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Chapter 465 Ambition

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Tang Kuan several people reported with Li Dong for a small half hour, before the situation was generally said. The stock market side, the situation is not bad. Although not reach the expected monthly profit of more than 100 million, but some inventory, if according to the current market, Li Dong earned more than 60 million. Li Dong felt quite satisfied, but Tang Kuan was full of self-accusation: "Mr. Li, it's all because of our bad vision, a few stocks fell badly. If not for the drag of these stocks, the August profit should be able to exceed 100 million." Li Dong waved his hand and laughed: "It's okay, the stock market, who can predict in advance who will rise and who will fall. It doesn't matter if it's down, ups and downs are the norm, as long as the overall state of profitability." "Mr. Li, should we sell these stocks?" "Let's hold off, maybe it will come back later, the stock market is good recently, it's impossible to say." Tang Kuan nodded, his heart slightly relieved. After talking about the stock, Li Dong accompanied several people to chat for a while. Because Tang Kuan several people still have to keep an eye on the stock, there is not much time to chatter, and when Li Dong and Wang Jie Cao Feng talk, several people will go to the side to continue to busy. After taking a sip of water, Li Dong asked Wang Jie, "How much have you invested in the stock market?" "Two hundred thousand." "You didn't take out all your money, did you?" "About the same." "Take it easy, the stock market is actually gambling, small bets are good, big bets hurt. Earn some milk money is enough, and when I withdraw from the market later, you do not get involved in this." Wang Jie nodded and said, "I know, it's not riding on your coattails, if you withdraw, even if I want to stay, Meizi also did not agree." "That's good." Li Dong also did not say much, chatted for a while, the security personnel outside the door gently knocked on the door and entered: "Mr. Li, Miss Ji is here." "Ji Lanxin ……" Li Dong muttered, nodded and said, "Invite her in." After a few moments, Ji Lanxin, who was dressed in a home suit, entered the door, and Li Dong got up and smiled, "Miss Ji, you didn't go out today?" "A day off, it just so happens that I ran into Mr. Li." Ji Lanxin smiled, and nodded to Wang Jie a few people, as a greeting. Wang Jie, these people live in Li Dong, Ji Lanxin also met a few times, but did not chat, not too familiar. Wang Jie saw that Li Dong had something to talk about, and did not add to the mess, pulling Cao Feng together to go to the side to see Tang Kuan their operation. Li Dong greeted Ji Lanxin and sat down, once he sat down, Ji Lanxin looked at Tang Kuan not far away and said, "Mr. Li is speculating in stocks?" The equipment in the hall is all there, Ji Lanxin is not stupid, a glance and guessed what these people are doing. Li Dong also did not deny, nodded and said, "Well, a little play." Ji Lanxin smiled and did not say more, as for Li Dong said a small play, she will not take it seriously. A small play a need to hire a special person to operate? And there are many people, and the time is not short, at least Wang Jie they live here for a month she knows, look at this, is ready for a long-term battle. Li Dong pays so much attention, in Ji Lanxin's opinion, Li Dong invested in the stock market at least over a billion. Without this much money, Li Dong will not be so concerned. But since Li Dong said so, she did not need to reveal, we understand in the heart on it. Ji Lanxin looked for Li Dong, but not for the stock matter. After chatting with Li Dong for a few minutes, Ji Lanxin turned back to the topic and said, "Mr. Li, I heard that Mr. Wang is going to lead a team to explore the market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang?" Li Dong glanced at her, this woman is really well-informed. Wang Yue and his team were going, although it was not a big secret, but as long as they were not staring at the far side, people would not know about it in general. Ji Lanxin even knows this, obviously put a lot of work on Yuanfang. Li Dong nodded and said, "There is such a thing." Ji Lansing hesitated for a moment and said, "Mr. Li, it is not difficult for Yuanfang to develop the East China market, I have a proposal, I don't know if Mr. Li is interested?" "Miss Ji, please tell me." "It's like this, recently GDT jewelry also want to develop the market. But to be honest, the scale of GDT jewelry is not large, out of Jiangbei, but also a bit difficult to support alone. I mean, why not let GDT and Yuanfang cooperate again? Although GDT is not as good as Yuanfang, but my father has been operating for many years, in this part of East China, the relationship is still some. If we both cooperate, it will be beneficial to both of us, and it will also save Mr. Li a lot of trouble, is Mr. Li interested in talking about it?" Li Dong stroked his chin and did not rush to speak. Cooperate with GDT? He understood what Ji Lanxin meant. GDT helped Yuanfang open the local market, and Yuanfang naturally had to return the favor. The people have said that GDT also wants to develop the market, and Ji Lanxin said cooperation, naturally, is to let GDT and Yuanfang partner again. Once Yuanfang opens up the local market, the jewelry company that will be stationed in Yuanfang's store naturally cannot be someone else, and Jinding wants to use Yuanfang's store to expand the business directly. This is a good idea, but Li Dong still doubts that GDT has the ability to do this? Not to mention whether they have such a large capital to store outside the province, even if they do, how much help can they bring to the far side? The Ji family in Jiangbei or considered wealthy, but out of Jiangbei, the Ji family can still have influence? On this point Li Dong is skeptical, Jinding jewelry to really have such a great ability, it would not be so many years still guard this mu of land in Pingchuan not let go. Even the Jiangbei province market Jinding jewelry did not occupy, now want to cross the province directly, Ji Lanxin appetite is not small, but Li Dong is afraid that she can not eat. Li Dong was not busy refusing, said: "I do not know much about the specifics of this matter, if Miss Ji is really interested, why not take the time to talk to Wang?"