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Chapter 464 Settlement

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The car, slowly moving. Tian Xiaoyu with apprehension and anxiety, looked back at the hospital. These days in the hospital, perhaps the happiest time she's had since her parents left. The bright and dark future is not visible, so this girl, who is only nine years old, has some more inexplicable melancholy and sadness in her heart. …… Lanshan Manor. From the moment the car entered the neighborhood, Tian Xiaoyu's palms were sweating with nervousness. A magnificent villa, the community with a dream-like prosperous flowers and beautiful scenery, which makes Tian Xiaoyu out of the mountains nervous. In front of the villa door got off the car, Tian Xiaoyu some can not move his feet. Not envy, not anticipation, but trepidation. Is this the future of himself and his stone sister? The big house, the blooming flowers, and the big clear bottom pool, looked like Tian Xiaoyu was in a dream. Is this uncle's home? Thinking about what the nurses and aunts said in the hospital, Tian Xiaoyu was nervous and scared. Uncle is very good, but aunt is good? Will she scold Xiaoyu and her stone sister? Will she kick us out? The little girl's heart became more and more nervous, but also more and more frightened and helpless, tightly pulling Li Dong's hand, as if the next moment Li Dong will throw them away. Li Dong gently patted her head and said soothingly, "Don't be afraid, it's okay." Tian Xiaoyu nodded, but refused to let go of Li Dong's hand. Next to the little stone is still young, there is no Tian Xiaoyu's kind of feeling of worry, the little fat girl is now very happy. Struggling to get down from Li Dong's arms, stirring two short legs on the yard ran up. Tian Xiaoyu looked at Li Dong somewhat nervously, seeing Li Dong with a smile on his face, Tian Xiaoyu was finally relieved, but still chided, "Stone, come back!" The little fat girl looked back at her, a little reluctant, but still puffed out her little mouth and walked back. Li Dong could not help but laugh at the situation, laughing for a while, Li Dong said to Tian Xiaoyu: "Play can, but pay attention in the future, when no one is watching, do not take the stone sister to the pool to play. Later, when I empty half of the water, you can come swimming when you want to swim." Tian Xiaoyu hurriedly nodded his head, his expression still could not hide his nervousness. Li Dong rubbed her head and laughed: "Don't be afraid, this is uncle's house, but there are several uncles and aunts at home, they are all guests at uncle's house. Uncle is usually too busy to come back, you will be the little master of the house. When uncle is not here, you have to entertain the guests properly. So nervous can not, if the guests think you do not welcome them, what if they leave? Relax, you are a big girl, when you go in later, remember to call out to people, don't let the aunts and uncles think that our Xiaoyu doesn't welcome them, okay?" The word "little master" seems to have relaxed Tian Xiaoyu. With her tension eased, the little girl grabbed Li Dong's hand and nodded heavily, "Yes, uncle, I will do as I'm told." "Well, I know, Little Yu is the most obedient girl." Li Dong praised a sentence, saw the little fat girl next to him squirm a little, big eyes looking round and round at himself, could not help but laugh: "Yes, I forgot to say, little stone is also the best." The little fat girl nodded her head happily, with a face of joy. Li Dong let out a laugh, then he carried one in his arms and one in his hands, and entered the villa hall. As soon as he entered, Wang Jie's crowd froze for a moment. Li Dong's family appearance, they have never seen, suddenly saw such a Li Dong, a few people are a little surprised. Li Dong also did not care, see people are there, smiled and said: "Not busy, right?" "Not busy, not busy, Mr. Li quickly sit down." Tang Kuan hurriedly greeted, his eyes could not help but fall on Tian Xiaoyu two. Seeing that everyone was looking at Tian Xiaoyu and the girls, Li Dong spoke out, "My two little nieces, come and stay for a while, Aunt Liu and Aunt Zhang are here, right?" "In, and plum are in the terrace." Wang Jie returned a sentence, then raised an eyebrow and said, "Your nieces?" Seeing his eyebrow-curling expression, Li Dong knew what was in this guy's mind. After glaring at him, Li Dong said, "Let Plum and the girls come down and I'll introduce them to everyone." "Okay, then I'll go get them." Wang Jie nodded, then turned around and went upstairs, muttering as he walked, "Nieces? Don't be a daughter, it's too early." Li Dong's face was full of black lines, and he didn't bother to pay attention to this guy. Take Tian Xiaoyu two people to sit down on the sofa, Li Dong briefly helped to introduce. Tian Xiaoyu shouted one by one in a good manner, and the little stone also squeaked and shouted along next to them. Tang Kuan a few people look suspicious, but did not dare to ask more questions. After a while, Wang Jie helped Wu Mei, who was carrying her belly, come downstairs, followed by two middle-aged women in their forties. Li Dong introduced both sides again, and Tian Xiaoyu and Little Stone continued to shout at people.