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Chapter 466 - Opening of the knife and asking for

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! When Li Dong left the villa, the two children sent him out a long way. Until Li Dong got into the car, the two girls only fondly let go of Li Dong's hand. In this unfamiliar environment, Tian Xiaoyu and Little Stone both took Li Dong as their only spiritual support. Now Li Dong to go, the two reluctantly mixed with a little fear and helplessness. Li Dong had already gotten into the car, see the two girls like this, can not help but get out of the car and take the two hands and laugh: "Don't be sad, well at home to look after the family, uncle is not busy when back. Now you are young adults, learn to stand on your own, understand?" "Yes!" Tian Xiaoyu nodded vigorously, and Little Stone also squeaked and nodded along. Li Dong patted the two heads, waved his hand and turned around to get into the car. The car, slowly drive away. Outside the car, the two children kept waving their hands. Li Dong turned around and stared until the villa faded away, until the silhouette faded away, and vaguely saw the two waving their hands towards themselves. A soft sigh, Li Dong did not speak. Material things he can give the two children, but there are some things he can not give. He has his own career, his own affection and love, it is impossible to have too much time to accompany the two children to grow up together. At this time, the two children can only rely on themselves to adapt to overcome. Life is not as it should be, there will always be some regrets that cannot be made up. ……8 29th, Li Dong again sent away Qin Yuhan. Parting is always sad, although Li Dong has long been used to parting, can see Qin Yu Han leave, Li Dong is still a bit empty. Of course, sadness is sadness, things still have to continue to do. The Far Eastern Group was established not long ago, the president position is pending, many things are directly piled up to Li Dong. At this time if he does not deal with a day, the documents can be piled up like a small mountain. After two days in the company, on the night of the 30th, Li Dong finally sorted out all the big and small things. At eight o'clock, Li Dong got up and moved his muscles and was about to go home. The phone on the table suddenly rang sharply, Li Dong picked up the phone and looked at it, and then smiled when he picked up the phone: "Wu Bureau, calling me at night, ready to invite guests to dinner?" "If you want to treat me, you have to be invited by Mr. Li." Wu Jianguo laughed in a small voice, and then whispered, "Mr. Li, how about coming to see a big show at 10 pm?" "Big show?" "Yes, the knife has been raised for too long, there is always a time to fall. If we don't open the knife, the fish are running away." Li Dong froze for a moment, then his spirits lifted and he said, "Let's do it!" "Well, is Mr. Li in the mood for the evening?" "Of course I am!" Li Dong hurriedly said, "Where is it? That guy won't get away, right?" "Don't worry, he was used by Secretary Wu to sacrifice the knife, if he escaped, Secretary Wu also wasted all these years." "That's good." Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief. Wu Jianguo then said, "Just in his lair, at ten o'clock at night, our Master Kai is ready to hold a break-up meeting, before the break-up, it's almost time to make a move." "Many thanks, I know." "Good, then I'll hang up first." …… hung up, and Li Dong wandered around the office for a while. Pingchuan's fight against the black has not been moving, Li Dong are waiting for some anxious, did not expect that now suddenly about to do it. Thinking of Li Kai, Li Dong eyes cold color flash. This guy sent himself a clock, now it's time to ask me to send you a clock! Thinking of this Li Dong shouted to the door: "Lao Tan!" After a while, Tan Yong entered the door and said softly: "Mr. Li, ready to go back?" "No hurry, pack up and get ready to go to Zhongtian International Building. By the way, arrange for someone to go over to Lanshan and transport that clock there as well." "The clock ……" Tan Yong froze for a moment, then he reacted and hurriedly said, "Yes, I will arrange it right away." "Well, we should also move, go to see the lively, and by the way, give Master Kai a farewell." "Good!" …… Zhongtian International Building. At nine forty, Li Dong's car stopped next to the building. Looking at the brilliantly lit building, Li Dong opened the car window, lit a cigarette and smoked it. After a few puffs, Li Dong looked at the sky and said, "It's so hot and muggy, no wind at all, it looks like it's going to rain at night." Tan Yong nodded and said, "Almost, and the rain is not small, I'm afraid there will be a rainstorm." "The rainstorm is good, go to the dirt will have to rainstorm, just do not know if our opening can wait for this rainstorm." Li Dong let out a laugh and looked up towards the upper floors of the building. Zhongtian International Building floor is not short, a total of 20 to 30 floors. But Li Dong looked not at the top floor, but the eighteenth floor. In Pingchuan, eighteen is a taboo, to buy a house, few people are willing to buy eighteen floors of the building. But some people do not believe in evil and love the number eighteen. The most famous one is Li Kai, the self-proclaimed king of the darkness, who has set his chairman's office on the eighteenth floor.