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Chapter 461 - The Unexpected Successor

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Strongly suppress the excitement in the heart, Qi Yunna slightly reserved: "Mr. Li, South Lake side has not yet stabilized, or ……" "Then stay in South Lake?" Qi Yunna are about to cry, the script is clearly not so come on, right. Li Dong saw the situation and laughed, waved his hand and said: "Just kidding, the South Lake side does not need you. A few months of time, the stability of the stable have been stabilized. Now Jiangbei is our base camp, there will be no accidents." Qi Yunna said with a grateful face, "Mr. Li, then I choose to go back to Pingchuan." "Don't ask what position?" "No need to ask, as long as Mr. Li needs it, I can go anywhere." "Hahahaha, I love that, why don't you go to Longhua as a store manager?" The corners of Qi Yunna's mouth are almost twitching, today Li Dong is also too out of tune, when Longhua store manager? Not to mention that Longhua is now downgraded to a second-class store, is the previous first-class store, that also does not deserve her Qi Yunna. She has been a city manager for two terms, and Nanhu is still the second largest city in Jiangbei, she is in Nanhu, the staff under her control are more than a thousand. This time let her become a secondary store manager, that Li Dong really put her to death. Qi Yunna's face was bitter and she didn't know how to answer for a while. Li Dong laughed for a while and said, "Let you remember a lesson this time, next time don't just ask for what you can't do, got it?" Qi Yunna hurriedly nodded her head. Li Dong also did not continue to tease her, said: "To be honest, I am not very good at arranging for you now. Although I want to transfer you back to Pingchuan, but specifically what to let you do, I have some difficulty deciding ……" Li Dong hesitated for a moment before saying: "I currently have two ideas, first, let you be the city manager of Pingchuan, in charge of the store business in Pingchuan. " Qi Yunna heard a happy heart, Pingchuan is the provincial capital, come to the provincial capital city as a manager, this position is considered good. And Pingchuan is also the place with the most stores in Yuanfang, where her authority will be expanded again. Just when she thought this was the surprise, she heard Li Dong continue, "Second, I want you to be the vice general manager of the supermarket." "Vice president?" Qi Yunna froze for a moment, feeling as if she had misheard. Li Dong didn't care what she thought, and continued for a moment: "Vice general manager, the vice president in charge of business, that is to say, the hundreds of stores in Jiangbei will all be under your control in the future." Now Qi Yunna heard clearly, but after hearing what Li Dong said, Qi Yunna was dumbfounded. She became the vice president? The vice general manager of Yuanfang Supermarket, in charge of all the stores in Jiangbei, this …… this also rose too fast! Not only that, now the vice president in charge of the supermarket Sun Tao in southern Jiangsu, the supermarket's executive general manager Wang Yue out of Jiangbei responsible for developing the East China market. If she joined the post of vice president, that means she became the number one person in the supermarket in the Far East! From the city manager of the store system, a step across to the deputy general manager, this span is considered a step to the sky. Surprised, unexpected, surprised, apprehensive …… all kinds of emotions surrounded Qi Yunna, after a while, Qi Yunna took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Li, I can't, really, I don't have the ability." "Do not want to try?" Qi Yunna smiled bitterly, try, how to try? Hundreds of stores, nearly 10,000 employees, Sun Tao Wang Yue are not in, Li Dong energy is also scattered throughout the group above. At this time if she took over the burden, it will really crush her. Promotion and salary increase naturally everyone is willing, but that also has to be within the ability. If beyond this range, then the promotion will not have the pleasure, only the endless pressure and worry. Qi Yunna was torn for a while, and finally gritted her teeth and said: "Mr. Li, thank you for your kindness. But I can't do it, and I can't do it well, hundreds of stores, nearly 10,000 employees, I …… I really can't!" Li Dong this proposal is too tempting, too heartwarming. Qi Yunna refused with great perseverance, and when the refusal was over, Qi Yunna realized that her palms and back were full of sweat. Although the air conditioning temperature in the office is very low, but at this moment Qi Yunna is still dry mouth, the whole person is a little deflated. Supermarket deputy general manager, the actual first person. That and the city manager is not a level, the two compared, that is a world of difference. This step is too big, so big that Qi Yunna is a little afraid, the heart is scared. Let her come to Pingchuan as a city manager, she is not much pressure, but when the entire supermarket in charge, the pressure almost pressure she can not breathe. This is not a matter of managing the performance on the line, the company vice president, that is responsible for financial, personnel, strategic goals, development direction …… let her a city manager who only manage the performance, all of a sudden manage so many things, she is not weak heart is strange. See Qi Yunna nervous, Li Dong also some helpless, shaking his head bitterly smiled: "I am also catching ducks on the shelf. Hey, no one is available ah!" He is not short of people, in fact, with the current status and reputation of the Yuanfang Group, Li Dong can dig up a large number of people if he is willing to do so. But Yuanfang Supermarket is Li Dong's bottom card, and also his foundation. In addition to Sun Tao, Qi Yunna, such as the first line, how dare Li Dong trust an outsider. The poached people as a deputy can, directly in charge of a party, Li Dong is not really comfortable. The reason he looked at Qi Yunna, on the one hand because Qi Yunna has enough loyalty, on the other hand, he actually felt that Qi Yunna should be feasible.