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Chapter 463 - How can a compassionate son not be a

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The next day, August 28th. In the morning, Li Dong once again held a group meeting and officially gave the order for Qi Yunna to serve as the vice general manager of Yuanfang Supermarket. In the meeting room, Qi Yunna sat in as a senior for the first time. From yesterday morning when Li Dong talked to her to today when she became the vice president of the supermarket, in just one day, Qi Yunna was under more pressure than anyone else. She knew that there were countless people waiting to see her joke, even including those in the conference room. But Qi Yunna's tenacity was also stimulated, don't you all think I can't? Don't you all think that Mr. Li's decision is wrong? But I have to do a good job as the vice president! The mouth does not say, Qi Yunna is fierce. When Li Dong introduced her, Qi Yunna didn't say anything except a thank you. But the more you don't say, the more Li Dong can see that she held a ruthless energy. This is what Li Dong is happy to see, as long as Qi Yunna is not crushed, this ruthlessness is helpful to Qi Yunna to take over the supermarket in the far side. When the matter of Qi Yunna is over, Li Dong briefly said a few people Xie Hong's decision to deal with. Send Xie Hong a few people to the mall, the people have no opinion, the processing decision passed uneventfully. After the meeting, Li Dong Qi Yunna said: "You just took office, I leave the four secondary stores store manager position, as well as the South Lake city manager position to you to decide. This is the only support I can give you at the moment, you have to learn to seize the opportunity, whether you can stand firm in the supermarket or not, it's up to you next." "Thank you, Mr. Li!" Qi Yunna was full of gratitude, four secondary stores, including the previous primary store, Longhua store. Plus a city manager, if she couldn't stand firm in the supermarket even with such a powerful tool in hand, then she should simply quit. Li Dong said simple, but Qi Yunna know, this needs to be how much trust to do. Even Sun Tao, before in the distant supermarket also did not have the right to appoint a separate city manager, and now, she Qi Yunna fully grasp such a right. "Go ahead, learn well with General Wang, the last three days, the 1st is when you will make your official debut, I hope you can hit the first shot." "Mmm!" Qi Yunna nodded heavily, her eyes full of determination. …… sent Qi Yunna away, Li Dong then prepared to go to the hospital to pick up the two children. Before going out, the phone rang. After taking a look at the caller number, Li Dong picked up and complained: "Still know to call me? Where have you been for the past two days? I don't see anyone at night." "You're the one who's gone crazy! Li Dong, come to the pedestrian street, I'm waiting for you." "Hu Xiaorui, how come it's you, where's Yuhan?" "Oops, are you annoyed, sister Yu Han is next to me, I use her phone to call you can not ah, come quickly, we are still waiting for you." "I ……" "Beep beep beep ……" Listening to the busy tone coming from the phone, Li Dong looked helpless. Now he really regrets, why should he let Qin Yuhan follow Hu Xiaorui to hang out. Hu Xiaorui is a little devil, Qin Yuhan follow her, sooner or later also have to become that. Helpless to helpless, Li Dong also had to go to see what the two women out of the moth, several days have not shown up, do not know in the end what to do. …… walking street street. Li Dong saw a few days not seen Qin Yuhan and Hu Xiaorui, the two saw him and greeted: "Follow us!" "Where to?" "Just go, we'll see later." Li Dong was pulled by the two of them to squeeze around in the crowd, and it took a while to reach the interruption of the pedestrian street. As soon as he stopped, Li Dong saw a familiar signboard - Dong Yu Dessert House. Li Dong froze for a moment, then he looked at Qin Yu Han and said, "When did you guys get this?" Qin Yuhan had a satisfied face and said with a smile, "I started preparing for it when I came back from abroad, and when I was in Switzerland, I talked to Rui about the dessert house, and Rui was also very interested. The two of us discussed it and decided to open a branch of the dessert house in Pingchuan, so there is this store." "Where did you get the money?" Dessert house opened in the pedestrian street, the place is not small, the rent here and expensive, Qin Yuhan does not have so much money. When it comes to money, Hu Xiaorui happily said, "I paid for the storefront plus other expenses, only three million. Sister Yuhan and I have agreed that we will both take half of the shares of the East Rain Dessert House, and we will both be the owners of the East Rain Dessert House. In fact, I think the dessert house should change its name to Yu Rui dessert house, but Sister Yu Han is not willing to …… "Hu Xiaorui said some aggravation, Li Dong is a big head like a cow. What can he say when he meets this girl who doesn't consider money as money? Only three million? You open a dessert house, or the nature of the game, there is a need to buy the store directly? Li Dong's face is helpless, but I have to say, Hu Xiaorui is born with a rich life. Buy the store here, even if the dessert house loses money every day in the future, after a few years, the increase in the facade is enough to make up for the loss of money. And opening a store here, to be honest, the possibility of losing money is very small. The pedestrian street is the most popular place for women in Pingchuan, desserts also meet the needs of women, maybe these two women can really earn a fortune. But Li Dong still said: "I see you this front seems to be a little too small, since you want to do it to do big, turn around I will buy the store next to operate together." "And buy? But I think it's big enough." Hu Xiaorui is a little confused. Li Dong smiled and did not answer, big or not is not the problem, the problem is that he does not want to take advantage of Hu Xiaorui. Qin Yuhan can come up with how much money Li Dong has in mind, even if you add the capital side, Qin Yuhan occupies the capital is not more than eight hundred thousand. Hu Xiaorui direct contribution of three million, the shares are equally divided, they both think sisterhood is okay, but Li Dong had to think deeper. Feelings good when we do not care, if one day turn the other cheek? Well, even if the two do not turn the other cheek, Hu Xiaorui's family will think what? Hu Ming is an old fox, he will not know about his daughter's affairs. The girlfriends of his Li Dong, not to take advantage of others for a couple of million, to avoid being gossiped about. Think so, Li Dong is too lazy to explain. The two women can not speak, if you say it, maybe Hu Xiaorui will also scold him, there is no need for this. Hu Xiaorui also did not dwell on this matter, since Li Dong said small, it is small, expand the business is also good, at least look twice as dignified. The dessert house has begun to operate, the business hours is today. If not to start business, the two girls are afraid that they are still prepared to hide Li Dong, now feel that the concealment can not continue, they informed Li Dong. Li Dong into the store for a while, sat down and drank a cold drink. After a while, Li Dong looked at the time and said, "Then I have something to go, if you have something to tell me in the future, lack of money also tell me, do not muffled on their own busy work." "I know, I know, do not bother."