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Chapter 468: Gains and Losses

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The news that is more lively, in this era of frequent network events can not maintain a few days of heat. Li Dong dominated the headlines, anxious not him, but the planners behind those network events. Before Li Dong sent the bell event, the online "Accord woman" event is being fired up. But Li Dong's appearance suddenly interrupted the marketing plan of Green Entertainment. On September 3, a video titled "Those who earn less than 3,000 yuan are low-class people" was released. The video just came out, a stone stirred up a thousand waves, the netizens are angry! Millions of netizens began to verbally attack the "Accord woman", netizens called the "network public enemy", now no need for others to PR, the news about Li Dong, immediately lost the heat. The news that no one pays attention to is no longer news, and Wu Changguo, who was on the fire a few days ago, finally no longer has to continue to help wipe his ass. As soon as it subsided, Wu Changguo angrily called Li Dong. Li Dong, who was talking with Zhou Haidong, felt some headache when he saw the caller number. The headache is a headache, but the phone can not not not answer. Li Dong hastily picked up the phone, and without waiting for Wu Changguo to open his mouth, he conceded: "Secretary Wu, I was wrong, I was very wrong, old schoolmaster, don't bother with me in general, I was young and ignorant, so I gave you trouble." Wu Changguo was choked half to death. It took a long time before he said angrily, "What's the use of apologizing to me! Do you know that because of you, I don't even dare to hold a commendation meeting! I'm afraid of discrediting the police! But what about those who have made a great contribution? Do you know that because of the fight against the black, these people risked reprisals, risked their lives at any time to fight on the front line, and all of them were ruined by you!" This is the reason for Wu Changguo's anger. As for himself, in fact, even if Li Dong did more out of the ordinary, he did not have much impact. The law does not stipulate that there must be no outsiders present when arresting suspects in the fight against crime, and it is difficult for opponents to beat him on this. But he is okay actually does not matter, Wu Changguo mainly feel that the hearts of those who are meritorious. How dangerous is the fight against the black, that is not an empty phrase! These years, because of the fight against the black operation, not one or two police officers sacrificed, which can really risk their lives to do. This time because of Li Dong's a risky move, so that these meritorious people do not even dare to open a recognition meeting, who does not feel lost and chilled. If not for Li Dong's previous funding of the Pingchuan police, his behavior this time, the police side swallowed his heart alive. As soon as Wu Changguo mentioned this, Li Dong hurriedly said: "My fault, I'll take the blame for my pot. How about this, I will personally donate five million to reward the meritorious officials, what does Secretary Wu think?" Wu Changguo froze for a moment, then pondered, and only after a few moments did he slow down and said, "Companies giving rewards to police individuals, there is no precedent for this in Jiangbei." "Jiangbei does not have, other places have ah. The fight against the black is also to protect us, the people, we the people are grateful, private donations do not seem to violate the law, right?" "That's what I said, but the impact is not good." Wu Changguo also seems to forget the previous rebuke, and Li Dong discuss how to be righteous, legal compliance to let the fight against the black meritorious people get the money. The police officers who fought on the front line need more material rewards than honors. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The old Wu finally extinguished the fire, although they have to bleed, but things are calm, and the police side will not have any dissatisfaction with themselves. Five million can be quite a lot, even if the merit of more than a hundred people, that a person can also be divided into 50,000. So much money, who still cares about recognition or recognition. They have made merit, the leaders have a number in their hearts on the line, the honor will still be given, only one less opportunity to appear in the media. But if you can get so many bonuses, others do not care to show up or not to show up. Some people would like to not appear, to avoid future retaliation. If there is such a good thing in the future, they would like to see Li Dong come more often to get so much money openly and honestly, in the police department may not have this opportunity in a lifetime. Li Dong and Wu Changguo discussed for a long time, and finally decided to proceed in a low profile. This time Li Dong high-profile donation, the impact is not good, to save people say that the two sides have power and money transactions. Li Dong also agreed to do so, low-key, although doing so, his five million can not play a publicity effect, but in fact, he does not need publicity now. The police and Wu Changguo these people have a number in their hearts on the line, not only to settle the previous matter, but also to fall personal favors, five million is worth it. …… hang up the phone, Li Dong sighed. This time is a real loss, in order to export anger, lost five million not to mention, even several honorary titles are lost, lost a lot of ah. However, it is not a blood money, this time this incident, Li Dong also have some gains. The first point is naturally famous, although not a good reputation, but at least let those competitors know, what kind of person they are.