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Chapter 467 - Tears from the Iron Window

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! A muffled sound came from the one-meter-tall bell as soon as it hit the ground. Wu Changguo face are green, this little bastard really do not care about the impact, right? Li Dong did so, a vengeful reputation is set. In the mall, even if the vengeful, it must also be done in secret, openly everyone is a gentleman, and the businessman. But Li Dong in front of the police and the media sent a big bell, this is completely fallen this reputation, the impact is not generally bad. As soon as the bell landed, the media went crazy. The "click" sound was incessant. There are shots of Li Dong, there are shots of the clock, there are also shots of Li Kai. At this moment, the original protagonists of the police and Wu Changguo became passers-by, the media even forgot that there was a provincial party committee member next to them. Li Dong since he did it, and do not care about people taking pictures. Seeing Li Kai's face full of shock, Li Dong smiled and said, "Master Kai, I've come to give you the end, do you like it?" Li Kai gasped, looked at him, and coldly said, "Li Dong, killing is just a headache, you do this, I'm afraid your future end will not be any better than mine." "Then I don't need to bother Master Kai." Li Dong clasped his arms and cheerfully said, "Master Kai, in addition to this big gift today, I also prepared a big gift for you, do you want to hear it?" Li Kai coldly swept a glance at him and did not say a word. At this time he is a prisoner of the class, saying anything is self-defeating, there is no need to try to Li Dong's mind. Li Dong also does not care, cleared his throat, sang: "Iron door ah iron window ah iron chains, hand holding the iron window look out ……" he just sang a few lines, Wu Changguo can not stand, angrily shouted: "close the team, no one involved in Interfere!" Li Dong was startled by his roar, looked back, and saw Wu Changguo furiously glaring at himself. Li Dong was also afraid of really stimulating the old senior, and quickly laughed dryly: "Just kidding, you guys continue, I'm leaving, I'm leaving." As soon as they saw that Li Dong no longer sang, a pity came from the reporters. How good it is to sing, how this song fits the scene, why does Wu have to mess up. The reporters were full of resentment, Wu Changguo was furious, and did not bother to care about others, turned around and got into his car. Police people have followed the team, escorting Li Kai crowd on the go. The reporters are now in a difficult position, in the end is to follow the police, or stay to interview Li Dong it? This is a political task, do not follow the police, I'm afraid to eat row, but miss the interview with Li Dong, which is also a huge loss ah. In the crowd hesitation, Li Dong which also in place to stay, a slip of smoke on the car dodged. Now the crowd did not have to hesitate, Li Dong are running, but also quickly follow the police team. But before leaving, the reporters also again deliberately photographed by the crowd to lift the bell, the bell is the trigger for the incident, which if Li Dong willing to take out the auction, I'm afraid it can also be sold at a very low price. Now take a few more, tomorrow's front page photo with this bell is also a gimmick. ……8 31st. Li Dong fire, a complete fire. The original big news of the day should be the criminal gang in Pingchuan was broken, the police arrested hundreds of people in Pingchuan in one night. But this kind of news is not as good as Li Dong fire, in a short time, Li Dong's news overwhelmed everything. Newspaper, media, network, as long as you pay attention to the news, you can see the shadow of Li Dong. The fire is not only the bell, but also Li Dong's song. I don't know who uploaded the video of Li Dong singing "Tears at the Iron Window" to the Internet, and it didn't take long for the video to circulate in major forums and websites. Many people are full of regret, Li Dong sang so well ah, but unfortunately was interrupted. Then the major forums launched a poll, enthusiastic netizens, very enthusiastic to invite Li Dong to the first full version. This guy is a little off-key, but honestly, this song is really good. In addition to the influence of his identity, netizens are sure that if Li Dong sang the song in its entirety, it would certainly be a big fire. The netizens' enthusiasm Li Dong is not interested in experiencing at this moment. Yesterday he probably did something really out of the ordinary, early in the morning, Li Dong's phone was knocked out. When Xu Shengzhe called, he just sighed and hung up without saying anything. When Zhang Lan Yu called, he scolded him, then also hung up the phone directly. Then, Wang Jie fat friends, followed one after another, let Li Dong first live version of "Tears in the Iron Window". After easily dealing with these people, when he received the last phone call, Li Dong was also confused. The provincial party committee's phone! The one who called to scold him was not Wu Changguo, but Lao Du. As soon as the call came through, Du Anmin said angrily: "Fun? You're still an exemplary private entrepreneur? You are also the top ten young people in the province? You're not losing your face, it's the face of Jiangbei! Is it easy for Yuanfang to come this far? Why are you making such a fuss? If you do this, will the province dare to give you support in the future? What the hell do you think? Li Dong, reflect on it, if you fool around again, I ……" Du Anmin said some stuck, and did not bother to continue to say, snapped and hung up the phone. Li Dong wanted to cry, there is so exaggerated? Besides, there is nothing bad rumor ah, his temper has long been spread, it seems not so big impact it, did not see the Internet is nothing bad comments. Also, the identity of the guy Li Kai is not visible, we are quite relieved, right. In the distress of Li Dong, Shen Xi pushed the door and walked in. Seeing Li Dong's expression, Shen Xi smilingly said: "Eat the head of the row, right? Is it a big loss? Mr. Li, Mr. Li, congratulations, the province's top ten young people are gone, do it, do not die, now it's fun, right?" Li Dong made such a scene, Jiangbei who still dare to award him the top ten young people. If Li Dong is a small person, it is fine, but he is now a celebrity, not only a celebrity in Jiangbei, or a domestic celebrity. To put it mildly, Li Dong is called immature. To put it in perspective, Li Dong's behavior last night brought a very bad impact on the community. He is a public figure, holding private revenge, but also in front of the media and the police, to the police also brought a very bad impact. By Li Dong angry is not Du Anmin alone, Wu Changguo are too lazy to scold him, the old Wu is now busy wiping his ass. Now the Internet has been questioned, the police case, Li Dong an outsider, what can enter the scene of the case on the suspect sneering?