewing peony." Li Dong smilingly said, "Tea, is not used to quench thirst. Small sip, big sip, I think it, it's all the same thing, and it also speeds up the efficiency, time can be money." "Mercenary." The corner of Wu Changguo's mouth rose slightly and he cursed with a smile. Li Dong said happily: "You are complimenting me, as a businessman, it is my honor to be called mercenary by you." Wu Changguo let out a laugh and once again spat out two words: "Slick!" "Slick well, I have to think, this does not seem to be a good word ……" Li Dong pretended to ponder, Wu Changguo also ignored him, turned his head and continued to look out the window, slowly said: "Do you see?" Li Dong twisted his head to look, smiled: "See, the development of downtown Pingchuan is not working, too slow, I think we should speed up the pace and accelerate the transformation of the old city ……" "Not for you to see this. " Wu Changguo some helpless, sighed: "Forget it, you are a businessman, see different from me." "Then what do you see?" "Me?" Wu Changguo paused, shook his head and laughed lightly, "I see nothing, a leaf blind, the big Jiangbei, I sit here, what can I see?" "Then go down and take a look and listen to the people's livelihood, you old man is the green sky of Jiangbei. A leaf blind, that is only a leaf, set aside the clouds to see the fog, pull away this leaf, behind may be a flourishing flower." "It's difficult." "What's so difficult? It depends on whether your old man has the determination, if you make up your mind, some dark clouds can't stop this sun." "You ah!" Wu Changguo shook his head and lost his smile for a while before saying, "I'm just an old man, you overestimate me. When people are old, sometimes they can't do what they want." "You're an old man, but you're Qingtian! See, sir? There is the Pao Gong Shrine, and Lord Pao is watching you." "Hahahaha ……" Wu Changguo couldn't help but laugh freely, pointing his finger at Li Dong and laughing: "Squeezing me, right? This mouth, you should go to become a lawyer." "That can't be, when the lawyer is a litigator, may also have to defend the bad guys, I am a heart to the moon, born to be a good person material." Wu Changguo was amused by him again, waved his hand and said, "All right, do not talk about these, drink a cup of tea, cooling off the summer heat." Li Dong heard the words also did not speak again, picked up the cup of tea to taste up in small sips. Both did not speak again, just look out the window. Outside the window, the sun is bright, the water of the Bao River, in the refraction of the sunlight looks extraordinarily clear. I don't know how long it took before Wu Changguo slowly got up and said: "See? The water of the Baogao River is still clear, even if there is some dirt, but as long as the determination to clean up, it is still clear. It's the same in the north of the river, and in the smallest of the Baogao River." After saying this, Wu Changguo turned around and went out of the private room. Li Dong hurriedly got up and chased after him, "Senior, then in the end, please clean up or not? I am now anxious to drink water, the water outside the package river can still have a lot of sewage, a few days without water, I'm dying of thirst." "Thirst does not kill you, do not worry!" Wu Changguo shook his head, leaving behind Li Dong went straight out of the teahouse. Behind Li Dong he he laughed, was about to go out, the teahouse waiter came over and whispered, "Sir, not yet check out." Li Dong face brushed black, cursing and saying a few words old not rest. At least is also the provincial party committee officials, drinking pot of tea also reneged on the bill, good? But for the sake of the old man to give face, Li Dong decided to help him pay back the bill. …… Wu Changguo said to decontaminate, that Jiangbei will really be decontaminated. Old Wu is not the kind of dry rice, he has been in the political and legal system for decades, that is down to earth, step by step.