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Chapter 462 - Ruthlessness may not be the real her

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Qi Yunna became the head of Yuanfang Supermarket Jiangbei! This news circulated in the afternoon, and the entire Jiangbei business community was stirred. The sensation was not only in the Jiangbei business circle, but also in the surrounding areas of Southern Jiangsu and Jiangsu and Zhejiang …… Anyone who was concerned about Yuanfang knew the name Qi Yunna, and soon, Qi Yunna's information appeared in front of many people. The Far Side is now not a nobody back then, that is the dominant enterprise in the retail industry in Jiangbei, a giant mo in the retail industry in East China. Qi Yunna, a little-known person, was in charge of more than a hundred stores under Yuanfang Supermarket, and this news shook everyone as much as it did Liu Qi. From the afternoon, Li Dong's phone calls were uninterrupted. Sun Tao, who was far away from Sunan, made four or five phone calls in a row one afternoon. He was not questioning Li Dong's decision, he just felt that Qi Yunna might not be able to withstand such great pressure. Sun Tao called to ask if he needed to come back to take Qi Yunna for a while? This is not him taking credit, nor is he afraid that others will take power, he is really worried, in the Sunan side, Sun Tao are almost sitting. Although the industry under the Times is worth more than the Yuanfang Supermarket, but honestly, in Sun Tao's eyes, the Yuanfang Supermarket in Jiangbei is their root. Once the Yuanfang supermarket has gone wrong, even if the times is well run, he will not be able to bear the blow. Li Dong pacified for a while, only to dispel Sun Tao's thoughts. Just take care of Sun Tao, Shen Xi also can not sit still. Shen Xi is busy laying out the mall system in the East China region, busy all day long, usually she does not care about the supermarket. But this time, Shen Xi also questioned, into the office of Li Dong, Shen Xi opened the door to say: "Why is Qi Yunna?" "You also do not see her?" Shen Xi explained: "It's not that you don't think highly of her, but if you do this, you will let a lot of people down. Nepotism is fine, but now is not the time. The company is still in a period of development, Qi Yunna does not have the merit and ability to match her position, at this time to push her to the top, what do you think those executives who just arrived will think?" "So they have the ability and merit? At least I know Qi Yunna well enough, while for these people, I have only read the information and met them a few times, much less understand them." "How can I not understand with you!" Shen Xi said in exasperation, "Do you know why it's hard for private and family businesses to get big? Because their decision makers are all like you, too selfish and nepotistic, with many drawbacks, and I don't want Far Far Away to be like that." "Then what do you hope for?" Li Dong said with some displeasure, "To say that selfishness is heavy, then I have to be the first to take you out, then take out Wu Shengnan and Sun Tao, this selfishness is not heavy." "Nonsense!" Shen Xi was a little annoyed, then impatient: "Forget it, I'm too lazy to care about you, anyway, you look after yourself, I reminded you of good intentions, do not appreciate even if, but also said cool words." "Who said cool words?" Li Dong smilingly said: "I said the truth." "Don't think too much, Qi Yunna is good or not, time will prove everything. I believe in her, just as I believed in you at the beginning." Shen Xi heard this, first a happy, then crossed his eyes and said: "I tell you, do not hit the idea, people Qi manager can be thirty years old!" Li Dong's face is full of black lines, no good: "I am opening a company, not a palace!" "That's good." Shen Xi face with a smile, and said: "Then wait and see, but I have to remind you, once Qi Yunna problems, you can not care about the old feelings, or really shake the army." "I know." Li Dong finished, slightly hesitantly said, "But this time there is really some trouble, you help me discretion." "What kind of trouble?" "Or the last time, last time to deal with the Longhua store side, but the pedestrian street three stores have not been dealt with, the other two store managers also forget, the key is the Guanhai a store." "Guanhai one store?" Shen Xi muttered a sentence, then frowned: "You say Xie Hong?" "Hmm." Li Dong nodded and sighed slightly, "Xie Hong was an old man who joined the company together with Qi Yunna at the beginning and was also the first store manager of Yuanfang. When he first joined Yuanfang, Xie Hong's position was still above Qi Yunna's. After that, because of the problems in the first store in Guanhai, he was ordered to take over the position of store manager in the first store in Guanhai. To be honest, I am a person who still misses the old feelings, I want everyone who comes out with me to end well and rise high. But this milk incident, Xie Hong let me some disappointment. I am ready to replace the pedestrian street store and the Yangtze River a store the two store manager position, but Xie Hong …… "Li Dong finished, Shen Xi will understand his tangled place. The other two store managers, but not Xie Hong, it is difficult to convince the public. But if you do not deal with Xie Hong, then the other two store managers can not be dealt with, otherwise it seems unfair. The key is that this really can't just muddle through regardless, if the food safety incidents are not punished, the future others follow suit, is not the world in chaos. Li Dong dragged several days, I'm afraid that now the following have been some non-committal. Especially the Longhua store side, Li Dong repositioned Longhua store senior, very hard, this time not to deal with Xie Hong them, Longhua store people can be convinced? Do not suffer from poverty but suffer from unevenness, this is the psychology of all people. Want the staff not centrifugal from Germany, handling Xie Hong they are necessary, and the strength can not be too weak, or not to play a warning effect. Shen Xi is also a bit torn, after a while before saying: "Or as when manager Qi, let them from the fifth level store manager?" "They are not the same as Shen Xi, Xie Hong is also older, not so spirited." Li Dong sighed, and finally said slightly melancholy: "Let them all leave, Xie Hong side, I will talk to him to understand." "Leave ……" Shen Xi said with some shock: "So serious? They are also victims this time, demotion will be fine, leaving the job, is it not to make people feel that Yuanfang is too inhumane." Longhua side is the main culprit, Liu Yuan and their departure were said to be harsh by Wang Yue. At this time, the other three store managers also left, this is not harsh, and even some cold taste. Li Dong knocking on the table did not say anything, Shen Xi advised: "In fact, there is no need to do so, I know you want to make people think you are fair. But in fact, it was not fair. Besides, you even Qi Yunna dare to push to the position of vice president, still afraid that people care about you fair or unfair? How about this, if you really can't, send them to me. The mall is barren in the eyes of everyone, a few secondary store managers, naturally, the ability is not weak. I happen to be short of people here, let them help me develop the mall channel, so as to give an account to others, but also to yourself an account." Li Dong pondered for a while and felt that it was feasible. After thinking about it Li Dong nodded and smiled: "That's fine, it's a good idea, this time it's considered to help me solve a problem." "Now you know how good I am." Shen Xi smiled smugly and then said, "That's it, I'll tell them later, you don't have to show up. If there's nothing, I'll go first, I'm busy lately."