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Chapter 469 Separation

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! Just when Li Dong heart speculation, Zhou Haidong opened his mouth. No more hesitation, Zhou Haidong face some serious: "Things and logistics companies related!" Li Dong's heart thumped, he least wanted and least wanted to happen things happened! Taking a deep breath, Li Dong forced down the stirring in his heart and said, "Tell me specifically, which aspect has gone wrong?" He now prayed that it better not be related to money. If it's just malfeasance, or lack of ability, or personnel problems, it's not a matter, since he pushed Qin Hai to the top, he is ready for this kind of preparation. But if money is involved, Li Dong will be completely disappointed. Ask yourself, in the money above, he has never treated Qin Hai couple. House, car, salary, bonus, the two of them get no less than a million dollars a year in the far side! If this is still not satisfied, Li Dong will have to doubt his own vision and character. If this is not satisfied, Li Dong will doubt his own vision and character. Let Qin Hai alone, let Yang Yun responsible for the company's finances, this is how much trust, the logistics company is almost under the responsibility of the two of them. At this time, if the outbreak of corruption, Li Dong will really go crazy. But things happened in the direction that Li Dong was most reluctant to see, Zhou Haidong said carefully: "After the inventory, we found that there is an eight hundred thousand dollars of money how can not be reconciled." "Did you ask Manager Yang and General Manager Qin?" Zhou Haidong was on the verge of tears and said dryly, "Mr. Li, this, it's not good for me to ask." He was telling the truth, what kind of person Qin Hai was, he knew. Not only was he a senior member of the company, but he was also Qin Yuhan's father and Li Dong's father-in-law-to-be. The eight hundred thousand dollars of payment can not be correct, he dared to ask Qin Hai face to face? See Li Dong did not say anything, Zhou Haidong added: "But we privately logistics company recently all the incoming and outgoing items have been checked, did not find the eight hundred thousand where to go. The only thing I am sure of is that Mr. Qin did not use this money for the construction of the logistics company." "No paper records left?" "No, even the accountant doesn't know where the $800,000 was spent. You also know that the treasurer is Manager Yang, and I did not dare to ask, so ……" "So you can not be sure whether the eight hundred thousand was embezzled or not, right?" Li Dong as if grabbed the last straw, hurriedly chased up. Zhou Haidong understood his emotions and nodded hastily, "That's right, maybe it was used elsewhere by Mr. Qin, maybe we missed the work and didn't check the specific matters." "Hoo ……" Li Dong breathed out, his face gradually returned to normal. Hesitating for a moment, Li Dong took out his cell phone and flipped out Qin Hai's phone number. He did not know whether this call should be made, but if this doubt is not eliminated, a thorn is left between him and the Qin Hai couple. This thorn, it is likely to be fatal. Hesitantly, Li Dong still dialed Qin Hai's phone. The moment Zhou Haidong saw it, he hurriedly got up and backed out, Li Dong called Qin Hai, he was not appropriate to listen in. Li Dong also did not care about him, after a while, the phone was connected. As soon as the call came through, Qin Hai said, "Something wrong?" "Yes." "You are asking about the southern distribution center, I tell you, things are almost ready, until the end of September, we can start construction ……" Qin Hai said a lot of self-contained, Li Dong words to the mouth, for a long time did not ask out. Finally Li Dong ruthlessly, gritted his teeth and said, "Uncle Qin, I ask you a thing." Qin Hai froze for a moment, when the office, Li Dong is directly called him Mr. Qin, called him Uncle Qin, indicating that it is a private matter. As soon as Li Dong opened his mouth, Qin Hai said, "What is it? If you have something to say, why cover up." "When the Supervision Department audited the accounts of the logistics company, it was found that there were 800,000 dollars that could not be reconciled, I want to know if this 800,000 dollars is ……" Li Dong could not go on, and the other side of the phone was silent. For a long time, Qin Hai said quietly: "You think I'm the one who embezzled the eight hundred thousand?" "No, I can trust you. But I have to give an explanation to myself, to the Ministry of Supervision, and to you." "What if I really took it?" Li Dong gasped heavily for a while before he said, "If you took it, I can make it up to you, and if you are short of money, I can give you eight million, not to mention eight hundred thousand! But public is public, private is private, I can only fire you!" Once again, there was no sound on the other side of the phone. After a long time, Qin Hai laughed out loud and said, "OK, that's interesting. I thought you would help me to erase this, if you really do, I think you do not deserve this position." Qin Hai laughed, Li Dong steeply relaxed. Then helplessly said: "Uncle Qin, talk about business, the eight hundred thousand in the end where to spend?" Qin Hai said: "Use your brain, okay? I said the south of the distribution center preliminaries are done. You think it's Jiangbei, we don't have much relationship there, where do you think the money went? This side of Jiangbei will not card us, you have people above you, and the road is not used to play point. But other places do not play the line? Eight hundred thousand, eight hundred thousand is not much understand, and the money can not be credited, I thought you know, who knows you are a rash!" Qin Hai said more and more fire, and finally grunted: "You also too underestimate me, I want to be greedy will not be greedy 800,000, I dug up the logistics company almost! Don't tell Yu Han about this, I can't afford to lose face!"